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Churchill once said:   Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.

 What will you do with these Truths/facts?

Research/empirical evidence below the line:

1.  The US Dollar is at risk.  Are we are on track for a World Currency?
2.  Is the World ruled by the Board of Directors of PIIE
3.  Via Tax Havens and Deferred (unpaid) taxes Multi-Nationals are eroding countries
4.  National Defense is in the hands of Private Equity Firms
5.  Income insecurity and poverty are rising at alarming rates.  The tax cut decade didn't help us.
6.  Social safety nets, including health care for the masses, are under attack globally.  

That New World Order theory.  A chimera.  In fact, or so the facts indicate, the world has been newly ordered and is now in the hands of those who worship power.  And their motto: The end justifies the means.

Dig deeper into the above, shout, organize, and resist.  

I think I now understand Churchill's chilling insight into the hearts and minds of people.  To resist Truth about power is exhausting and can even be unsafe.  To espouse Truth about power can be alienating.  To understand the Truth about power, hence powerlessness, is saddening.

I think I found many of the truths I have been seeking that have satisfied an inner nagging that "Things just don't add up" to what the 'news' espouses.


1.  The IMF et al may be moving towards a World Currency,

Don't quite yet believe in World Governance?

IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Jean-Claude Trichet, President, European Central Bank

President of the EU

How bad can it get for millions of families?  Financial Ruin?

2.  The world may be governed by the Board of Directors of Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE), and those they allow into the process.  If you read through this list you will be amazed.  Pete Peterson's (and his ilk) life mission has been to dismantle all of FDR's social contracts/programs.  

And the European branch of "kill social safety nets, kill economy, enslave the people" is Bruegel.  Google is one of the corporate members, btw.

3.  One of the main reason so many countries are fiscally in deep trouble is, in large part, due to lack of revenue caused by the tax havens and deferred (don't have to pay) tax status for multi-national corporations who get to keep the funds that could have been used to fund the infrastructure needed to support them, especially education for future employees, are all now provided by the workers.  For the workers to pay for the infrastructure for profits as well as the products is unsustainable.  Google saved $3.1 billion, for instance.  You can read more in this this diary:

4.  The Defense of Nations, also funded by the workers, are now mostly owned and governed by Private Equity firms.

5.  One of the biggest eye openers was learning just how little most Americans earn.  No wonder they are in debt, indebtedness invited and enabled by the very same people seeking total control.  Americans and many throughout the world are now forced into debt, especially through higher education.   Poverty is on the rise in America again, after decades of progress.

6.  And the Deficit Hawks and Cat Food Commission are liars.  I sometimes wonder if those who are targeting Social Security and other safety nets are driven by a greed that wants to steal every penny and every asset the Baby Boomers worked and saved for?

I know the 99ers, most of whom are older and have/had assets are at risk of losing all they worked so very hard for all of their lives.

Is Congress the 99ers Death Panel?  There have been suicides.

The list can go on and on, but the power structure dictates the outcomes.  

If we don't resist, our food, water, and air will continue to be compromised.  Health will continue to deteriorate.  And Chaos will win, because Chaos serves the goals of profit and gain, so-called Disaster Capitalism.  Sigh!

Deep sadness as I see a very clear picture of another way.  A way in which both corporations and the people can co-exist in a responsible, sustainable manner.  I call it Sufficiency Capitalism.    

Sufficiency Capitalism TM - The People's New World Order

They laughed at the Wright Brothers, too.

In our new world, where physicists are hired to create Wall Street trading models, where lightly collateralized day traders are allowed to buy huge volumes of equity on a promise, and the internet enables loan officers to scoop as many debtors as time allows and then make small commissions on volume when they whisk their debtor bundles directly into Wall Street’s designer hedge funds, the jaundiced eyes of so-called economists will laugh and jeer at the simplicity and seeming altruism of Sufficiency Capitalism.

So, visionary Debby Downer, moi, isn't feeling all that chipper. There is deep concern for the future of my grandchildren and all others.  These heavy feelings leave little room for any other feelings.  

Keep up the good work, Kossacks.  Don't run from the truth.  SPREAD IT!!

Pester the media to dig with you and report.

It took over two years for the media and others to catch up with my MERS research..  And if you are not vigilant, Congress might just sweep the greatest crime in history under the rug.  Especially if Congress is owned by PIIE!

PIIE is winning the Pie Fight, folks.

The above, in my opinion, paints a pretty clear picture of where we are.

I hope others will take on the task of digging deeper.

Feel free to copy/paste any/all of my diaries that cover a wide range of topics.  Spread the words far and wide.

You will find all of my work here. and poetically presented here.

I am exhausted and have some health issues to attend to (nothing major I hope, just total exhaustion), so I won't be posting diaries for a while.

Besides, there is nothing left to report.

Thank you for all your support over the past few years.  I will be reading your work!

Love to you all,
War on Error

Some additional research for you all:

Bancor: A One Currency World On the IMF Table

Wall Street's Private Military:  DynCorp and Blackwater Now Owned by Private Equity Firms, Financed by TBTFs

FDA Allows Toxins, We Get Sick, Pharma Profits

The Gloves are Off:  US Becoming ProtoFascist

80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = Tea Party

Civilian Inmate Labor Program - Army Regulations
How the military plans to deal with civil unrest.  Here's one quote from this diary (emphasis mine):

...other designated U.S. military units could be ordered by the president to help civil authorities establish order as part of the Garden Plot domestic security plan. However the USNORTHCOM Concept Plan (CONPLAN) 2502 (Civil Disturbance Operations), is the plan for supporting state and local authorities during civil disturbances. This plan serves as the foundation for any CDO operation and standardizes most activities and command relationships.
Civilian Inmate Labor Program - Army Regulations

14 Common Threads of Seven Fascist Regimes. Is USA Becoming Fascist?

The International Police Chiefs Association
In case we are wondering how/why Riot Police seem to look and act alike around the world.

Originally posted to War on Error on Sat Dec 04, 2010 at 11:35 AM PST.

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