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From Sunday's New York Daily News comes a brilliant expose on the truth, that Red States are freeloaders who depend on handouts to survive. It turns out that the real welfare queens are Republican governed states who would be up shit's creek without blue states like NY, NJ and CA to bail them out.

Remember to throw these FACTS in the faces of the Republicans you meet, and while we are at it, if you get the chance ask Sarah Palin "How's that subsidy, welfare-y thing workin out for ya?"

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   Crossposted at The Progressive

Definitely read the whole article, but these are the best parts . . .

Alaska gets $1.84 in federal spending for every dollar it pays in federal taxes.

We in New York get just 79 cents on the dollar.

Which means we subsidize Alaska even as it enjoys a $2 billion-plus budget surplus.

Even as New York faces a huge deficit that will require ever more painful cuts.


Maybe there will be more reality shows featuring other big names in the Tea Party who call for cuts in government spending even as their home states are subsidized by the rest of us.

There could be Sen. Jim DeMint's South Carolina, which gets $1.35 on the dollar.

There could also be Sen.-elect Rand Paul's Kentucky, which rakes in $1.51.

Compare those states to two that are in financial crisis and suffer an even worse balance of payments than we do in New York.

California receives only 78 cents on the dollar.

And New Jersey gets just 61 cents, though it does have a hit reality show.


So, how's that subsidy, welfare-y thing working out for ya, Sarah?

NY Daily News

Bold text added by the diarist

Though the article is more about Sarah the Welfare Queens' new reality show, it is funny how Republican politicians and reality shows are alike, both depend on a willing suspension of reality to pretend that what you are seeing is actually the way things are.

    Corporatists who call themselves "conservatives" really just want a free lunch. They LOVE government services, they just don't want to pay for them. It's like having your cake and eating it too, then shitting on mine.
    To them, Conservativism means they get to keep their money while spending yours, they get tax cuts, you get austerity, they get states rights and the 10th Amendment and you get to subsidize their incompetent Republican tax free style of governance. If Republicans from states like Kentucky, Alaska and South Carolina want to destroy Socialism maybe they should quit profiting from it first.

   Now, I don't mind if my tax dollars go to help Americans less needy then myself. I call that PATRIOTISM. But what I do mind is having my NY tax dollars bailout South Carolina while the Republican Senators from South Carolina wail and gnash teeth over taxing and spending. Guess what, hypocrite, my taxes are being spent to bailout your dumb ass. I guess beggers can be choosers, though that OKIYAR.

So let's not make anymore bones about it. Republican Red States are FREELOADERS who depend on HANDOUTS from more liberal and more competently governed blue states. You don't get to bitch about "Welfare Queens" and a "Nanny state" when your Republican redstate would be totally screwed if it weren't for NY and the Federal Government carrying your dead weight.

   If Red States like Texas and South Carolina really want independence from Washington D.C. and the tyranny of a Federal Government that is controlled by Democrats right now maybe they should start paying their own way, instead of letting NY and California redistribute their wealth in order to bailout their mismanaged states.

Republicans are not "Conservatives", they are corporatists who love a free lunch. Well, I have had enough of this crap, and as a tax paying New Yorker, I say it's time to tell these welfare queens from rural "The Real America" that they should stop living on handouts from blue states and start pulling their own broken state budgets up by their own bootstraps, cause if you really hated "redistributing the wealth" as much as you say you do, the first thing you should do is stop asking Blue States like NY to pick up the tab for your deficits.

And if that doesn't work go Galt or whatever it is you do, but please, STFU about handouts and wealth distribution. I'm tired of paying for RedStates to bite my hand as I feed them with hard earned tax dollars from my liberal state.

End rant . . .

Republicans who wrecked the economy under Bush should take their advice and SHOVE it. Call me when you start paying your fair share and quit looking for a free lunch, because until then, we should take you as seriously as we take Sideshow Bob.

You can follow me on Twitter @JesseLaGreca

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Mon Nov 15, 2010 at 09:07 AM PST.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest hypocrite of them all?

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