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 When I was well ... things were different.

Companion Diary When I Was Sick

This is only the 11th time this has happened on DailyKos. I am so honored ...

 When I was well ... I had an apartment with Water Lilies themed rag roll and matching painted kitchen chairs.

 When I was well ... I traded my shiny SUV ...

  For an equally shiny hatch back that got twice the mileage.

  When I was well ... we went to the zoo.

  And we'd go kayaking quite often ...

  When I was well ... even when I was alone, I wasn't really alone.

 When I was well ... I was placed on airplanes, and sent to places where people listened to my advice, then (mostly) followed it.

  And I rented fun cars ...

  And I had adventures.

 And I saw amazing things.

   When I was well ... this was a nice place for yoga classes.

   And I could do things most men my age couldn't dream of ...

   And once I even met a pretty girl there.

  When I was well ... 13,000' wasn't really all that high.


 But things change ...

  Hey! It ain't all grim like you might think. There is the small matter of being in a good position to win a $400,000 grant for Progressive Congress. I've moped a lot in 2010, certainly, but I had my shoulder to the Progressive wheel the whole time, as did two dozen other folks you all know from around these parts ...

  And when I was at my sickest I created a separate userid, One Brave Kossack, to keep my suffering apart from my work here. CT caught me and spanked, so it's now idle, but the record of it remains ... and don't think me ego filled - that name was bestowed on me by the first Kossack I ever spoke to - nyceve.

Originally posted to Stranded Wind on Mon Dec 27, 2010 at 07:24 PM PST.

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