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Remain calm. All is well. The apocalypse is not upon us. Merely the creation of a new daily kos group - Discussing the Law.

This group will be dedicated to discussing legal issues. In particular, the discussion of issues  where the law and politics intersect. In particular, the group will offer the views of the writers from the blog, Talk Left.

This posts in this group will discuss issues such as "Why the Affordable Care Act Is Obviously Constitutional  and Why That May Not  Matter To The Supreme Court," "Why  Law Enforcement Should Not Have A Say On Bail And Detention Policy" and "Why HAMP and Bankruptcy Don't Mix Well."

Some incidentals on the flip.

No, I did not hack back into daily kos. No need to report me.

If you wish to join the group, shoot me an e-mail at bigtentdemocratATyahooDOTcom.

There should be at least one entry on a daily basis and more likely two. There is a lot to discuss.

Here's to a lively and civil discussion.



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