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I'm shocked.  Gov. Brewer has finally done something that makes sense.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill Monday that would have required presidential candidates to provide their birth certificates to appear on the ballot, and another that would have allowed guns to be carried on school grounds.

She stated that she believes that the President has a legitimate birth certificate.  (Whoa!! Call Trump quick!)  She said that she believes we have more important things to work on in Arizona. (Ya think?!)

As for the gun bill, she stated that she felt the bill was very sloppily written.
University officials had requested that she veto the bill.

Arizona legislature members stated that they were very disappointed.  (Poor babies, how dare she cross her buddys?)

Now, the question is:  do they have enough votes to override it?  Stay tuned!  This is Arizona....ya never know!

Don't miss Mother Mags hilarious take on this!

Here's more shocking....
story at KPHO in Phoenix (CBS station)

This story makes me......and the readers respond
Thrilled    63%
Disappointed 31%
Satisfied   6%
What does the right wing have to say about this?

 Evidently, asking candidates to follow the Constitution is too much of a hastle for Governor Brewer.

Boy did we have her pegged wrong…
Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the Arizona “birther” bill tonight. She also vetoed a bill that would allow guns on campus(?)
Brewer also vetoed a bill that would have directed the governor to set up an alliance with other states to regulate healthcare, in a challenge to the federal government.
Evidently, asking candidates to follow the Constitution is too much of a hastle for Governor Brewer.

HB 2177, the “birther” bill, “creates significant new problems while failing to do anything constructive for Arizona,” Brewer said.

This just in:

Senate Bill 1467 called to allow people to carry concealed weapons in public right of way areas like sidewalks and courtyards on college campuses. Universities and community colleges would not have been able to block people from carrying concealed weapons on campus except inside buildings.

The bill would have added Arizona colleges to the 71 other college campuses across the nation that allow concealed weapons.

ASU President Michael Crow publicly opposed the bill, saying he was concerned about the impact that allowing firearms on campus would have.

“[SB 1467] poses an unjustifiable threat to thousands of children as well as our students, faculty and staff,” Crow said in a letter to Brewer on April 8.

Crow also said the ambiguity of the language in the bill should have been enough for the governor to veto the bill.

I'll provide link to her interview when it's available.

Originally posted to Julie Gulden, Chairman's Pub Quiz Winner NN11 on Mon Apr 18, 2011 at 06:11 PM PDT.

Also republished by J Town and Baja Arizona Kossacks.

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