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During the election, there were only three unions that endorsed Walker for Governor of Wisconsin:  The Firefighters, Police, and State Troopers.  We've seen spectacular video of the Firefighters marching into the capitol with their bagpipes.  The Firefighters have taken their stand.

Well, now, so have the Police.

And it's NOT with Walker.

Tracy Fuller, the Executive Board President of the  Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association has issued a statement on the organization's page.  Parts of it read as follows:

Please excuse the caps--this was how it was written

I am going to make an effort to speak for myself, and every member of the Wisconsin State Patrol when I say this.






I don’t believe that the Troopers Association could have possibly predicted, or comprehended the events that are unfolding in front of us at this time. I can agree that it was a tragic mistake for the Trooper’s Association to endorse the Governor, I can’t do anything about it, and they are reaping the benefits of their actions. I do believe they thought any benefits gained would be for all of the members of WLEA, after all, the PCO’s, Field Agents, Capitol Police, and U.W. Police are all in the same union.
            Who could have possibly thought that the Governor could pluck one local’s members from a union and identify it as being worthy of bargaining for a contract? Some of the comments and attitudes that have been made and displayed would have you believe that the Governor consulted with the board of the Trooper’s Association about what his plans were in all of this.

And further on, he gets to the meat of the argument:

This bill has some provisions that make no sense, unless the basic intent is to bust unions. One provision makes it illegal for public employers to collect dues for labor organizations. The employer can take deductions for the United Way, or other organizations, but they are prohibited from collecting union dues.

How does that repair the budget?

Another provision requires the WERC to conduct a representation election by December 1st each year, to determine if the employees still want the union to represent them. The WERC has to bill the union for the cost of the election. Currently, if a group petitions the WERC to do an election, the WERC covers the cost. Right now, the members have the right to request an election if the majority of the members want to change or eliminate representation. Why create unnecessarily processes?

Does that help repair the budget?

This is where Walker has failed.  This is where Republicans will ultimately fail.  When the people become EDUCATED and realize what having Republicans in charge actually means, then Republicans lose every time.

Let's fervently hope it's not too late.

Protests in Michigan tomorrow, Ohio, Tuesday, and ongoing in Wisconsin.  We MUST. NOT. LOSE.  Failure at this point means the end of the American Democracy and the rise of American Fascism.

HUGE UPDATE:  SEIU is planning NATIONAL Solidarity Actions this week.   Check here where the ones in your state are and show solidarity with our Brothers and Sisters in Wisconsin!!

Originally posted to zenbassoon on Sun Feb 20, 2011 at 12:33 PM PST.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive and Progressive Hippie.

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