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OK, I didn't actually sit down and break bread with the Governor of Michigan.  My company runs restaurants in Michigan, and Snyder was in for lunch at one of our places on Friday.  He even had Secret Service- type guys with him, all in black with earpieces and mirror sunglasses.  Our staff is mostly college-age, and we're in Ann Arbor, so none of them were exactly thrilled to see the gov.  We've had our share of celebrities over the years - actors, coaches, politicians - so it wasn't really a big deal to anyone.

What was weird was how I felt as he came walking in.  Remember, I don't own the place, I run it for the owner - so my job is to do what's right for the business.  I don't get to make decisions based on my personal politics.  But before he arrived I was thinking about all the things I'd like to say to him.  Maybe I'd ask him how he's able to sleep at night while he does everything in his power to ruin the state I love, to de-fund organizations that care for the weak & the poor, to give huge breaks to big business, then cut funds to schools and to the state police.  I'd ask how can he enjoy his lunch while working to increase taxes on the poor and the elderly, to break the unions, to cut unemployment benefits, to take power away from the people who elected him?

So he comes walking in.  I smile and say good morning.  He chirps back "hi."  And sits down for lunch.  God damn.

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  •  I hear ya. (7+ / 0-)

    Condi Rice gave a speech at my wife's school.  There was a short period when we thought she might be making a visit during teaching hours...and what could my wife do if this war criminal came in her classroom?

    Freedom isn't "on the march." Freedom dances.

    by WarrenS on Sat Apr 02, 2011 at 03:44:45 PM PDT

    •  It's crazy (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      how he just looks like a normal guy.  It would be better if he had horns or something....

      "in a pleasant spring morning all men's sins are forgiven" - Thoreau

      by n8rboy on Sat Apr 02, 2011 at 05:10:29 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  If I ran into Condi... (0+ / 0-)

      ... I think I would go postal [non-violently of course] on her like that lady in the shoe store (original story was in NY Daily News apparently, remember it well):

      "Eyewitness: Sec of State Condi Rice laughs it up at 'Spamalot' while Gulf Coast lays in tatters. Theater goers on New York' City's Great White Way were shocked to see the President's former National Security Advisor at the Monty Python farce last night -- as the rest of the cabinet responds to Hurricane Katrina..."

      And yesterday she was seen shopping in a luxury shoe store on Fifth Avenue.

      "Just moments ago at the Ferragamo on 5th Avenue, Condoleeza Rice was seen spending several thousands of dollars on some nice, new shoes (we’ve confirmed this, so her new heels will surely get coverage from the WaPo’s Robin Givhan). A fellow shopper, unable to fathom the absurdity of Rice’s timing, went up to the Secretary and reportedly shouted, “How dare you shop for shoes while thousands are dying and homeless!” Never one to have her fashion choices questioned, Rice had security PHYSICALLY REMOVE the woman."

      Getting there with Snyder. And wonder what those MI State Troopers (who have seen and will see MASSIVE CUTS under Snyder administration) think that have to guard him from disgruntled citizens that would like to throw pie on his face, or coffee in his lap.

  •  how did he tip? n/t (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    rk2, n8rboy, jennifree2bme

    Union busting???? That's disgusting!!!

    by invisiblewoman on Sat Apr 02, 2011 at 04:39:15 PM PDT

  •  Enjoy the countdown clock to his impeachment. (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    alyosha, n8rboy, happy camper, Murphoney

    Tea Parties are for little girls with imaginary friends.

    by J Edward on Sat Apr 02, 2011 at 05:59:00 PM PDT

  •  Been in the same... (0+ / 0-)

    ... room with Nerd Gov a couple times over the years, long before all this political stuff he's in now, in business meeting type settings in A2. He was quiet, sort held back comment until the end. Always relaxed and 'friendly' or what people might call 'approachable', and got the perception he was a pretty good listener in terms of taking other, sometimes opposing views, into consideration.

    Some people you meet you think "now there's an idiot" or "isn't that guy full of himself", this guy is is just "another rich guy" etc.

    But also talked with a geek from A2 recently that has run with the Snyder-type crowd for awhile in A2, someone I thought would have, even now, some kind words for Snyder. Was taken aback by their very unkind words. "He's turned out to be a phony, VERY VERY disappointed."

    Truth is, I don't Snyder knows at this point what to do, just who he would even like to be as a 'governor', or 'who' to rely on, his A2 neighbors, the Rothwells, Bill R, that snake Dillon, or a long list of Engler people he has around him. Starting to feel sorry for him at this point.

    On a personal level from Snyder's perspective: who are his friends now? And can any of them help him even survive this experience at this point.

    Heard Jeff B was a young guy with character, decorated combat veteran Bosnia and OEF, UofM grad, maybe he can give the Nerd what every boss needs, the type of honesty and frankness, a confidant. Someone on 'his side' for a boss now assaulted from all sides, someone close that can give some clear advice to stay out of the GOP BS coming at us here, and focus on fixing things us "Michiganders" need fixed and care about, not just enriching his buddies and focused entirely on some formula business agenda.

    Personally, I think he's lost, which is very unfortunate, Michigan does need that right now, even from a Republican, we have a enough issues.

    Totally can related to your comments, and losing discipline here as the 'relentless opposition'.

    You might say next time [friendly]: "Hey Governor, just remember there are people like me that work for a living out here, we ain't all in business, fancy politicians, rich investor guys, or in a union. Hope you think about that. Hope you have a great day."

    Very curious about tipping habits, which I have always watched very closely with potential business/political partners. Bad tipper, treating servers like little people? - step off dude....

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