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Hi Folks,

Life sure has a way of screwing you around. I have been off this site for months due to an extended trial (conspiracy - for the defense) and then an illness of some depth.

But events of the past weeks have awoken me from my febrile hibernation and sloth.

I am just trying to get a little back into form here with a piece I am working on with Jaime Guillermo Wetchek for "The Faster Times" related to the scary scary news about Anonymous and the efforts that are being undertaken to lock up children and 4chan anonymous activists who are doing everything they can to keep information free and flowing.

College students in Connecticut have been raided and their phones and computers confiscated, kids in Holland as young as fifteen arrested and now it appears clear that a modern day COINTELPRO is in the works with the news that Government intel contractors have been planning dirty tricks against Anonymous and Wikileaks in efforts to disrupt them BUT among the most frightening aspects of all this is that they have also been targeting journalists in the US and England whose writings have been "sympathetic" to Wikileaks as well as targetting unions and other activists with agitprop and dirty tricks.

The details can be found all over the web, but this is an extremely tangled web of lies, corruption, dark entities. law firms, lobbyists and cyberstalkers working for Bank of America and the US chamber of Congress which are deeply linked with military and intel ops and cyber-security contractors to TARGET labor movements, unions, activists, whistleblowers, and especially the transparency nerds and creepers and genius 15 year olds from 4chan and Anonymous who are risking jail and getting labelled as terrorists to support the first amendment and to support transparency in ALL things and more than anything practically: freedom of the internet.

Anonymous played a key role in the collapse of the Tunisian and Egyptian dictatorships (or at least their leaders). You can learn more about their role with quick searches on unanimous and tunisia and egypt and I am scaring up all the links for Jaime - but they are not hard to find. They played a MAJOR role in disrupting the regimes' ability to keep them from organizing using the internet. This is transformational activism and the beast of fascist regimes and entities globally will not likely let it slide; but they run a serious risk of getting pwned if they do not support transparency, democracy, good faith and freedom. The COINTELPRO like proposals targetting our youth are nothing short of evil.

our very own an0nym0us diarist here at daily kos put it all very well and has been a fount of info and I urge you to read that diary.

Anonymous has been fighting back with a vengeance exposing the hypocrisy and lies and attempts to frighten and intimidate and discredit and disrupt targeted journalists and activists and labor unionists.

Their message is clear, as noted by an0nym0us: do not fuck with the truth and do NOT f*ck with Anonymous.

More to come....

The fact is that this tangled web of stories is really really complicated in many ways. There are now, this day, nearly 70,000 some emails etc leaked by anonymous from the security firm laying the criminality bare for the world to see. But the network of liars and thieves from the tea party (Koch brothers are connected) to the cyber terrorists working for our government (and what is intimidation of labor unions, journalists and democracy activists if not terrorism) and banks and big business is startling in its depravity: it reflects an organized effort to imprison our minds and poison them and to turn us all against the truthtellers. And to imprison those who resist the illegalities and oppose the tyrants of corporatism and militarism and authoritariansim (or should I just sumplify it and call it what it really is: fascism)

This is pretty important stuff, I'd say. Pay attention because this is the April 6th youth movement in America and in the global village from kids at 4chan to cries for justice on youtube and anonymous activism, from Tunisia to Egypt to Bahrain.

 These kids will pwn you if you f*ck with the truth and if you f*ck with their freedom.

And they will lead us all to a freer world in the process.

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