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After forcing myself to sit through Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow's disappointing diatribes on MSNBC last night, I heard Lawrence O'Donnell and Ezra Klein bring logic, reason and pragmatism to the tax deal debate. I went to bed struggling to sleep so frustrated was I with my so-called likeminded allies on DK. Then I got up this morning and had to wade through all the raging rants posted here. The mob mentality running 24/7 with pitchforks and torches demanding the President drag out a tax reform policy fight with the GOP for months has worn me out. I'm unemployed and almost broke; I don't need extra anger and hopelessness.

To my fellow Obama supporters, can you please let me know you're still out there? Because after reading all the overblown outrage I've read here all day, it would lift my spirits to know my tribe is still rallying together here. I need a morale boost from my friends after a day battered by partisan political purists.

I would be remiss if I didn't give a very big thank you to Eclectablog for his (her?) thoughtful, well-researched and thoroughly referenced diary on why the tax cut deal is better than many here will allow. I've already copied, pasted, linked and quoted all the articles and videos EB mentioned to my own FB page:

*The brilliant "Daily Dish" piece by Andrew Sullivan that lists in vivid detail what, how and why President Obama's deal with McConnell is a very smart, canny and shrewd 2nd stimulus for the country that we desperately need and that sets him up to likely get re-elected in 2012.

*The fact-based, levelheaded analysis by the New York Times posted within the last 24 hours of the tax cut deal's benefits and the difficult politics behind it.

*Last but not least, Lawrence O'Donnell's loud, tough, effective and laser-sharp rebuttal of liberal critics of the deal (where he astutely points out that it is impossible to write retroactive tax legislation 3 months after taxes have gone up and that serious damage to the economy would've been done by then anyway). Extra thanks to Ezra Klein for his sound back-up of the realities and facts of why Lawrence was right and that this is in fact a good deal.

Sigh... now. Why did I post a diary? Because right now, I need a morale boost. I need to know I'm not alone in a sea of kneejerk purists who won't listen to reason and have decided to adopt the GOP shout-'em-down anti-healthcare reform tactics in order to win the debate. I'm not interested in winning at all costs. I don't want to have to scream & shout to see if I can win the who-can-be-smarter-and-more-snarky than the other guy contest.

I don't agree with President Obama on everything. Some things he's chosen to do I definitely disagree with. But compared to many recent past presidents, I think he's done remarkably well all things considered. What stuns me and depresses me is the constant refrain from my so-called fellow Democratic friends that if you're not with us, then you're against us. You don't do things the way we think you should? THEN YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN IN DEMOCRAT'S CLOTHING, YOU COWARDLY SELLOUT!

Alright, fine. Enough. You win. Enjoy listening to the sound of your own voice screeching that you are THE moral voice of authority on all things legislative and political. Knock yourself out. Been there, done that myself. I am happy to concede the screaming contest, the battle of who has the best rant and can win the ultimate war for most morally outraged.

Right now, I'm lookin' for my friends. My peeps. Buddies who share my views. Obama supporters who get that everything the President does is not a huge conciliation to enemy forces leading to the final doom of America forever. Let the epic Chicken Little brigade have their anti-Obama sky-is-falling diaries. I'll stay off of their turf and let them preach doom & gloom and howl with rage to their hearts content.

For me? At this moment? I need to know I'm not alone and hope to get some words of encouragement from my friends here who share my faith and actually trust our President--and who can see that, like it or not, this really was the best we can get right now. I've been unemployed for almost 3 months and things look very grim for me. I could end up becoming homeless, too. But dammit I believe in Obama and I agree with most of what he's done.

Please let me know I'm not alone? I need all the friends I can get right now so I don't feel like I'm totally on my own with no one who sees things like I do. Thanks.

Originally posted to Gay CA Democrat on Wed Dec 08, 2010 at 06:00 PM PST.

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