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Oh boy, now I am royally pi**ed off.  Dillard's department store, where I USED TO SHOP BEFORE TODAY, will sponsor an anti-abortion fundraiser in Houston.  According to the article, advocates will meet for "prayer", lunch and "spring wear."
Dillard's will be providing the clothes for  10 Heroic Media people to strut around in.

If the name Heroic Media rings a bell with you, it's because they are the awful group that puts up billboards and advertising that targets pregnant women.  They seem to have their sites on African Amercian women right now. Here is the link to their billboard  by Life Always — owned by the founder of Heroic Media, Brian Follett. and headquartered out of the same Northwest Austin location — it had to be taken down because it was too controversial.  Ya think?!!  Brian Follett has likened Planned Parenthood’s abortion work to genocide!

Such a cute little name they have selected for the Fashion Show...Sowing Seeds For Life  And it's not a cheap ticket.
I am so sorry I didn't know that they have done this before.

The event, scheduled for April 9, will be the second fashion show the Fortune 500 company, headquartered in Little Rock, Ark., has sponsored for Heroic Media, the Austin, Texas-based anti-abortion media group that creates television, billboard and Internet advertising targeted at pregnant women and, lately, specifically aimed at African Americans. The previous show was held in Austin last fall.

How frickin stupid do they think we are?  (Don't answer that!)

Both Heroic Media and the Dillard’s branch insisted that the partnership is not political. Dillard’s Memorial City manager Stephen Brophy said the store accepted the request to sponsor a fashion show because another branch had done one at a previous store and it was successful.
“We try to not get too political,” Brophy said. “We’re about fashion. We try to appeal to the masses.”

Brophy said he didn’t know much about Heroic Media and didn’t seem to be aware that its focus was on abortion issues. For example, he asked The American Independent if Heroic Media supports abortion rights.  (Me speaking:  Liar Liar Pants On Fire!)

The event will be about clothes, Speirs said, but it will also be about furthering Heroic Media’s mission — talking women out of abortion.

“We do not ever tell anybody what to do,” Speirs said. “We show alternatives [to abortion] through education and positive messages.”

So, do you suppose that I and 3000 of my closests friends on the internet could send Dillard's a message?

Here's a phone # and Company data

Dillard's Company Information
Company Name Dillard's, Inc.  
Headquarter  1600 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR, 72201-1110  
Country United States
Phone Number +1.501.376.5200
Industry Retail
Employees 51,385  
Revenue $6.99B  
Ownership Publicly Traded - NYSE :  DDS  

Here is the form for sending them an e-mail

Lest I forget, a huge thank you to Lizz Winstead and SandiBehrns (whoever she is) for this tweet that tipped me off to this travashamockery.

Lizz Winstead
 MT @SandiBehrns: Don't shop at Dillard's - #1: Dillard’s to sponsor fundraiser 4 anti-abortion group Heroic Media

Sirenus posted this well written letter to Dillard's in the comments...

I understand that Dillards is having an "event" in support of those who wish to outlaw abortion.  You know, the people who claim that rape isn't really rape unless the woman's been beaten up. (If the rapist just threatens to kill her, that doesn't count.) The ones who would throw a doctor in jail if he assists a woman who's miscarrying and the baby dies. The ones who want to make it "justifiable homicide" to kill the doctor who removes a dead baby from a woman's womb.  (Yes, I said a dead baby. It happens.)  The ones who would throw a woman who gets a "morning after" pill in jail, but has no problem with rich women's fertilized eggs being tossed in the trash at fertility clinics. (Funny how the rich can always do things poor people get thrown in jail for.)
So....shall we go back to the good old days?  The days when young girls, raped by their fathers, stuck knitting needles up inside themselves? The days when women threw themselves into walls because they couldn't feed the children they had?  The good old days of women using coat hangers and worse?

If the pro-lifers were sincere, they'd be handing out free condoms and birth control pills--both which prevent conception--on every street corners. This isn't about the's about controlling women. "Barefoot and pregnant."

I hope the "ladies" attending this event never have a baby who dies in their womb. I hope they never have a daughter who gets raped by Grandpa. Though, of course, as rich people, they don't have to practice what they preach. They can just fly off to where abortion is legal and safe.

And from standingup we have this:

We will be happy to address your further questions regarding Dillard's, Inc:
Julie J. Bull
Director of Investor Relations

Originally posted to Julie Gulden, Chairman's Pub Quiz Winner NN11 on Tue Mar 15, 2011 at 09:48 PM PDT.

Also republished by J Town and Abortion.

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