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Let me be quite clear about this what we do or do not do with our bodies is quite frankly none of your fucking business. We have a right to make decisions based that are fundamental to us; and none of your moping about and hand wringing has anything to do with our rights.

What don't you understand about sex education and contraception?

What don't you understand about unwanted pregnancy?

What don't you understand about "risk to the mothers health"?

What don't you understand about severe physical and mental handicap?

The yes/no decision is ultimately ours alone; and is never taken lightly. Men have the option to just walk away; we don't.

You whine about big government taking your rights away. How can we take this seriously when you fling your hands up in outrage when discussing the ultimate controls that you propose to place on another persons body?

If you really were concerned you would be promoting sex education, access to contraception both pre and post sexual intercourse; but you do everything in your power to prevent such education. Abstinence only is a sham and tries to negate reality.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, it's about control pure and simple.

Let me take you through a few examples of what I am writing about:

The New Congress: The Anti-Abortion Hardliners

At least five members of the new class say life begins at conception, period. They make no exceptions in cases of rape, incest or danger to the life of the pregnant woman.

Reducing us to mere incubators in the process, the ultimate denigration of our humanity. Meanwhile they would deny all collective responsibility for the end result, death of the mother or abandonment of the unwanted child. How humane of them.

Colorado Personhood Ballot Initiative Overwhelmingly Defeated

If the initiative had passed, it would not only have put a woman's right to an abortion in danger but also threatened the legality of oral and emergency contraception, IUDs, in vitro fertilization clinics, and stem cell research.

I suppose chastity belts would be provided free of charge? Nah; that would be evil socialism and classed as backdoor contraception.

Would Pence bill curb or increase abortions?

"I don't understand how Congressman Pence can think it is good public health policy to take birth control away from low-income women," said Betty Cockrum, president of Planned Parenthood of Indiana. "The more we do to educate people and provide birth control, the fewer the unintended pregnancies there are and the fewer abortions there are."

Educated women are uppity, and cannot be trusted.

New House Speaker, John Boehner, Strong Pro-life Congressman

"America is a nation that is built on freedom, but without respect for life that freedom is in jeopardy. When we reaffirm our commitment to life we reaffirm our commitment to freedom. We should always err on the side of life and respect the dignity of human life. We have a moral obligation to defend the defenseless and there is nothing more defenseless and more innocent than an unborn baby. The defense of life and the defense of freedom are necessarily linked and, if we accept that, we can’t accept the current agenda in Washington."

Fuck our freedom eh John, so 50% of the population will be free but we don't count. Nice to have you confirm my suspicions.

Kentucky Law Would Force Women To See Ultrasound Images Before Abortion Procedures

During the six days the law was in effect, all of the patients at the Reproductive Services abortion clinic in Tulsa averted their eyes from the ultrasound screen, said Linda S. Meek, the clinic’s director. But they could not avoid hearing descriptions of fetal length and heart activity, she said. Many left in tears, but none changed course.

Make them suffer for they know not what they do, thanks for trying to increase the pain. When you don't have suspected terrorists to torture we become the secondary target.

On the recent attempt by Republicans

   "Why is abortion the exception when it comes to taxpayer funding?  And what if the exception rule spread?  I don’t believe in many of our overseas military activities.  I don’t believe in the death penalty, or the incarceration of people on minor drug charges.  I don’t believe or agree with tax dollars being spent on faith-based initiatives which violate the constitutional statute of separating church and state.  My tax dollars fund all of these things — I don’t receive a check off list of things that I do and don’t want to let my money go to.

   We fund things we may not agree with because we are not just a land full of individuals, but a country that works together.  We occasionally support things we do not believe in because other people do the same for us.  We used to compromise.  We appear to have forgotten that in the last few years.

We are not individuals in their eyes.

You can help by being active

Michelle Kinsey Bruns

"Freedom would seem an empty word in a society capable of legally requiring that women become mothers against their wishes: Roe v Wade enshrines this principle in law. Yet more than principle is needed to defend freedom for those women at "the raw edges of human existence."

You can find out what your state legislature is up to here

Threats to Choice


We cannot rest the incessant clamor to remove our rights continues every day, if we let up for even one minute; they will eventually win.

Abortions will continue as in the past; even if the right has their way.

Those who can afford to will travel to other countries where it is carried out both legally and safely; those who cannot afford to travel will end up with neither.

Back Street Abortion

Some may even argue that Roe v Wade will stand as the law of the land; then it becomes a question of personal responsibility. If however you remove any source of funding for individuals or organizations by legislation; then the result will be the same for those with little wealth or hope.

Remove funding and support for sexual education and access to contraception;  you will make the situation infinitely worse.

The fight against religious zeal, ignorance and oppression continues.



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Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sat Jan 22, 2011 at 02:12 AM PST.


Ultimately the right to choose lies with

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