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We help those who need help.  Its something we as a country say we believe in.  We also go out of our way to make sure that only those who actually need help will get that help.

Any human that applies for any assistance at all will have to fill out forms.  There are often more than one form and some forms have many pages of questions.  After filling out the forms, you will be seen by an examiner or case worker.  You may have to see several case workers or go through a number of interviews.  There will be many questions asked and you will provide all required information.  You may be required to have forms filled out by your employer or your landlord or your doctor or even friends and family.

They will verify everything because that is their job and that is the system we have set up for humans.

Humans get interrogated.

Corporations?  Apparently corporations get money thrown at them.  The reports Ive seen vary but one thing we all know is that the most profitable corporations in the world get billions of dollars in subsidies each and every year.  That would be the oil industry who are currently running commercials warning about 'raising their taxes' and how it would be bad for humans. The Environmental Law Insitute released this about fossil fuel subsidies.  Oil companies were doing their own inspections before Obama made changes to the Minerals Managment Service.  I also saw a report on 60 minutes where companies were performing their own energy star certification approvals.

Basically it seems that corporations dont get inspected or interrogated by anyone and they dont have to jump through hoops or even have need in order to receive billions of taxpayer dollars.  Corporations are treated better than humans.

Wouldnt it be good if corporations had to face at least the same restrictions as humans?  Wouldnt it be good if, at the very least, corporations were'nt treated better than humans?

Corporations are non living man made entities that have no unalienable rights.  All of their rights are given to them by us.

Corporations can kill people and little happens to them.  If you accidentally kill one person you will likely do time for manslaughter.  BP killed 11 recently.  Massey Energy killed nearly 30.  Fifteen people were killed and 170 injured at Texas Oil City (by BP) in 2005.  They paid a 'record fine of 50.6 million dollars'.  They pay a fine.  You go to jail.  They inspect themselves.  You get interrogated.  They get financial aid even when they are the most profitable entities on the planet.  You cant get foodstamps becasue your income is too high.  You cant get medical help.  You cant get any assistance at all if your income is too high. and the bar has been set very low.

People should not be treated worse than corporations but they currently are.  and the Republicans (and corporate Democrats) appear to want to make things even better for those corporations by cutting even more taxes and regulations which protect people.

BTW - I think one reason why some on the right arent fighting the elimination of subsidies is becasue they know they can backdoor those subsidies (and in much greater amounts) through the pentagon budget. The Washington Post did a story
and then democracy now did an interview and they talked about a very large shadow industry which is fairly well hidden.  This is how subsidies work.  Money gets funneled to purposes (companies that do things).

We choose our priorities.  We are currently trying to cut education and healthcare and safety nets and some propose to increase the money flowing to corporations that often do things that are either pointless (the jet engine nobody wanted) or hurtful (the oil industry and its attempts to keep us addicted to a dirty product that can benefit our enemies in some cases.

We are the People.   God loves us... not corporations.

BTW - I hope no one is offended by the title.  I just think that if corporations are going to be so needy that they suck hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars every year, then they should be prepared to be called disabled or handicapped or infirmed or crippled.  If they arent disabled, then why do they need help?  

Maybe we should feel sorry for them.  I see many businesses that cant get by without a tax break.  and they cant afford to pay a decent wage.  They must actually be unable to survive in the real world without a great deal of assistance.  

These are my thoughts. Tell me yours.

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