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It won't be long until Republicans have convinced the 28-percenters that indoor plumbing and antibiotics are elitist, Communist drains on the taxpayer that only snooty socialist Kenyan Democrats enjoy.

The coordinated nationwide attack on public employee unions is a nifty spin on the enduring Republican motto of

F@#k you - I've got mine!

As they start to get a maddening whiff of the hint of feudalism, the Republicans, aware that their dream society is almost within reach, have decided to accelerate most Americans' descent into serfdom by employing the potent corrosive of naked resentment:

Hey! I don't have that! Why should you!?!

It's taken a long time to get here. Back in the 1950s (which, ironically, most Republicans would tell you were "the good times" - never mind the 94% top federal tax rate and high local taxes and lack of nationwide standardized testing, and - ), back when one out of every three employees in the U.S. was in a union,  being a union member hardly made you worthy of resentment.

Everybody was in a union!

So what was the BFD? There was none! There was not enough of a gap to create a have/have-not wedge to drive between workers.

But now - now that the vast majority of Americans do not have the benefit of union membership - it's much easier to get the fearful, ignorant "have-nots" riled up and resentful about what the "haves" have.

To make matters infinitely worse (from the teabaggers' standpoint), for the first time ever, most of those "haves" are being paid with - wait for it -


Bastards! They've got better benefits than me, they can never get fired, they sit around on their asses all day, and I'M PAYING FOR IT!!!

So - membership in a union now is something that no one deserves to have, since so few Americans have it.

Like I said, indoor plumbing and antibiotics are next. If you think I'm kidding, look for Republicans to defund sewage treatment and the National Institutes of Health.

Oh, wait . . .


Hey! If I can’t have that, nobody can! I resent the crap out of people:

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