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This diary is a holding bucket for success links from the weekly diary series, The Inoculation Project.

This diary series allows Kossacks to provide direct, small-dollar funding to specific math and science projects in red state classrooms every week. It's our small, positive, hopeful way of combating the anti-science push in conservative America.

If you're interested, check us out at 3:00 pm Eastern every Friday!

Want to see what we've already done? Check out the links below!

Can we grow this list of successes?

  1. The Viking Shark Project
  2. Weight Our Learning
  3. Complications - Reading to Learn About the Human Body
  4. The Colorful World of Science
  5. Fill Our Display Case!
  6. Magnetic Learning
  7. Caught By A Kiss
  8. Add, Subtract, Write, and Save the Trees!
  9. Math Mania!
  10. AVID Style Interactive Notebooks
  11. Human Body Study for my Science Class
  12. Physics Visuals
  13. Rocks Rock at Knox
  14. Owl Pellet Fun!
  15. To the Front of the Class
  16. Help A Fishy Cause
  17. Microscopes for Illumination
  18. What Day is it? I Forgot!
  19. Absent Scientists
  20. Math Centers Full of Learning!
  21. Time For Kids?
  22. Extend Our Learning
  23. We've Got the Power to Learn Math (Help Us Get Charged Up)
  24. We Are "Mac-ing!"
  25. Help CreateNew Experiences & LearningThrough Nonfiction Text
  26. Projecting Success!
  27. Help Us See. Help Us Learn
  28. Save The World ... Make It A Better Place!
  29. Feathered Friends
  30. Write and Stick Learning
  31. Leading Through Learning
  32. Hands on ESL Scientists
  33. Electricity Shock!
  34. Up and Atom...A Chemistry and Math Experience!
  35. Sun Power!
  36. Erupting With Excitement!
  37. I Believe I Can Fly!
  38. Art and Science Team Up!
  39. Bringing the Earth Up Close and Personal
  40. Fixing the Ditch
  41. Creepy, Crawly, Critters!
  42. Macro Micro Nano: The Minuscule World Revealed
  43. VaVaVaVoom Vibrant Math in Art
  44. Ant-icipating Results!
  45. Exploring Force and Motion
  46. Calculating our Potential in Physics and Chemistry
  47. Let Me See It: Representing Mathematical Models
  48. He Ate WHAT?!?
  49. Chemistry is a Piece of Cake!!!!!
  50. Current Events in Science
  51. "Prints, Bones And Stones," Oh My!!
  52. 6th Grade Science Fair Here We Come!
  53. Super Science Centers Grade 1
  54. Math Maniacs Need More Games
  55. 123 Count With Me!
  56. Have Rockets...Will Travel!
  57. Lab Notebooks (Just Like a Real Scientist)!!
  58. Reading and Math is AWESOME!!! WE LOVE IT!!!!
  59. Elements You Can See
  60. Truth of Fertilizer: Investigative Research
  61. The Pendulum Swings
  62. Young Scientists: Investigating and Recording Data
  63. Hands on Physics
  64. Getting to The Roots of Our Plants!
  65. Help Me Protect My Students
  66. Have Fun With Math And Science!!!
  67. Hands on Heredity
  68. Happy Hypermedia Creates Happy Homeroom
  69. Science Technology - Time to Interact
  70. Watch it Grow
  71. Interactive Math for 4th Graders
  72. Math Manipulative Mania!
  73. Help Us Get Wired for Our Robot Competition!
  74. Scientific Learning with ScienceSaurus
  75. Our 4th Annual Science Fair!
  76. I see. I think. I can
  77. Math Is Everywhere in 3rd Grade!
  78. Keeping It Real with Non-Fiction Reading!
  79. Science Students Need Hands-on Research Capability
  80. Creating Science Solvers and Critical Thinkers
  81. Picture-Inspired Writing
  82. HP for AP Chemistry
  83. Creating Science
  84. The Quest for Math
  85. Video by Van
  86. Environmental Science DVDs
  87. Motivate to Cultivate
  88. Saving a Life at Mc Nair
  89. CSI: Classroom Science Investigation
  90. Math Monster Mania
  91. Makin' Math Fun!
  92. The Great Science Film Makers
  93. Sink or Swim Time in Aquatic Science
  94. Science Fair Projects
  95. Experiencing Life Cycles in Preschool
  96. Making Math Physical!
  97. I Want to See it!
  98. What Can I Do When I'm Through?
  99. Jellyfish are Oohey Gooey!
  100. Do You Know What Your DNA Looks Like? Neither Do They!
  101. Going Green in the Desert
  102. Reach Three
  103. We Can Barely See That Screen!
  104. Examining the Classroom with a Closer Lens
  105. We're Nuts About Math!
  106. Growing Healthier By Growing Our Own Food
  107. Learning to Infer Through Mysteries
  108. Connecting To The World With Wireless Connection
  109. Math: To Understand or Not To Understand
  110. Geologists-In-Training
  111. Forensics Cookie Mystery
  112. Making Math Marvelous!
  113. Future Scientists in the Making!!!
  114. "Attractive" Learning
  115. Last Child in the Classsroom
  116. Mendel Genetics - Tracing Inherited Traits with Blurps
  117. Hands-On Learning Materials
  118. Math Centers Are The Best!!
  119. Erosion Explosion
  120. Hands-On Science Library
  121. Introduction to Architectural Modeling
  122. Bring Our Outdoor Garden to Life Six
  123. Solar Power and Wind Energy
  124. Sunny Power!
  125. Keeping the Quality! Alchemy of the Aquarium
  126. Mealworms, Caterpillars, Tadpoles...Oh My!
  127. Awesome Experiments on Cells, Blood Typing and DNA
  128. Is That A Rat Skull In That Owl Pellet?
  129. Owls Do What?
  130. Support My Budding Scientists!
  131. Basic Equipment Needed for Science Classroom
  132. Naming the Rodents One by One--Owl Pellets and Taxonomy
  133. LEGO Robotics Goes Viking!
  134. Welcome to the Peep Show!! Embryology With 8 Year Olds!
  135. Adventure on the High Sea - Fall 2011
  136. Wingless Wonder, Roaring Thunder, Breathing Fire, Rising Higher
  137. Switch On!
  138. Tools for Interactive Science!
  139. The Acid Seas: Alchemy Behind Ocean Acidification
  140. Frog Dissection
  141. Rock 'N Learn!
  142. AP Physics Video Analysis Software & Markers To Show Results
  143. Rock On!
  144. Weather, Climate, and the Water Cycle
  145. Solar Power To The People
  146. Alternative Energy and the Alternative School
  147. Worms, Worms, Worms- The Magic of Waste Reduction
  148. There's a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today
  149. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Human Body Models
  150. Water: A Limited Resource?
  151. Science Olympiad Rocks!
  152. Biology Inquires
  153. Weird Science
  154. Preserving The World Around Us: A Lesson In Conservation
  155. Hands-On Mathematics
  156. Energy and Food Chain Lab!
  157. Making Cells Come Alive
  158. Outdoor Science: Birds, Birds, Birds
  159. Bringing Science to Life
  160. Science in a Bottle
  161. Environmental Science - Learning to Respect Nature
  162. What a Bohr: An Atom and All Its Parts!
  163. Evolving Energy's Efficiency
  164. Build A Better Mouse Trap... Car!
  165. Chemistry for Twenty-First Century Learners
  166. Future Scientists in Action
  167. Fuel of the Future: Fuel Cell Power
  168. Under Construction - Math in Real World Situations
  169. Inside the Brain
  170. Learning K'Nex to Life
  171. Very Hungry Plants!
  172. Hot, Hot, Hot! Temperature and Its Movement
  173. Understanding Life Cycles and the Food Chain
  174. Forces, Motion, And Simple Machines
  175. Get Their Hands on It!
  176. Pill Bug Palace
  177. Meteorologists Exploring Wonderful Weather
  178. Do Lives Really Cycle????
  179. Cooking in the Classroom  
  180. Science Investigation Center
  181. Animals Take Over The Classroom!!!
  182. Earth Day Every Day  
  183. Frog Guts!
  184. Weather Center
  185. 7th Graders Volunteer To "Keep Lake Jackson Clean!"
  186. Projectile Motion
  187. BDSI Forensic Investigations 
  188. What's Clucking in the Classroom
  189. Completing the Earth Puzzle: Alternative Energies in Action
  190. Physics Lab Materials
  191. Citizen Science - Birds, Bugs, Trees, and Dirt!  
  192. Folding Paper is More than a Ton of Fun!
  193. Energy Investigations
  194. Help My Students Explore Alternative Energy Solutions!
  195. Alternative Energy
  196. Help! I'm Stranded on an Island and Need to Plot My Location
  197. Case of the Needy Criminalists
  198. Super Scientists On The Prowl!
  199. Learning About Solar Energy With A Solar Oven
  200. Wild About The Environment

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