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There is no way in Hell that I have the time, energy, or patience to write some meta diary today about this community basically being punked by a rather obnoxious homophobe and racialist bigot who was dumb enough to out themselves in multiple posts here so that multiple users were able to see the 13 years of trolling that this person has engaged in.

Initially, I thought perhaps they were just not feeling well and felt some empathy. You don't poke at what's hurting. After a little more late-night reading, I've concluded that this is a decidedly calculated attack on the community stemming from someone whose agenda seems to be to spread false memes about "rethinking" AIDS, apparently as one of the signatories, to promote AIDS denialism on this site and beyond, memes which indict homosexuals as solely responsible for AIDS through conservative conspiracy theories.

You know that one right: AIDS -- the "Gay" problem.

"I have NEVER met a hetero AIDS case. They have always had other contributing factors...a queer contact...somewhere...And I won't even broach the subject of African AIDS."

I don't really support meta diaries, but the user who made the above statement almost 13 years ago has now accrued 338 individual donuts in one week for their inflammatory homophobic and racist content, false allegations of stalking (particularly ironic for someone who states their name and life story in gratuitous detail in hundreds of comments) for which they appear to have been temporarily warned, bizarre claims which seem to blend fact and fiction without much concern for our reality-based community, and yet we are all still graced by her charming presence.

I call for an end to that and ask you to join me. There is no way we will be able to continue to be a politically credible website if we permit bigots represent us here. As far as I'm concerned, this person may believe that they are right, but then again, so does Orly Taitz.

I want to know why hasn't her mojo budged despite those 338 individual community statements that this user is making statements so damaging to the community that they should not be seen here?

That's not a faction unless you want to call the site itself "a faction." As someone said last night, those opposing this are the same people saying "East is West" and "West is East." This isn't a pie war.

Fuck your pie wars.

Personally, I like coconut cream but you can take your bigotry and eat a shit pie a la mode for all that I care about pie.

And actually, I'm a bigger fan of this quaint, outdated little thing called "the issues."

So let's return to the issues: bigots and homophobes of every stripe who are intolerable and who have no rightful place on this forum, a forum which literally represents "Progressive politics" from the halls of Congress to the Mainstream Media. At times, I find many of the views here to be repugnant and think something similar; however, this goes well beyond any simple recoil. It's not even amusing. It could have political resonance. And more so, it's simply offensive to many individual users as well as the integrity of this site.

Why does this site guard the freedom of this person's speech? As a strong ACLU supporter, I know free speech from hate speech. And more so, I know an agenda when I see it. This one has one. Along with a teflon rectum, apparently.

Because the gays are responsible for the AIDS, and the blacks are responsible for the gays. Go down that rabbit hole; it's the real sewer in question, not those normal sexual practices of many gay (and straight) individuals who have been synechodocally reduced to human sewers by this user.  

Many are laughing at my statement that this site has integrity, I'm sure. But honestly, underneath it all, I still believe we are a community, that we do have an overall sense of integrity, and that we're here to discuss politics, not the homophobic (and racist) rantings and incessant ad hominem spew of a TU who appears to be immune to community moderation when community moderation is the main form of action that we have been given to say "Enough" and "Adios, Aidos."

Have I mentioned that said user worked as a Republican political mouthpiece for a Chicago political campaign? Perhaps that explains some things:

 Wiki error. Scanlon was NOT in 1994 election. (0+ / 0-)

I was the person, behind the curtain, behind Mt. Olympus.

I was the Press Secretary and Publicist to candidate Michael Patrick Flanagan in 1994. On election eve, Nov.8, 1994, overnight I was replaced by Republican operative Larry Horst.  A few days later Larry Horst was replaced by Mike Scanlon.

Kos and a few others know my real name. I identified myself to most of them.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle

by Aidos on Mon Jun 16, 2008 at 08:18:57 PM PDT

She's right. It is a Wiki error. She actually was the Press Secretary and Publicist to said Republican candidate. Kos was apparently aware of this in 2008. So she says. Or maybe it's another one of her fabrications. She has more holes in her story than swiss cheese, and like any good bigot, she covers her tracks pretty well, weaving together reality and fantasy in dribs and drabs.

Morover, while the issue of child molestation is an extremely real and absolutely vital one, using it to exploit hatred toward gay people is fucking depraved, wrong, amoral, sick, and totally what is happening over some years as this poster has preyed upon your sense of sympathy to quietly proselytze about the forbidden zone of the rectum. But let's not leave this all to Freud here; it's not the rectum that's the battleground in question, although this user also stated that all anal sex is inherently abuse and not a viable part of human sexuality at all, a "fact" suppressed of course by those pesky queer civil rights activists standing in the way of her pseudoscientific ramblings (troutfishing, where are you when we need you?):

It was clear that anal sex (again, I don't think it's sex, I think it's abuse) was a filthy behavior that should be discouraged...But NO, I was not allowed to say that...that was against homosexual civil rights"

What next? Are we going to invite the Westboro Baptist Church here too?

What about old Orly Taitz? I hear she's looking for a gig since her freak out on the O'Donnell show.

Why the fuck are we permitting someone to remain on this site who is a stone-cold conspiracy theorist, responsible for AIDS denialism, a clear and unequivocal homophobe, and a pathological victim who baits and then screams "help! help! I'm being assailed!" It gets old and weary. I'm sure many of us tell white lies here and there. But these lies aren't white. They're a whole freaking rainbow.

I guess we can all tune into it like it is the same old Fox News shit or a bad episode of The Jersey Shores or whatever. There's certainly humor in it. But there is also great sorrow, sorry to sound moribund and all that, but having seen the offense taken by both the LGBT community recently and the BK community in the past, I can't help but ask a simple question...


It's fucking b0rked.

And it makes the site all janky, like it's all Mickey Moused together with mendacity, spittle, rabies, ratings, hyperbole, a broken hot glue gun, and about a gallon of oversight.

And once you're done with this diary, do me a favor and go check out Joeiau's breaking news on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. There has been a full meltdown confirmed and it's worth more of your time than this. If that ain't your cuppa'... go find something important to do today beyond bitching on the Internet or engaging bigots.

This has GOT to stop. And this is just one extreme instance. Oh baby, you've got dysfunctional relationship patterns and behaviors going on. Some general sunshine is good therapy sometimes. It's time to shed light. All those who are marginalized and targeted are going to have to act together if we want to get Jack smack done around here. You're either with us or you're still trying to figure out how the shoe laces get done up in pretty little bows. Got it. We are all oppressed until we are all united. You can hate each other with a screaming passion but if you see oppression and marginalization, bigotry and community attacks, set aside your self-interests for a moment and remember where you are and why you are here; ask yourself, "What is my purpose?" Is it to stir the pot for shits and giggles or is it to work toward some greater political goal that transcends your own world, your own skin, and your own reality bubble? Every small battle for the rights of others, no matter what bigotry or oppression they are subject to, is equally a win for your own rights in a better and more Progressive, more Democratic, and more communitarian society where the rights of all are most respected.

Or else we're no better than usenet... if you've ever seen a rollicking good usenet rumpus, you'll know precisely what I mean.

But if you're just someone who hates bigoted fucks, well that's just as well; you're in the right place.

**Posted by request of KelleyRN2 because I don't "do" meta. If I wasn't lazy, I'd post music and tantalizing links for you. You'll have to drag the links up yourselves and post in the comments if you want... I'm writing under deadline here. I'll repost any that seem important into the body of the diary.

Ya basta and it's time to say a solid round of "ADIOS."

Rant over and I'm not editing for grammar, sorry.

Tap tap... is this thing on?

Update: A few more links to better understand this situation -- oh, and I see she has a new diary up trawling for mojo too, ignoring this entire situation:

A stunning collection of links from Dreaming of Better Days:

A thanks to taylormattd for finding this as well:

Update #2: After this diary, it looks like the user was manually banned by a moderator and given bony mojo. I appreciate that and think many others in the community do as well, very much. Thus said, we did send a loud and clear signal about this with those 338 HR's this week alone. Can you please be so kind, in the future, to take that sort of thing into account so that we don't get distracted from more pressing issues at hand? I don't know what the autoban algorithm is, but that user's mojo didn't budge one bit, not one bit. So that might be the problem. If it's a technical glitch, I hope at least this diary brought awareness to that problem and helps work toward resolving it. Thanks again.

Originally posted to ...a teapot in a tempest... on Sat May 14, 2011 at 02:01 PM PDT.

Also republished by Cranky Users.


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