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Thank God for those good people over at Media Matters for finding this nugget of insanity. In the Republican dreamland that these nitwits live in every single thing the government provides should be done by the private sector. Because if someone's not squeezing out a profit it's not being done right.

Some great comments over at Progress For a More Perfect Union on Facebook

Fox & Friends are among the stupidest people on Earth.

Much more below the fold

Seriously, pap smears at Walmart? You can tell they have no idea either about pap smears or Walmart. They're the sorts of morons who think bein...g an illegal immigrant is just an amazing life, that panhandlers and homeless people make 150 dollars a day, that food stamps and welfare amounts to a luxurious life paid for by the state, that women get abortions like popping candy, for giggles and convenience. No grasp of reality. Straight-up delusion. And yet I can't help but hate these people. I know I should pity them, but they are so detestable, so antagonistic that the only thing I can think of is how much better it would be if they disappeared.
Walgreen's sells hangers, too. There is nothing quite like men who believe they should be able to control what women should and should not be allowed to do with regard to their own bodies, especially if it is based on a false sense of morality instilled upon them by a cult.
They have done what my high school math teacher said couldn't be done: they've lowered the lowest common denominator.
Everyone should show up at walgreens tomorrow and ask for their breast exam. hahahahahahahaha
There's this door greeter, named Pap, at Wal-Mart. He'll take care of all your needs. true story.
This Muther F'er. I don't know a Walgreens that you can get a Pap Smear. A Pap smear does more than check for venereal disease, it looks for cervical cancer and the Dr or nurse practioner feels for abnormalities in the ovaries, etc. If we't have well woman visits then there shouldn't be an instance ever when a man can get a prostate exam. Fuck them-let their dicks shrivel and fall off. No more erections for you, you won't need them anyway cuz all the women are going to have messed up vaginas. We can't get treated for yeast infections, bacterial infections, cancer, etc. with no health insurance and no place for affordable womans health. This really pisses me off.

The lies that they tell about planned parenthood is astounding! The point of planned parenthood is to provide these services for women who otherwise can not afford them! Whether Walgreens provides pap smears(which they don't) is not even ...a viable point as these women would have to PAY for them, IDIOT! If you have no uterus you have no say, so shut UP you stupid moron! I have used planned parenthood, and I was not pregnant nor seeking an abortion. I used planned parenthood for my check ups, and thanks to them they found pre-cancerous cells, which I got treated. Had it not been for planned parenthood I would have ended up with cervical cancer! Also, not every state has an abortion clinic attached to their planned parenthood clinic, so to make a generalized broad statement about a program that each state runs differently is BS!
I have a very close family member who works for Walgreens and not only do they NOT provide pap smears or breast exams they also do not have clinics in every store much less every market. I thank god for Planned Parenthood. When I was in co...llege and first out of college and did not have health insurance or my insurance didn't cover my health care needs, they were there no questions asked. Most women, like myself, don't go there seeking abortions services. I imagine that planned parenthood also has helped to prevent many unwanted pregnancies and abortions as well as saved lives by detecting cancer. I am so sick of people trying to cram their ideologies down everyone else's throats!
I urge women to start bombarding Walgreens with walk-in at their clinic asking for breast exams and pap smears and say that Fox news said they offer these services. I say we do this until the clinics are overwhelmed and force FOX news to retract this a-holes statments. If this guy is married and has daughters, I feel sorry for them.
The thing that is so ironic about this whole "Republican's are anti-Planned Parenthood" is that Nixon approved and signed the bill for it in 1970! It was heavily approved by the Republican party because it would keep more people off welfare! When these numbnut teabaggers say they're taking their country back they have no f'ing clue what the hell they're talking about! Turn off the 24hr Fox Tabloid channel and open a f'ing US civics book, you narrow-minded, chromosome-missing hypocrites!
What a bunch of boneheads! How about we send all of the Fox News staff to Walmart for a colonoscopy. Maybe they will find their brains in there.
On April 11, 2011, let "Operation F*ck Fox" begin!!!! Like Dawn said, ladies, go to your local Walgreens and ask for the low/no cost pap smears and breast exams that you heard Steve Doocy speak about on Fox and Friends. When they tell you...  they don't do that, demand to speak to a manager! Tell them that you want an explanation for the lie! Ask them why Walgreens did not correct Fox and Friends. Make sure you document who you speak to. Then write Walgreens HQ and demand an apology. Then call Fox and Friends and demand an explanation! Go to their FB page and website and make sure that you tell them that they lied!

Crossposted from the Progressive Electorate

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