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There are a lot of unemployed people here on DKos, including quite a number of long-term unemployed. I've seen mention here and there from people who have come across listings that actually, blatantly say something like "No unemployed need apply". I'm trying to track down where those listings are, what state(s) the companies posting them are in, what sorts of positions they are for, the names of the companies, and other such details.

Why? Because I've brought up to my state legislators the problem of people seeing such listings. Frankly, it's a form of discrimination that I feel ought to be illegal, especially in a Great Recession such as this one. I may be able to instigate the passage of legislation forbidding this practice, at least in Washington State, but it would help a lot if I knew where these things were taking place and who was doing this.

My favorite state representative is a man named Larry Seaquist. He's a former Navy battleship captain (he captained the U.S.S. Iowa, among others) and Pentagon strategist, and a staunch Democrat. We are truly fortunate to have him representing us in the Washington state legislature. My state senator, Derek Kilmer, has for many years had another job in economic development, since long before he was elected, and he, too, is a staunch Democrat. If there's anyone who knows more in the state legislature than Larry about seeing someone's merits rather than their personal characteristics such as race, religion, age, or employment status, I can't think of whom that might be. And if there's another better advocate in the state Senate for the business and economic future of Washingtonians and ensuring that people can get back on their feet than Derek, I can't think of whom that might be, either. It may well be possible to get these two Democratic legislators to do something about this issue, and if it starts here, it may spread.

So here's what I'm asking:
Tell me where this is happening.
Tell me what company is posting this.
Tell me where you saw the listing.
Tell me what the position is.
Tell me what the qualifications are.
Tell me how it made you feel.
Tell me what, if any, action you took in response to seeing it, or what inaction resulted from you seeing it.
If you saw the listing in Washington state or if it was from a Washington state based company, I especially need to know that.
And if you have proposed legislation to address this, please post it.

Tell your story, and I'll take all of them to Larry and Derek and ask that they sponsor legislation to put a stop to this. The long-term unemployed have enough hardships as it is; they don't need another one. I know both men will agree with that.

Both Representative Larry Seaquist and Senator Derek Kilmer are personal friends as well as representing me in Olympia, and if I call them or fax them with this information, they'll pay attention and call me back. They'll talk with me about this issue in depth. Let's make this happen.

Originally posted to Kitsap River on Thu Jan 13, 2011 at 03:26 PM PST.

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