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The diaries for tomorrow night & Friday night will feature some brief visits in the WayBack Machine & some par - taying on Friday; don't miss it and spread the word!


Speaking of the WayBack Machine, let's move on to "this day in history." On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot and seriously injured outside a Washington DC hotel by John W. Hinckley Jr. Also wounded were White House news secretary James Brady, a Secret Service agent and a District of Columbia police officer. I remember that day. I sent President Reagan a get - well letter & got a reply back. ;)

On this date in 1867, Secretary of State William H. Seward reached agreement with Russia to purchase Alaska for $7.2 million, a deal roundly ridiculed as "Seward's Folly." And, we all remember who can see Russia from her Alaska house! ;D

Happy 66th birthday to Eric Clapton!

It's SPARK time! :D Some people have entirely too much time on their hands. Just guess who AIN'T the most trusted name in news?! ;D Finally, how's THIS for a fish story?! YIKES!

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"Not Covert Anymore!" - We are covertly helping rebels in Libya - guess it ain't so covert anymore! I thought loose lips sank ships! These no - longer covert forces do not seem to be operating to get rid of Kodaffy nor are they arming rebels. O...K... The Congressional "gang of 8" have to be notified of any potential POTUS "findings" to make arming rebels in Libya. Michael Isikoff is here to shed some light on this non - covert effort. A "Presidential finding" is an authorization to change another country's government; without Congressional support, the finding will go nowhere fast. Ah...Iran - Contra...those were the days! ;D President Obama is considering arming the rebels in Libya. I thought we were stepping back our role there!


"Fuel Me Once" - President Obama unveiled some energy policy today. $HIT! I'm too old for a pony; I got robbed! ;D Yea, President Obama has said a lot of what he said today before even though we've decreased our dependence on foreign oil. BUT, he forgot the little detail that our off - shore oil GOES TO OTHER COUNTRIES!


President Obama claimed today that we've learned our lesson from Deepwater Horizon. Rachel begs to differ; so do I!


Rachel then reviewed the information the show discovered last week & spoke to Bob Cavnar about.

"Fuel Me Once Part Deux" - New deepwater drilling permits are being approved like they're going out of style. TransOcean is still drilling, too! YEA! *&^%$#@! Bob Cavnar's in studio! Blowout preventers need to be redesigned; get some smarty - pants engineer on that project STAT!


Man, those Deepwater Horizon pictures still leave me gobsmacked.

"The Interview" - Ah...Back to the Future...back when Michael J. Fox was healthy {sigh}... David Sirota is in da' house to review the 80s! I'm a child of the 80s; this should be fun! ;D Wow, that whole Top Gunning & tax cutting our way out of trouble IS a creepy trip back to the WayBack Machine that's come back to rear its ugly rear. RACHEL WATCHED THE A - TEAM?????!!!! AAAAaaaaaUUUUUUuuuuuuGGGGGGgggggHHHHHHhhhhhh! Ugh...I NEVER watched that - EVER. Even I had standards with my feathered - back hair! Oh, and if any of y'all want to send me a "Save Ferris!" t -shirt, knock yourself out! ;D

"That's Rich" AKA "I Now Pronounce You Incorrectly" - So, did Rachel or a TRMS peep peek in here last night?! Nah...she probably got ribbed on her blog & on teh Twitter, too. This is the phonics segment of the show, boys & girls! ;D There's still a Voice of America?! Paint me shocked!

"Know Nukes" - And, we have nuclear meltdowns in MI & PA (not Three Mile Island) & NJ & get the picture. I mentioned Three Mile Island in a "this day in history" a few days back. Radiation levels in Japan are on the rise, and evacuations are on the increase. There are hearings on Capitol Hill concerning the safety of our nuclear power plants. Great! I feel so much better - NOT!


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