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I've just come from the German edition of Der Spiegel and there is an amazing phenomenon underway. Wikileaks is being mass-mirrored all over the globe. The new sites are being attacked but as fast as they get taken down, new ones pop up. At the moment on there are 123 sites listed as good, 322 as outdated and 332 as down for a total of 776. Hackers and supporters around the world are determined to save the site and its mission from the attacks of nation states.

I cannot emphasize how significant this is, both from the perspective of keeping the revelations that Wikileaks has released available to the population of the world to know what their governments are really doing and how we all have been deceived, but also in terms of discovering an empowerment that will serve the people well in the future.

As Der Spiegel put it,"Damit dürfte klar sein, dass man WikiLeaks nicht mehr aus dem Internet löschen kann. Dafür ist die Macht der Masse zu überwältigend.
In English:
"With that it should be clear that Wikileaks can no longer be erased from the Internet. The power of the masses is too overwhelming for that."

This is not only a coup for the truth staying available, but also an example of what the concerted efforts of the online community can accomplish in the face of massive state power. Information is an actual weapon and the population of the Earth is wielding it with a force and skill we have never yet experienced. The goal is to make the Wikileaks content available on as many web sites as possible and reachable via as many addresses as possible that it cannot be stopped. Apparently, the bulk of the data is only a few gigabytes and those wishing to help can simply fill in a formula with some basic information and then have the files automatically downloaded. More information is available from the Save Wikileakssite. A list of currently available URLs is listed there as well.

The success of this spontaneous action looks like it could herald a new era in the ability of people to take control of their destiny.

Update#1: Those wishing to join the mirroring effort can go to the mirroring page.

Update # 2 I've seen some comments regarding threats to Assange's life, but here's what few know:

Wikileaks has "Insurance" files
They have some files with WHO knows what in them that are to be released on the death or disappearance of Assange or other of the Wikileaks principals. And they are sending the files to anyone who wants to download them.

At this point the files are encrypted. What you do is you download the files and then download a program called Torrent, which is used to decrypt the files. With the files and the Torrent program on your computer, you still cannot read the files until you get a decryption key that you plug into Torrent and process the files.

That key will be sent out if any of these people meet with foul play. So now we have maybe multiple thousands of computers with the files and Torrent on them waiting to get that key. If it is sent out, there will be no earthly way to stop the dissemination of those insurance files.

C'mon, make my day!

Originally posted to Cardshark on Sun Dec 05, 2010 at 03:15 PM PST.

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