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Obama vows to ‘redouble’ efforts toward bipartisanship

President Barack Obama warned Sunday that Americans did not vote for gridlock in mid-term polls as he called on Republicans to work with him, as he returned to a changed Washington from Asia.

Deep sigh....

Pattern Recognition means just what it sounds like: the ability to recognize and pattern in something.

Sometimes that is like discovering what appears to be a forest is actually an orchard. When you reach a certain vantage point the trees line up and the seeming disarray of a forest clears up into need lines.

Or when you have a plan to accomplish something and you try and you try and you try to make it work, but it doesn't work.

What do you do then?

Keep trying the same failed action again and again in hope that desired change will come?

Obama is due to meet Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell and the man likely to be the Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, at the White House on Thursday.

"My expectation is, when I sit down with (Republican leaders) along with Democratic leaders ... they are not going to want to just obstruct, they are going to want to engage constructively," he said.

Exactly why would an intelligent person 'expect' to get said bipartisanship out of these Republicans when the most consistent pattern we have seen has been 100 % footdragging, stonewalling and opposition to absolutely everything Obama has tried to accomplish?*

Where does he get this bizarre idea that they will suddenly stop implementing their gameplan of obstruct, obstruct, obstruct?

McConnell is a known scumbag who has repeatedly said the HIS goal and the main goal of the GOP is to limit Obama to one term and to repeal everything he did, especially healthcare.

Now why would one want to go into a meeting with these jackals with a bouquet of balloons and flowers?

In his chat with reporters, Obama also admitted that in the depths of the economic crisis after 2008, he had neglected to live up to his vows of bipartisanship and said he would "redouble" his efforts in that area.

Deep, deep sigh.....

Obama bent over backwards for these cretins.

Again and again and again.

He tossed US under the bus and reached out to them over and over and over. Scream at me if you want, but the obstructers have his ear much more than we do.

If Obama performed CPR on one of their moms and saved her life, they would file assault charges. If he did nothing, they would call him a callous monster.

I am not president of the USA and never will be, and I truly am not a politician by any stretch of the imagination, but the time for "bipartisanship' is completely and totally over and unlikely to return for years.

And, in a rare defense of republicans, it's not all them. It is time for Democrats to actually fight back. They do not rise to the fight at this point in time. They simply don't.

That sounds like an echo, I have heard it so much, but it's true.

It is time for Obama to lead.

To pound the finish off the bully pulpit.

To demand.

And - gasp! -  it's not all Obama either.  

Dem leadership HAS to shift into an aggressive posture - the sound of that just makes me laugh, it's such comedy gold, but it's also true.

Forget bipartisanship.




note: There are a couple of indignant comments suggesting I am insulting President Obama's intelligence. I am doing no such thing but I can see from the wording here how people could get the impression. It is open to interpretation, but I was making it implicit that he is intelligent and not insulting him. I am asking what he knows that I don't know in doing what appears to be more of the same.... Doc

Originally posted to Toking Points Memo on Mon Nov 15, 2010 at 05:30 AM PST.

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