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Putting it mildly, I cannot wait to see Keith Olbermann make his first "Countdown" broadcast on CurrentTV next month.
My happy anticipation of Keith's return to TV was further accelerated by his latest Special Comment on the death of Osama bin Laden and how the Republican approach to terrorism was so wrong.
Here is Keith's special comment:

More below.

Keith's comment dealt extensively with how Republican campaigns to portray Democrats as soft on terrorism and weak on defense were "as dead as Bin Laden," to use Keith's final words in the comment.
Keith's comment referred to the despicable and evil lies Republicans spread to defeat those who really had America's interests in mind. One, Max Cleland, was morphed by dishonest Republican advertising into Osama bin Laden as they villified a real war hero, Cleland, and brought about the election of a cowardly Republican who avoided war service due to a "trick knee."
Another, John Kerry, had his Vietnam war record defamed in a sea of lies and disinformation by the Swift Boat ads funded by Republicans. The result: Kerry, who really knew how to defend America, was defeated by an incompetent who demonstrated that he knew absolutely nothing about fighting terrorism.
Did this Special Comment get me mad? Yes. It d--- right did. It made me mad about the consequences the poor decision to give Bush two White House terms have wrought on this country.
It made me mad that folks in areas like mine have been subjected to representation by Republicans who put the interests of average folks like me last and their major donors first.
It also made me mad that the person who is supposed to be "my" representative in Congress, Pete Sessions (TX-32) not once mentioned President Obama's name in his praise of Obama's actions that brought the death of bin Laden.
The Republican party may still believe it knows how to fight terrorism, but if what President Obama did serves as any indication, it's clear who had it right and who had it wrong.
Barack Obama and Democrats like John Kerry and Max Cleland were right. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and their allies were totally wrong.
I thank Keith Olbermann for presenting this argument, and I wish great success for the new Countdown starting next month on Current TV.

Originally posted to alaprst on Tue May 03, 2011 at 06:39 PM PDT.

Also republished by oo and Fok News.

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