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When will we wake up to the greatest threat to our republic in a generation?

The average American citizen has more to worry about from our corporate overlords than any Frankenstein blowing back on us due to our imperialistic foreign policy. The very foundation of our country, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is under siege by a plutonomy based on wealth and decadence.

Never have so few controlled so many and dared to call it democracy.

This cabal of elites knows time is ticking on their hidden hand and black propaganda techniques as the InfoTech Age blossoms with its promise of free and transparent information. That is why they are pushing so hard, so fast, least they lose control of the republic's purse string, giving control back to the citizens of this land.

That is their greatest fear, that equality and basic American fairness is restored to our economic and political systems.

They have spent thirty years on this project, they will not go quietly into the night. They will turn all the citizens of our land against each other to ensure their continued position of holding Lady Liberty hostage and defiled.

We, as a people, need to stop and think about why we are at each other's throats when it is the corporate paymasters that are the root of our current problems.

Maybe the reason some are jealous of state worker's benefits is because their own slave wage jobs have none?

For years, corporations, backed by an oligarchy bent on destroying our way of life, have curtailed worker compensation in the private sector to the point we are all the working poor. The CEOs and their ilk have defunded the salary base and just compensation to the point that the average American worker is being crushed under the collective weight of price inflation and wage deflation.

That is why members of the working and middle class look on in envy at the most basic of compensation packages given to public sector workers protected by unions. Because of the lack of unions and collective bargaining in their own fields of employment, the elite paymasters have turned the average American worker into economic peasants.

When will the private sector worker ask themselves, why hasn't the real income of the American worker risen since the 1970s?

This is what the gilded elite are protecting, the whole scale looting of our collective work for their own gain and self-interests. For years these leeches on the neck of the American worker have slowly starved the American worker, the cash cow of our Republic. Now they want to place their boots on our necks to make sure we stay in, and know, our place.

But they are few, and we are many, so they know they must sow seeds of distrust among the working and middle class. They must turn us against each other to conquer and divide our republic, solely to ensure that they alone control the fortune and fate of our country.

They know if people realize it was collective bargaining that gave us the weekend, ended exploitation of child labor and brought dignity to workplace, then they might start joining private sector unions again.

That is why the plutocrats and their propagandists are trying to paint the collective bargaining of public-sector unions as the source of all evil in this country. If American workers were to assemble, as protected in the Constitution, to demand justice in the workplace, then maybe the paymasters would finally have to pay their fare share.

It is no coincidence that the outrageous CEO pay increases and corporate profits coincide with the reduction and canceling of the rank and file workers' compensation.

Nor is it a coincidence that oligarchs' use of propaganda and bribery, politely called campaign contributions, have ensured that even this great wealth, this looting of the working and middle class, isn't even taxed in a fiscally responsible way.

Oh no, once these nightmares of the American dream steal from the American worker, they make sure it never trickles down, no matter what great lie they have the corporate-controlled media tell us.

Oh yes, my fellow Americans, not only has their compensation increased, in direct relation to decrease in compensation to the average American worker, they are also being taxed less than the average American worker.

They are trying to kill the American dream and install a permanent working class of slave wage peasants to serve their decadent dreams of a corporate aristocracy.

They have being using their media outlets to lie to us all, to turn worker against worker, citizen against citizen, brainwashing us to manufacture consent against our own self interests in order to serve them.

They have muddy the waters with their hidden hand techniques and propaganda until we arrive at this point in history:

And there we have it, we have been turned against each other so this new system of a corporate aristocracy can emerge.

Why do people wish that their fellow Americans, the men and women who teach our children, protect our homes, deliver our mail and fight our fires, why must they, too, join us in the race to the bottom with the paymasters as our guide?

We should not begrudge them their own fair and just compensation. Rather we should demand the same or better for all our families. For all American workers.

We should demand the American dream apply to all Americans and not just the gilded plutocrats.

There are very few of the elite business class suffering in this economy. Their profits and their prices are at record highs, while the American workers' income is still stuck in the Carter Administration.

The corporations and their enablers will always seek to pay less and charge more. We should demand the same for ourselves, which can be achieved fiscally if we demand they pay their fair share.

The elite want their tax cuts to be paid for by the cutting of workers' benefits.

The elite want to increase their wealth by making sure they always have a pool of wage slaves to exploit.

The elite want to destroy unions because the American worker is waking up to the fact they are being exploited.

The elite want to end collective bargaining so if the American worker does wake up and demands the basic dignity and justice of a decent job we will have no recourse, no redress.

The elite never want the American worker to realize that the workers generate all the wealth of our republic, and this new corporate aristocracy just feeds off it.

They have a plan.

It is called Walkercide, and it is meant to kill the last of the good American jobs.

So the next time some fellow citizen tells of the “outrageous” compensation public-sector union workers have, remind them they, too, can form a union and get just compensation from their company. It is an American tradition.

The next time some fellow citizen says that collective bargaining is destroying the budget of states and the union as a whole, remind them that corporations and the elite do not pay their fair share.

Remind them we are still getting paid like we were in the 1970s while the elite are taxed like it is 1890.

Remind them that the media and propaganda of the paymasters are trying to turn the average citizen against each other, and that we should not fall prey to their propaganda.

Remind them this is America, were everyone has a right to the American Dream.

A dream Walkercide is trying to kill to install a corporate aristocracy.

Remind them if they want their country back, we must all work together to rip it from the greedy hands of the plutocrats and the paymasters.

United we stand, divided we fall right into their hands.

Originally posted to Patience John on Wed Feb 23, 2011 at 11:25 AM PST.

Also republished by Income Inequality Kos, TexKos-Messing with Texas with Nothing but Love for Texans, and Community Spotlight.

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