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A party that TAXES the richest among us who can most easily afford it.

A party that OPPOSES wars we can NOT win.

A party that PROTECTS consumers and workers over corporate profit.

A party with BALLS, that stands for social and economic justice.

FUCK the bullshit. Let's not mince words, either the Democratic party stands FOR workers and consumers and their interests as citizens or they do not, and then they are just as bought and owned as the Republican Evil Empire is. At that point, Democracy ends, and corporate feudalism is complete. If both parties are pro war, pro tax cuts for the rich, pro austerity level Hoovernomics, pro torture, pro corporate and mostly or wholly owned by the banks, then there is not much choice, let alone an opportunity for true "change". If both parties are trying to trash FDR's "New Deal" then there is no point.

In this Citizens United Brave New World, I ask but this, what is better for the people, or the interests of profit? Any so called Democrat who can not make a definitive stance on issues based on this premise have neither my respect nor my support. Who gets hurt? The rich or the poor? the corporation or the nation? the investor or the employee? If you can't choose a side then fuck you, we are talking about exploitation, and people's lives.

Because at the end of the day, if the Democratic Establishment is just the GOP's governing frames minus the overt racist homophobic misogynistic xenophobia, well then fuck it all to hell, just call this charade a corporate feudal lordship with a vast serf army and be done with it.

If both parties are the same, fuck it all to hell. If we get Shock Doctrine either way, there is no choice. And choice is a prerequisite for freedom.

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