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I have been a minor participant at this site for several years now. Ever since the GOP nominated George W. Bush for President, I have been a reliable Democratic voter.  But I never registered for any political party.

Last night that changed.  I attended the monthly meeting of the Kenosha County Democratic Party. I filled out the form and registered officially.  It just seemed a waste of time to expect the GOP to return to a semblance of sanity.

We received a phone call from Wisconsin Assemblyman and Minority Leader Peter Barca.  You remember Mr. Barca.  He is the man who warned Scott Fitzgerald that he was breaking the Open Meetings Act.  Mr. Barca is the plaintiff behind the suit currently keeping Scott Walker's power-grab from becoming law.

Assemblyman Barca had a favor to ask of the Kenosha County Democratic Party.  He's asking that favor of you as well.  You probably know what that favor is.  But why don't you and your credit card join me below the fold, regardless?

You all know that here in Wisconsin, we are using every tool at our disposal to fight off Scott Walker, Empire Koch, and the Fitzgerald Clan.  Working junkets to Illinois, mass protests, recall petitions, Supreme Court races ... you've heard them all.

Or have you?  There is another tool in the toolbox.  Three Wisconsin Assembly seats are currently unfilled.  A special election will be held on May 3rd.  The Wisconsin Democratic Party has a good candidate lined up for the 94th District.  His name is Steve Doyle and he needs our help.

The 94th District seat is open because the previous Assemblyman resigned to join Governor Walker's cabinet.  He is Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch and is one of Scott Walker's closest confidants.  It would be quite satisfactory to pick up a seat in this district especially.

(You may also recall the 94th District from this DKos diary.)

Peter Barca phoned us to ask that the KCDP make a $250 donation to Steve Doyle's campaign.  This may not sound like much, but the KCDP's policy is one of spending its resources on Kenosha County elections only.  But there are of course special times.  The KCDP for the first time voted to waive its policy.  The $250 contribution was approved.

Last night I paid membership dues to the Democratic Party for the first time in my life. I am going to make an additional donation of $125 to the Kenosha County Democratic Party. This will offset 50% of our special expenditure.  That's my business, not yours.  That's just my way of 'making up for lost time'.  

The important part is this.  I am also donating $26.38 directly to Steve Doyle's campaign fund, via Mr. Doyle's ActBlue page.

I ask you to join me in donating $26.38 to Steve Doyle.  He is a good solid candidate who can win in a Scott Walker backyard.  We here in Wisconsin are serious about resisting the Walker agenda.  But we do, do need your help.

So why $26.38?  That's what Scott Walker means when he says Wisconsin is "broke".  The budget shortfall (if real) amounts to $26.38 per resident per month.  He is tearing up our state, turning neighbor against neighbor, all for twenty-six lousy bucks a month.

Even Judas demanded a full 30 pieces of silver.

Help us help you. Pony up $26.38 for Steve Doyle.  And of course even a couple-five dollars is all that's really needed.


Originally posted to Quicklund on Fri Apr 08, 2011 at 03:34 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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