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When the GOP is exposed, by tricky methods it's called a "Prank";

When Dems are exposed, by tricky methods, it's called a "Sting";

When a "journalist" dresses up like pimp to "expose" ACORN and gather supposed evidence of criminal activity and corruption, no media outlets crowed that ACORN was "punked." It was treated as a serious investigation and the perpetrators were treated as heroes of investigative journalism. At least on some networks.

Walker was not "Punked"
by voracious, dailykos -- Wed Feb 23, 2011

Why is That?  

Why when Dems do stuff like this, WE are just "playing a Joke"?

When the R's do it -- it's serious -- cough -- Journalism, and don't you forget it!

Language Matters.

Was it a Sting or was it a Prank?

When 60 Minutes uses a "hidden camera" to catch 'dishonest car mechanics', do we discount the findings?

NO, charges are brought, against those committing Fraud. Dishonest People go to jail.

When Fox-affiliated "reporters" pretend to be pimps and prostitutes, to trick ACORN workers into saying something embarrassing, do we discount the findings?

NO, the "hidden-camera tape" is looped on TV for weeks, until community organizing ACORN is ultimately De-funded.  Honest People are fired.  Public service Careers are tarnished.  And those in need, go without help.

It ever we were given a "smoking gun" of evidence showing the REAL intentions of the Big Money war being waged against the Working Class, Ian Murphy "pretending" to be David Koch -- has uncovered just that evidence.

Scott Walker was Stung -- Big Time!

Question is, will it stick?   Will the traditional Media brush it off as a childish Prank;  Or will some Reporters dig into the exposed motives, and get to the REAL "rot" in our Political system?

Here's the "Sting" transcript clearly showing Union Busting Walker -- trying to keep his Billionaire Benefactor happy and "in the loop".  20 minutes worth of "trying".

Busted: Scott Walker fell for Prankster posing as David Koch
by LaurenMonica dailykos -- Wed Feb 23, 2011

Dems need stand tall on this one.  It is a crack in hull of the GOP Titanic.  We must not let them repair it ... Let them make this "pesky leak" simply "go away".

The GOP is playing for keeps -- they want to sink Workers -- they want to take away OUR Rights.

We have the "smoking gun" that proves it.

If only we can start calling what it was -- a Journalist Sting.

Union Busting is not a Joke.

The Traditional Media should quit "blaming Walker's incompetent staff"

and start blaming the Walker-Koch game plan -- which has little to DO with ACTUAL Budget Balancing.

... as the Sting Transcript, clearly shows.


Was it a Prank or Sting?

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