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It's been a long long time and I might as well just jump in.
Lots of lurking here at Dkos.  Can't say for sure how long, except to say, I seem to recall I was coming around here when the uid numbers were in the 30 to 50 k range.  
Speaking of uid's, I am 290017.  Say What?  No good can come from that high of a number.  Probably a troll.

Hey Kos can I have a lower number that's not being used?  You know, similar to when we used to order checks from the bank and have them start with a higher number so it would appear as though it wasn't a new account.  I would like to have a uid number in the 75 to 100k range if you don't mind.

I do have somewhat of an advantage though.  I am quite familiar with many of you.  If you have written a dairy or been involved in the comment areas, I have come to know you.  There is a picture in my mind, a preconceived notion that has formed over the months and years.  Male, female, or is this person younger or older than I.  Gay, straight, you name it,  up to and including, damn I love that screen name.
The perceptions that form in the mind are similar to what happens when listening to a personality on the radio.  At Daily Kos however, the pieces that are used to formulate that impression are considerably greater.  

To be on the sidelines, observing it all has been...well, you name it.
Obviously the writing is some of the best out there.  The exchange of ideas.  Sometimes just the banter and the exchanges taking place has kept me hooked for hours.  The comedy.  I could be deep in thought in what was written and in the next, side splitting laughter with a comment someone made and I have been here ever since.  
Seriously, some of you should consider doing some work in comedy.  Wanted to comment sometimes, most other times was happy to be on the sidelines soaking it up like a voyeur.

So, I confess.  I have a dependency issue with politics now and the color orange started the journey.  
I must mention, the intimidation I feel with the writing prose around here, has kept me from joining much earlier;  not to mention the vast depth and variety of knowledge.  Many definitions can describe Daily Kos and lightweight is not one.  

Don't agree with everything I read here, but hell, who does?    
Some things really get me going though.  As in the Wall Street bail out, bank thievery, and home foreclosures.  Gut wrenching unemployment.  Vultures dining on the carcass of our middle class, whilst the super wealthy are rewarded with continued tax breaks to better eat you my pretty.  Loose talk of Medicare and social security on the chopping block. Climate change denial.  Endless war.  Death panels.  Birther wackos.  The propaganda of Fox News.  Tea baggers hair on fire, Obama is a Socialist and I want my country back,  oh my.  Well hey, (clears throat) at least we have the fourth estate doing yeoman's work.  Essentially it comes down to this.  If you are a liberal, of any stripe; apathy is hazardous to the health of a Democracy.

In the future I plan to pen a dairy in regards to healthcare from my sister and our family's perspective.  My younger sister whom I love with all my heart is being ravaged by disease.  Meanwhile, the insurance goons ravage her further with all their might and Republicans essentially cheer them on to the delight of the former.  Fucking circle jerk of devils.

I cannot begin to name all the names here at Daily Kos that have influenced me to THINK.  Made me ponder, wonder and more importantly, moved me to ACT.
I am liberal and I am damn proud to say so.  
The trademarks of a liberal is the hallmark of humanity.  Therefore, I am a Democrat.  I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  But I am perfectly fine being a Liberal Democrat.  I have and will vote accordingly.

As we begin 2011 on a somber note.  My thoughts go out to all the people impacted by the tragic shooting in Tucson yesterday.  It's just a damn shame.

Let's all take care.

Originally posted to wxorknot (weather or knot) on Sun Jan 09, 2011 at 02:49 PM PST.



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