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I think these two quotes sum up all the problems I have with Obama.

"I will take John Boehner at his word that nobody, Democrat or Republican, is willing to see the full faith and credit of the United States government collapse. That would not be a good thing to happen."

Sure, if there is one things we know, is that you should always take Republicans at their word, because they've always shown themselves to be honorable negotiating partners.

"We will be able to feel good about ourselves and sanctiminoious about how pure our intentions are" but the American people will still be suffering. "That cannot be the measure of what it is to be a Democrat."

Meanwhile, your base are just a bunch of spoiled, whiny brats and need to be scolded. And people wonder why there was an enthusiasm gap.

Just to let you know, unlike the claim by diary, I'm not wealthy. In fact, I've been unemployed since July, and 6 of the last twelve months before that. So calling me a sanctimonious rich person who's out of touch -- not a good way to reach me.

Frankly, many of us here on the bottom rungs do feel it important to have someone willing to FIGHT for us -- not calmly negotiate us away. Look, the extension of UI benefits is going to cast about 56 Billion. The estate tax cuts and the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%: 160 Billion.

So the rich get two dollars for every one given to the poor. And that's assuming the tax cuts expire -- which no one believes.

I know a bit about negotiations, and if you are not willing to walk away from the table, you have already lost. Republicans know this -- and they also use rhetoric that make people think that Republicans are fighting for them.

Democrats don't know this, and come in pre-capitulating. We scold the poor for not realizing all we've done for them, and stick to measured tones when talking about our enemies.

And its not working. Not in the real world, where despite the scolding, I still can't buy health insurance after the Health Care debate, and I still can't find a job -- mostly due to the fact that we allowed Republican hostage taking to make both the Stimulus and Health Care reform ineffective. And it sure as hell didn't work politically in the mid-terms.

So, to Obama and those who would rather throw me under the  bus as "Sanctimonious" rather than fight Republicans -- just what is the measure of a Democrat?

And I'm really sorry my being pissed off offends you. Apparently, you are not looking for my vote.

Originally posted to DJ Adequate on Tue Dec 07, 2010 at 01:38 PM PST.

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