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Disclaimer: I wrote this diary from the heart, two days ago. I had no intention of posting it. I apologize if it is way too long. I edited it down by 2,000 words today, lots of text and all the supporting links(except for Dallasdoc's diary link at the end) and many of my favorite quotations gone, poof! So I guess if you think that makes this a "rant", not a diary, so be it. I promise you'll be glad I (mercifully)pared this chapter out of "War and Peace" down to basically bullet points, to the very minimum possible and still be able to make any sense of it. I'm posting it now, only because I was asked to give my input by several kossacks, and because my "frustration factor" is only exceeded by my angst at what I see happening to America by so-called patriots, going on in broad daylight right in front of our eyes, unabated and unchecked every day.

So if you choose to stay for the ride, grab a sandwich and a cup of Joe. Turn off the TV and your cell. I'm going to be interjecting a crash course of a lot of deep thoughts into a very short amount of space and time. But I know you're real intelligent and you can handle anything anyone throws at you. The ways and the means I propose to restore America? Everyone handling these hard words, in the swallowing, maybe not so much...

But you know, the beauty of free thinking and having an open discussion is that the longest trip begins with the first step. Take advantage of both while you still have them around to tell you how much they mean to your lives(as if you needed anyone to tell you). I'm not a know-it-all and as such, this dairy suggests several hops, skips, and jumps, and it is by no means meant to be taken as the end-all be-all, but just a road map, a starting point to suggest a means to an end, and a synopsis how to get there. Do with it what you will. I've got another "round in the chamber to fire "(diary) later this week. If you like it please stay and say what you think. Or if you dislike this one, just say so. I detest censorship in any form, and I'll defend you even when we disagree, as long as you're civil. But before you say, "Oh noes"! It's only about 1/5 this size of this one. But it's "the same caliber of round and it hits the target just as hard"...

The Propositions:
1-That America will either stand united: All free men and women-or it will fall divided into an inferior slave class and subjects to a new King called pre-fascist corporatism.
2-That a working middle class consisting of subjects and slaves cannot achieve the American dream.
3-That it can't stand a nation divided, both all slave and all free, because that is a contradiction in terms and impossible.
4-That it can't stand if it doesn't control the issuance of its own currency, money supply and credit.
5-That it can't stand with two scales of justice, one for the elite rich who get to ignore the laws and escape the righteous judgments contained in the laws, and one for the rest of us, who are slain mercilessly by the sword of injustice for disobeying those same laws.
6-That it can't stand if the rich elite privileged class is "too big to fail" and merit a public safety net when they fall, and the rest of us are "too little to matter" not worthy of having any safety nets when they fall.
7- Fiat justitia ruat caelum: "May justice be done though the heavens fall!"

The Means: The "new and improved" 2nd American Revolution. Building peaceful solutions, as opposed to violent ones, upon the original foundation the founders laid.

The "Jane and Joe six-pack's" primer on building an American new Golden Age.

And no, it's not what you're thinking. It has nothing to do with a Tea Party-light, divisive, self-destructive, extreme prophetic doomsday scenario, rioting in the streets, or armed rebellion. It has everything to do with America forging it's own new economic revolution and leading the world into a new golden age. The task before us is as daunting as it is essential, and we shouldn't bury our talents in the ground waiting for a solution from the heavens as if we are absolved from the consequences of continuing to fail to frame a winning message. No, I say we use fully utilize the gifts we were we were born and endowed with if we are to define the definition of terms and properly frame the national debate.
When we let the repubs, the pre-fascist corporatists, and the moneyed special interests through their armies of lobbyists that have stormed the People's House do the defining and the framing, this has had not only cataclysmic results for us at the polls, but it has laid mountains of debts upon our backs that the whole system itself is about to implode upon itself by its own weight!

The solution is not going to magically appear with any magic wand held in anyone's hand, no matter who is our president. And neither did the Founding Fathers of the 1st American Revolution, stand around waiting for an imperfect god walking around in clay bags of bones like us to come to their rescue. It is often said that God has his own schedules, and he works in his own timing and in mysterious ways. No lack of faith was implied there when the Founders marched headlong into the battle of their day and achieved their destiny. No mystery here, either, that not all of them believed in a beneficent diety. So let's not get side-tracked from the main thrust of my diary today, shall we? I believe in the separation of church and state. Let's save that debate for another day.

And the 2nd Founding Fathers of this the 2nd phase, a "new and improved" version of the 1st American Revolution, are aren't easily dismissed as heretics to their cause, or antithetical to the conventional wisdom prevalent in our day, because we expanded upon and which we found the house they built was through necessity re-modeled by us lest it fall, and we used our gifts and talents we were endowed with to build upon the foundation of America the first founders laid. Notice I said the original Founding Fathers built the foundation but they didn't finish the house, meaning the job's not complete. I say, "new and improved version of the 1st American Revolution" because the first one was imperfect for several reasons.

But first and foremost, it didn't deal with the issue of slavery, of which our flawed Constitution contained therein a right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", while at the same time defending a non-existent unalienable right of one man to own another man and violently force him into submission unto death, if necessary. And thus, we see the solution required a violent, merciless death for an insitution that should've never been born. And there was no other workable option available to defeat the first king of tyranny, George III of England, who sat on his throne then, secure in quiescent ignorance, unawares that his whole world was about to turn upside-down! Neither in defeating the tyranny of King George III or settling the issue that finally decided that America, as Lincoln so ingeniously framed the national debate then, America could not stand as a divided nation of slaves and free men, but it would, it could only stand "all free" or "all slave"-or it would cease to stand at all!

It took the force of arms, and hundreds of thousands of deaths on our nation's battlefields on both sides of the issue of tyranny and slavery to finally succeed where endless debating failed to give the status quo the righteous deaths they both sorely deserved in the worst way, and preferably with every calmly, judiciously spoken word and rational thought at our disposal tyring to negotiate  back into the hands of the people the power and rights that were usurped and ignobly stolen from our hands, short of bloodshed. But tyranny and slavery are rearing their ugly heads once again. This is where getting and staying ahead of the information curve, and defining the terms of the debate and properly framing it is at its most crucial and critical stage, if we are to avoid the bloody mistakes of the past.

The second one, of which I am speaking today, doesn't necessarily have to be a violent one, and that it is so much more productive in the long view, if we use our brains instead of our gun powder. My way, we get to keep our brains and our lands unscathed by the rudiments of civil war's instruments of our violent destruction. The way of violence splatters them on the blood-soaked ground, who having forsaken the means to win our freedom through non-violence,  becoming instead "traitors", "homegrown terrorists", and "enemies of the state" through armed insurrection. And now we find our government not only turning a deaf ear to our cries, their anger stoked just as white hot as ours, we thusly have forfeited our citizenships and our country, condemning our patriotic countrymen into corpses, the survivors of such a bloodbath widowers, widows, and motherless, fatherless orphans. And turning our nation's towns and cities into many more Gettysburg battlefield cemetaries and stark examples proving that the best battle won is the battle of prevailing ideas, not realized today with that same sound of resounding arms of yesteryear. We live in a different era, and changing America now demands a different approach or it will fail.

Ever since the begining of time and throughout all the ages, there have been those who decided their own destinies and were the masters of their own fates. Then, buried right alongside them there were the slave nations who became their conqueror's debtors, because they were too weak, lacked vision, and let others who saw the opportunities lying ahead of them, they didn't shirk their destinies like the conquered allowed their conquerors dictate the terms of their existence to them. Are we so beaten down and conquered before we have even begun to fight, much less prevail?

They didn't seize the opportunities that laid before them, and woke-up one day and found that the only ones seized were themselves. Many a culture was absorbed into its conquerors culture and I needn't belabor the obvious, listing the ones in our own recent history to prove my case. But their men were slaughtered and their women and children were taken into captivity, and that, only if their conquerors felt merciful. If they were judicious with the sword and magnanimous in victory. If not, then they slew every thing that "pissed against the wall". But this shall not be our fate, if we simply refuse to bury our talents, of which we have many. There's a wiser approach that lends to the greatest possiblity of success, without suffering the wrath of our government's shock troops. Just ask Iraq about the effects of "shock and awe" on their own nation and all those 1.4 million Iraqi "insurgents" who refused to be liberated, if you have any further doubts, that our own government wouldn't hesitate to use deadly force, fast and furiously, and in copious doses to keep us in line, as well. If they invaded and subjugated Iraq for their oil fields, how much more force would they brutally apply here at home to silence dissent and resist our cries for change, in order to "secure the domestic tranquility and to provide for the general welfare and national defense" here?

Any nation so fearful of peaceful change, that it burns its books written by wisest among them whose lips have long-since fell silent in the fires of censorship-or simply willingly ignorant to the inconvenient truths that "the worst diplomacy is always better than the most efficiently fought war", the living bodies of its own people that remain are soon tossed into the furnaces of forgetfulness, suffering the same fate, consumed by the dustbins of history right along with the written words from their ancestors. There's a very fine line that separates freedom and tyranny, and freedom and essential liberties once lost are almost impossible to re-gain without bloodshed. If any man can be called a traitor, a homegrown terrorist, or an enemy of the state for merely thinking out-loud, or whispering softly the painful truths that everyone is too scared of their own government to face, then no society having broken hands, crushed teeth, and who is brain-washed by the state's propaganda machine can possibly live to write its own history!

If not its own history, perhaps its own epitaph? What will history write about us? It doesn't have to end this way:

"Herein lies the dead bones of a once great nation, who feared its own people so much, it would rather enslave them by chains made with-and without hands than to trust them with their own destiny, or to show by their actions, not empty words alone, they had enough faith in them to set them free. This government for lack of a vision "of, for, and by the people" perished, it trampled their people under foot, and it killed them not only in body, but in spirit".

The power of the "can do" American spirit is greater than any problem we face. It is often said that Americans are too consumed with greed and power, that we are an apex predator, walking around as a roaring lion in the jungle consuming everything in our path and anyone who dares to oppose our lust for empire, our unsated hunger for red meat and always thirsty for more and more blood. In the end, history shows, this pathway leads only to death and destruction, to the predator as well as to its prey. And then a new system emerges from the ashes of the Dark Ages to follow. But we don't have to re-live history if we learn the lessons it wants to teach us.

And I'm going to use history and good old common horse sense to prove it to you, a hidden axiom that's not really a secret at all, just up until I nearly tripped over it digging around "like that 10 year old little boy who drove his mom crazy with his microscope". It was buried so deeply nobody, at least none of the other greatest minds in our century, as far as I can discover has bothered to look for it.  I learned that worked for thousands of years in all the greatest civilizations and it will work again for America in shaping a new world order, a second American Revolution, or if you like its own Golden Age!

And that maxim is this: If the the underlying premise of the purpose for creating the FED in 1913 and at the behest of the international banking cartels, they having already been exposed as nothing short of a Frankenstein monster, that they can create their own fractional reserve fiat money as debt system --which is nothing short of a tyrannical, independent banking and credit system that's unaccountable to anyone except their ruling cabal, and least of all by their adamant refusal to open their books to the duly-elected representatives of our own government that created it, they have proven themselves a zombie form of forced enslavement by design that just won't die!

And not only is it a zombie that just won't die, it is one that doesn't prosper us but it conquers and subjugates us, and cunningly nullifies America's national sovereignty, and relegates America to merely a province of the FED, whose revolt needs to be crushed by cutting off our means of economic survival, by conjuring up any and all means necessary to keep the bailouts coming-or else face austerity. Then, I must conclude that their premise for existing is not to serve but to subjugate is based on a fallacious reasoning, a fatal flaw, that presumes we Americans aren't smart enough, more than capable enough to break the bonds of this generational prison of eternal servitude they created right out of thin air.

The questions remain: "What can we legally through our duly-elected government do about it"? And, "just how many divisions has the FED with which to stop us from putting them out of business permantly? They have the divisions fielded by the armies of our own government at their backs who sold us out, that's who! Some may say that "they have us all under and over a barrel, and they hold all the cards, that we must continue to be their prey because we are powerless to stop them short of armed rebellion". This is simply not true. They would like us all to believe they are omnipotent. But they aren't. And they know they aren't. The problem is, nobody has had the guts to fight them, so they always win by default.

If the FED and the international banking cartels can magically conjure out of thin air, a fiat money and a fractional reserve system of printing currency from usurious loans they placed on our backs and secured only by the fruits of our labors, solely from a mirage, then why do we need them, when we have the power to create our own system of money and credit ourselves? "Misery loves company, but I can be miserable by myself. I don't need somebody else to add to my misery index".  We don't have an inherent need for any independent FED, so independent that even our own duly-elected representatives are forced to call them "Your Majestys". Or if we ask too many questions, like where and into whose hands did all of our wealth go? They'll bring our whole house crashing down upon our heads! No, if we are to remain free, this system cannot be suffered to stand any longer!

And we can do it in a better way which postulates, instead of enriching the fat cats at the FED's Central Banks(the bastard sons), "we learn the tricks of their trade" but instead of using them to oppress our own people like they do, we use them to grow true wealth and thereby placing it in the rightful hands of true owners of America, which are the American people(the ligitimate sons and rightful heirs)! We don't need them to control our destinies while engorging themselves at the people's troughs any longer. Lincoln paid for the Civil War with Greenbacks that he printed himself, in open defiance to the Bank of England and their New York Central Bankers(harlot) co-partners in crime. America was on the right track, but that track was buried with Lincoln. It's time to resurrect it!

And what do we do with is newly discovered idea, this novel concept of controlling our own destinies which entails a radical concept that's not so unachievable, once we have thrown the FED and their bastard sons out of America on their ears? I'll tell you how we do it. I'll tell you how we finally see that we have all the power we ever needed to re-create the American Dream, which we have all been living witnesses to its vaporization and near-death daily right before our eyes. It is time! No, it is past time that America seizes its true destiny as a leader in a new age of entrepreneurship and innovation, such like the world has never seen before. We had the right answers in the palms of our own hands, all along. When we elected President Obama, he told us basically the same thing, that "we had to become the change we wanted". Anyone remember these words: "We're the ones we've been waiting for"? What we say, is written down and open to revision and discarding failed memes when necessary, but it is what we do with our talents and gifts that echoes in eternity. It's time to fire the FED and it's high time for our own government to control this nation's purse strings. Show me who controls any nation's issuance of currency and credit, and I'll show you who really rules that nation, no matter who the people elect! It's all about power and control, and right now the FED has both.

We desperately need to re-define the definition of terms and control the framing of this national debate. It's not through waging aggressive wars for oil based on lies this debate stands or falls. It's not through torturing and slaughtering innocent lives-or predator droning other peoples who never once attacked us, based soley on conjecture and upon the flimsiest of all evidence, mere suspicions that they committed any crime whatsoever against us and deserved to die, that will ultimately decide our fate. It's not through "shocking and aweing" us everytime we come together to keep us distracted, in a constant state of war, and divided in a perpetual emotional state of flux. These things tell us our pulse rate, but they are tangential and irrelevent distractions from the most critical issue of our day: Who is going to control the issuance of our money and credit?  We all saw how the FED, the Central Banks, Wall Street, the MIC, and the HC-Industrial Complexes have played our government like a fiddle. And they're not done with us yet. "Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is open warfare". Now is the time to act, before the next wave of attack hits us, not after they inflict more damage, and rain more austerity upon our heads. Look no further than the Cat Food Commission, if you any doubt left whatsoever that they fully intend to dismantle our social safety nets and throw us to the wolves.

And we're living in a zombie-state, no better than dead men walking by hoping that nobody notices that we think we are above the very same laws we have written by our own hands which condemned others to the gallows-or imprisonment for doing the same heinous acts of barbarism we do every day in the name of fighting the GWOT, that many experts presciently say will last over 50 years. This assumes facts not in evidence, that there will even be an America left to defend after the rest of the world tires of our barbarity, if we don't take back America from these sunshine patriots. We are not "exceptional" in the sense that we are above-or below the law that still stands to judge all nations, whether we cherry-pick and choose to enforce it-or whether we turn a blind eye to our atrocities because it's all done in the blessed name of freedom that neither we have anymore, nor our victims we invaded. And all the soap in the world will never wash the blood drenching off our hands in the shedding of innnocent blood. I say "presumed innocent until proven guilty" because the law requires proof or the existence of sufficient probable cause to believe that a crime against us was committed, and failing that, we have no inherent right to commit wanton slaughter, just because nobody's big or bad enough to stop us-yet. "There isn't a horse that can't be rode or a cowboy that can't be throwed"!

Or because the law says what we say it says, even when the facts show quite the contrary. It only takes one premeditated murder to convict anyone of the charge of premeditated murder. But it takes a nation who would rather "turn the page before reading the page", to lose any and all moral authority to judge anyone else. Is it really worth all of our integrity, credibility and national honor to let anyone escape the Constitution's sword of justice? Where do we draw the line? If the president himself is above the law, then he becomes no longer our president, but our king. And once we resurrect the dead bones of monarchy, then we have become mere subjects to his rule, and our citizenships nullified by default. And a slave is always angry at his master, whether it be the FED, or a tin horn dictator like Bush was.

How can the arbiter of the law judge the accused if the accused doesn't even know until they day they are charged, tried, found guilty in absentia, and "shot on sight" by an Executive Order given by the potus and carried out by a predator drone flying at 10,000 feet? What do we say to these things, when we find ourselves one day on the business end of this new justice at the point of a bayonet, when we find that even we have no right of appeal to a higher court, convicted of an unknown charge on non-existent evidence, that we stand condemned to death after never having committed any crime worthy of death, except for the singularly indefensible "capital offense" of dissenting, or thinking freely out-loud, or for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Don't say it can't happen here. That's the same thing the "good germans" incredulously said that "they didn't know about the Death Camps" after Germany surrendered, when they say they first learned of the atrocities Hitler committed in their names! And it was adjudged by our own Chief Counsel for the Prosecution, Associate US Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, who sat on the Nuremberg War Crimes tribunal, "I was just following orders" wasn't a defense then, and it's not one now. The German people elected and gave an affirmative stamp of approval for a distant cousin of a not so dissimilar form of tyranny that has this nation by its throat today. It doesn't really matter if the FED accomplishes the same enslavement, and "death by spreadsheet" of our people, even if it's done by different methods, just as long as the final chapter ends, and the results run parallel to each other, such that our domination by the tools of intimidation and extortion justifies the end results. If the end result is slavery, subjugation and police state, does it really matter what we call them? And make no mistake about it, any controlling entity that subplants the duly-elected government of any nation, like the FED has to America, is by definition fascism, and that people is deluding itself if it thinks it's truly free. We are living under the FED's iron fist of a pre-fascist or if you prefer, a full-blown fascist state exisitng under the constant specter of their own brand of a "bloodless" coup d'etat.

We can and we must redeem the remnants of our former greatness. But this goal is impossible to attain as long as there is no longer a marriage, but a divorce of due process from equal justice and equal protection under the rule of law. We can, however, legislate a new law, and with it save what's left of this American experiment in democracy. And that law is the ancient law of survival that has heretofore escaped our understanding in today's reality. It is a simplest of basic truths that says we will only fight wars in true self-defense, not wars for lawless colonial ventures, whether fought under the guise of freedom, which is code for Manifest Destiny or Divine Right, for the express purposes of lebensraum and stealing resources we knew were not our own to steal, wars based on damnable lies that we knew were prefabricated lies designed to deliberately to inflame and posited to provoke a war footing, when we spoke them.

They were lies to start them and lies to keep us where we knew we had no right to be. We will instead create our own wealth and not try to gain it on the cheap by stealing it from other's hands and mouths. We will not shed innocent blood and dismiss it as "collateral damages", as if that mitigates their pain, or inconsequential acts done during the fog of war as unavoidable, when the war that caused them was not a righteous war fought solely for our nation's  survival, in the first place. The wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, were totally avoidable, thus meeting the very definition of "aggressive war" in the Nuremberg Principles we wrote by our own hands, and further, thoroughly self-refuting any rationale that even tries to justify the wanton slaughter of those brown people in order to defeat those "insurgents" who fought to the death, rather than be "liberated", or if you prefer "pacified".

And finally, if the FED can create wealth out of nothing and call that form of thievery prosperity for them, and austerity for everyone else but an elite, select few, then that tree of tyranny must be hewn down and a new tree called true freedom and prosperity, planted to take its place. And that new tree I will call a new name. I will call it a Golden Age of Renaissance and Revival of America's frontier and entrepreneural spirit, based on the concept that there is but ONE America, where ALL share in the work and ALL share in the rewards. No "Two America's" here.

Our borders must remain open to all and everyone who wants an education, a job, home ownership that has a verifiable mortgage debt that can be discharged and forever theirs and their heirs, free of the state's encumbrances, fair and equal pay for equal work, the right to join or not to a union, the right to marry whomever they decide and for the government to get out of the "bedroom police" business, the right to bear children or not, is given a fair and equal chance at realizing these dreams according to their desires and abilities, not based on their race, creed,  color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, or based on any nationality, or for the lack of documentation proving an American citizenship. If anyone lives and works here for at least one year, that's a prima facia case that they fall under the jurisdiction of our laws and are therefore citizens as defined in the 14th Amendment.

But as you notice, I carried it six steps further:
1-No Berlin Walls in America! A police state, a nation of slaves ruled by an overlord or master, a King, a dictator, or one government who oppresses its people with tyrannical laws or under the color of law, has much to fear from not just its own people, but its allies and foreign enemies alike. A free people who follows the rule of law and equal justice here and abroad, is both loved and protected by all who love the same things, not seeing a terrorist behind every lampshade from which it lives in constant fear of real or imagined enemies that it must stay armed to the teeth, bankrupting the treasury in chasing the ghosts of an unattainable security at any price, because their imperialistic ways have made others blood-worn enemies for life. Just as an evil man must always watch his back, any nation that slaughters innocent lives for land and resources, finds neither peace nor security. Our standing armies should exist only for self-defense, not to crush its own people or to subjugate and conquer other nations for empire.
2-No carrying "your birth certificate" or "your necessary papers" constantly in your back pockets-or getting harassed and possibly beaten or arrested and threatened with imprisonment on the one day you left them at home on your dresser!
3-No slaves among free men! No censorship. No discrimination. No intrusions into our private lives. No dictating to us moral standards that our own government can't or refuse to follow themselves!
4-No 2nd class citizens! The Constitution protects everyone equally or it protects no one but the ones who by wealth or position of authority, can break the law at will, and with impunity. Either the Constitution lives and stands on all points or it dies and falls on one point, impaled by its own hands, at the point of tyranny's spear!
5-No trespassers or illegal aliens, because no human being is an illegal, if he/she finds America as one nation that obeys the common laws of man itself, then anyone who works and lives peacably, and obeys the lawful statutes enacted by our elected government should never fear its own government's sword of wrath. That's not too much of a quid pro quo to ask in return for enjoying the sweet blessings of liberty.
6-No elite 1% class usurping power over the rest of us by sleight of hand and cunning craftiness, ponzi-scheming the fruits of the labors ceding the wealth of the bottom 95% to them any longer.

But it's not going to come on the cheap and without risks of failing, and sacrifice and hard work. How many among us are unbought, not for sale at any price or have clean hands? How many politicians today offer one grain of truth, who's proved their mettle, swimming daily against the tide of the conventional wisdom today which says, "why work and gain the fruits of your own labors, when you can get rich solely off the work of others"? Or they say, "Make your money off other people's money"?

That's not working so well for the benefit of America as a whole, and the notion that defrauding someone out of their lifesavings and calling that free market capitalism, and that true prosperity is measured by how much wealth anyone who's elite, connected or privileged(a Blue Blood) can accumulate off the backs of the weak who can't possibly have any hope of opposing them out of dependence on the crumbs they toss us from their tables; this unbalanced, inequitable, double-scaled system of injustice must fall!  All the socialized risks/ privatized profits the market will bear off the sweat squeezed off another's brow, with a carte blanche social safety net for the rich elite, which guarantees the taxpayers will bail them out when they fall, rather than forcing them to play by the same ground rules everyone else who has to live paycheck to paycheck by their own labors, has to adhere to out of sheer economic necessity, because the rich elite have already-or they are in the process of seeing to it that nobody but nobody is going to bail the American working middle class out when they fall. This is insane. It is unsustainable. And it's the stuff that makes otherwise peaceful social revolutions violent!

The ancient Eyptians built the Great Pyramids and we have all seen the many other great wonders of the ancient world, enough to fill-up all our libraries from coast to coast! It cost them tens of trillions of dollars in today's dollars and they were build upon the backs of their people who were slaves and are still owned by their people today. And, in spite of being slaves their people thrived and lived, loved and died for the Pharoahs that had the foresight and wisdom to know what we fail to see, that a people must have a vision-or that people is soon lost, mere commas in the annals of history where they were once mighty volumes!

But I propose a better way, where free men seize their destinies and build an America that will cause the Pharoahs, the engineers and architects-and slaves who built the Great Pyramids look at us in astonishment! Because the best laid plans of Pharoahs and built on the backs of slaves could never match the spirit, ingenuity, never exceeding the accomplishments of a free people!

And when they were done they had created an eternal monument that proves what I am saying today, what worked for the ancient Egyptians then, will work for America today. But they didn't let anything or anyone else stand in their way. The Great Pyramids stand today as a testament that their wisdom to reach for the stars even when the task seemed at the time to far exceed their grasp! The great Pyramids of Egypt still stand in Egypt today! I see an America that has the potential to surpass every other Golden Age that ever existed!

But will anyone look at what used to be America 3,000 years from now, and say, "there's what America built 3,000 years ago"? Or will they say, "I know of no such American civilization that it ever existed. Please tell me more of this lost dream world of Atlantis you call America".

We can't quit. We can't use any convenient excuse to fail. And we can't bury our talents in the ground, which is what quitters do, when they're looking for a convenient excuse to justify failure: "I can't do it. I'm not smart enough. It costs too much. Let somebody else do it. Let the next generation plow the field. Just tell me what I want to hear and make sure the trains still run on time."

Those are the words spoken by losers. Those are the words that the conquered say. I defy anyone to show me one loser or one conquered people who were happy losing their freedoms and who were happy slaves to other cultures that shackled and bound them in chains. You simply can't, because man was never designed to be a slave. He can't function or achieve the greatess he was destined for by serving any master who would rather lash their backs and beat them all into submission than to care one tittle about what they thought, or feared, or the freedom and prosperity their yearned for, or the ones they loved.

It's simply not possible for Americans to dream of better days of a glorious new golden age, while at the same time strapped to another master's plow. In direct contrast to the John Boehners of the world, I say, "HELL YES, WE CAN CHANGE AMERICA"! We can do this. President Obama is fully equipped, both by the power of his office he holds and by his great gift of vision and intellect, but "he can't take the point alone". He's good, if not brilliant, but nobody's so good they can take-on this monumental task by themselves, without a lot of help from the people he hopes to lead into a new American Golden Age!

If he will just put his own words into concrete, not just figuratively, but literally, and lead, that's half the battle! But he has to want to follow the lead, as well, of other great presidents of time past, i.e., Franklin Delano Roosevelt once saved this nation from the brink of total economic collapse and ruin with his New Deal. The WPA was just one example, where he put the American people to work. He didn't have to be led to water, or did he need any advisor to explain right and wrong to him. FDR knew these things instinctively, despite coming from great wealth and privilege. WWII is also figures prominantly here. But I much prefer the ways of peace over war, any day, and any nation, on whose future prosperity rests in the mIC's idea of the American Dream, is surely doomed to fall into the perpetual, aggressive war trap for the forseeable future. And that future sureley ends in austerity and defeat. Certainly, Obama or any other man coming from humble roots doesn't need to be told what it's like to be hungry or homeless. Or have to see the corpse to know America is dangerously close to joining the other civilizations in the cemetaries of antiquity. But it doesn't have to be so. We still have a window of time to act to restore once again, America's former greatness.

If you haven't read this diary by one of my heroes here: Dallasdoc, about the restoration of America, "How to fight back and Win", I strongly recommend that you do so:

Originally posted to ImpeachKingBushII on Sun Nov 28, 2010 at 05:03 PM PST.

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