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A local library in Enfield, CT, has decided not to show the Michael Moore film, "Sicko" in it's weekly non-fiction film series, due to pressure and threats from the town council.

The Enfield Public library on Wednesday canceled Friday's screening of filmmaker Michael Moore's controversial documentary, "Sicko" under pressure from most town council members and the mayor.

Evidently, a local citizen complained to the town council that he didn't want his tax dollars to promote "material such as this".
Several town council members complained about the movie being shown at the local library, and the mayor agreed.

"The sentiment by the majority is that it's a poor choice and that they should definitely reconsider" Kaupin said. "And if they don't reconsider, then they're going to have the repercussions of the council.

"I mean, in the end, when budget time comes and Mr. Dutcher (librarian) is asking for funding" for the films Kaupin said,"he's going to have to answer for it".

Now I am a fan of the movie, even my Republican parents watched the movie and liked it (a lot), and I would bet you not one of the people objecting to this movie has ever watched it.

I would almost expect to see this kind of behavior here in Kansas, where I live, but Connecticut?
To be fair, one of the Democrats on the council objected to the movie being removed, and called it censorship.
The other Democrat wimped out by calling it inappropriate material for children, even though the library holds the series at 1PM on Fridays, when children are in school.
Hope some locals read this and raise hell!

Originally posted to skohayes on Thu Jan 20, 2011 at 01:42 PM PST.

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