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It has not even been a month yet since I posted my diary of pain right before Christmas, in fact, I believe it was dated December 6th.  I want you all to know that you..every single one of you had a hand in what you are about to see and a few things you don't see.  

I am still overwhelmed of the kindness and beauty of this site.  There are two short videos of our Christmas and every encouraging word and every sweet card received not to mention the monetary help, brought this Christmas of 2010 at the Kato home a memory for years

to come.  YOU did this.  You gave me the inspiration to not become a distant person believing in a lie that people don't care because they do.  Granted, the majority are progressives but love surrounded us when we needed it the most.  The camera I used for this was Jack's Christmas present to preserve memories and for us to share with those who love and respect us enough to come to the rescue like the Calvary.  This is a Miracle Christmas story.
Just weeks before, three children , our three children were in dire straits.  One child is gone.  I don't know why and I am saddened still that he found suicide to be his only solution but the other two almost died from childbirth and complications.  After the first Kossack, Michael, came to our home, the burden started lifting.
I was miserably sick and my ears are still stopped up but that is OK considering all of the miracles you are about to witness.  My husband is still grieving and will for awhile but again the miracle of this place and the results is a true Christmas Story.  
I cannot name every name of every person who reached out to us.  I would be too afraid to.  I would be afraid I would leave someone out accidentally, so I bring you this, the result of your kindness and through Sara, our guiltmaker's Diary, performed a bit of Holiday magic for this family.  Keep in mind that My Dad, God willing will be 88 on his birthday jan. 10th.  He has Alzheimers.  We nearly lost our daughter and grandbaby just weeks earlier.
We were down.  We were past going.  We were backed up with sewage.  We had learned my husband's firstborn killed himself and we were facing a hard candy Christmas.  We had exhausted funds from unexpected extreme emergencies and speaking for me, I felt alone in a sea of sorrow.  I knew that this Christmas, would be the last Christmas as we have known in the past because of the kid's ages, the reality of my Dad's condition and just life in general.  I knew then and I know now that this Christmas would be the last with all of the children without spouses or more children and possibly  the last Christmas even in this house.  Kids grow up.  Kids go away to school, join the service, get married, have their own families and this Christmas if we made it through Christmas would be the last of it's kind as Chris turns 18 in January, Brandy now has her own family but this year we shared one more with all the kids at home and my Dad here.  We had a whirlwind of trouble come our way just before Christmas and like might warriors and angels, Kossacks were standing by when we were falling.  The Santa pictures have not been taken off the camera and the 5 year old was so excited when she got her jeep, her baby doll, her Barbie Doll, her pillow pets and her new clothes.  The teens got new clothes and the tiny baby got a Mobile, baby clothes, and some little noisy toys to drive her parents crazy.  She got blankets and diapers and on Christmas Eve her Daddy got a job at Honeybaked Ham...with benefits.  The teens got some gift cards for movies and new coats.  Our daughter got a gold necklace and snow boots and some clothes.  Her fiance got a few clothes and a #1 Dad pin.  He got some DVD's.  I was able to give the children a few dollars for them to Christmas shop and they did for their siblings and us and Grand-daddy. Our son who is 41 is still looking for work but happy to just get his Falcons snuggie.  Look at the end of video one and see the 17 year old walking slowly, head dropped as he walks with his Grandfather with his Aunt, as his Grandaddy helped raise them and lived here before he went into the Nursing Home.  He hates to see him go. There was a lovely ham and trimmings and the tree in the picture was a gift given to the children when they were small by a WWII POW who had no children at home anymore and when I started the organization, he gave me that tree.  I had helped him back in 2000 get his long overdue service connected disability of 100 percent and he was 80 back then.  I shall never forget Mr. Chambers and his service and the lovely gift he gave the kids back in 2000.  I put that tree up instead of a real one this year.
I usually use that tree at special events at Christmas but this year it went up again in our living room to remind me of my work and how I had to get better and keep on keeping on and not get bitter because you, yes you all came into my heart and head and gave me hope and love and you showed it to me, my husband and my children in so many ways.
I don't know how to thank you but I can show you what you did and how we got our Christmas miracle thanks to some love from Daily Kos and a couple from the church.
I love you each and every one.  I love your spirit.  I love your thoughtfullness and I love your kindness.  There is much too little KOS in the world.  Happy New Year.
Maybe I should call you all George Bailey, or Clarence the Angel who fought Potter in today's America.  God Bless.
Turn your speakers on and watch part I and part II of Vetwife's Christmas.  See love from my family to you in action.

Originally posted to Vetwife on Wed Dec 29, 2010 at 06:11 PM PST.

Also republished by KosAbility.

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