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I have a lot I would like to say but I will just let the video say what is a difficult subject to communicate in a place where White Privilege is alive and well.

Ask yourself a question about what you would do? A man is stealing a bike in a park!

You will see the double standards and how White folks enjoy a privilege they sometimes deny exists or don't understand it.

Don't have the transcript, sorry but this is from an ABC show called "what would you do?"...the just of it is that a White man is trying to steal a bicycle that was chained against a pole. He was using a hammer, a chainsaw and an electric one to cut the chain. Multiple folks pass by saying hello, asking questions, while the man was indicating it was not his bike. No one seemed to care much about what the man was doing.

Reverse the role where the man stealing the bike is a black man and you can visualize the reactions as you can see in the video. People are screaming, calling the cops, trying to take the man's picture, confronting him vigorously, taking his property, et al. The black man in the end looking at the video recording and was just shaking his head in disappointment about how he was treated while a White man was looked at in a different light for the same act he was engaged in.

That is called the advantage of having a White skin working for you.

Originally posted to ThisIsMyTime on Fri Feb 25, 2011 at 11:46 AM PST.

Also republished by White Privilege Working Group.

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