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Republicans must have "just ate their Wheaties!"    (to recall an old Ad campaign.)

GOP Warns Obama Not to Issue Executive Order for Government Contractors -- May 06, 2011

Republicans are warning President Obama not to issue an executive order that would require government  contractors to disclose their political donations.

Obama drafted the proposal last month, which is reminiscent of a provision in a Democratic bill called the Disclose Act that died in the Congress last year.

Will Obama ignore, the GOP's sternly worded warning?   I certainly hope so.

[ continuing ...]

The proposed [executive] order would require government contractors to disclose all donations to federal candidates, political parties, committees or interest groups spending money on campaigns once the total exceeds $5,000 in a given year.

The White House has said the proposed order would provide transparency to taxpayers about political spending by government contractors.

But in a letter to the president, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the No. 3 Republican in the House, said Obama's proposed order "seems like a blatant attempt to intimidate, and potentially silence, certain speakers who are engaged in their constitutionally protected right to free speech."

Oh Really!?

Simply Disclosing your {Corporate} Name when you happen to be giving more than $5,000 in a year towards numerous "political causes"

-- THAT infringes on your Free Speech rights ???

I don't think so.

I don't see it, even if you buy the Money = Speech argument;

NO ONE is STOPPING you, Rep. McCarthy, from giving away your vast fortune, foolishly;

The Executive Transparency Order would just require you and your Benefactors, to give away your Names TOO, as you're giving away your millions

-- all to "win friends in high places,  and influence people, to vote just like you do" ...

IF WE were all Millionaires -- well maybe such a Disclosure Rule would NOT be needed

-- since maybe, it would be a more level playing field;  We'd ALL have 10's of thousands to drop here, to drop there;  To buy Friends.

BUT We're NOT, so it IS -- Needed ...

Signing your name to your "Political Action" helps us all to be better informed, and to make better informed Decisions,

about our "Cheap Seats" Political Speech ... otherwise known as Voting.

Where the only Equation that matters is:

One person = One Vote ... period.

Actual Signatures Required, by the way, in this Arena --

Corporate Persons, need not apply.

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