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from Senate Bill 222 as proposed in the Missouri Senate (and this is a pdf). we note that the bill would repeal certain sections of law related to child labor, specifically:

To repeal sections 294.021, 294.022, 294.024, 294.027, 294.030, 294.040, 294.045, 294.051, 294.054, 294.060, 294.070, 294.080, 294.090, and 294.100...

So what do these sections contain? How about 294.021:

[294.021. No child under fourteen years of age shall be employed or permitted to work at any occupation at any time; except as provided in this chapter.].

those brackets mean this is a section of law whose repeal is proposed, and thus a child under 14 were no longer be limited in being able to be employed.

And it gets worse.


[294.024. A child may not be employed during the regular school term unless the child has been issued a work certificate or a work permit pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.]

Thus a child could now be employed during the school term without a work permit.

It gets worse. I am not going to quote all of what is being eliminated.

It's pretty bad.

A child under 16 can work in motels/hotels - and without restrictions on hours - now that should raise some eyebrows.

No work permits would be required for those 15 or 16.

The authority of the Director of the Division of Labor Standards to oversee employers of children is eliminated.

Of course, this is not intended for "our kids" as the proponents of such legislation might put it. But obviously it is a waste of taxpayer money to educate the children, when they can be put to work - at low wages, with no union protection, no proper government supervision - perhaps as a means of providing cheap and compliant labor for some of their constituents, or even themselves?

We need to fix our schools. We do not need to be putting our children to work.

We should be holding the Republican party everywhere responsible for the idiocy of any and all of its elected officials and candidates.

Like the idiot who proposed this bill.

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