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First thing first. Today I am going on yet another job interview. I have been struggling to survive and fighting through my own demons these past few months, but with the help of this community and a lot of sagacious advice I am starting to do much better. For this I am eternally grateful, but I find myself again pressed up against a wall, having to pay rent and buy food and transportation for job interviews without any income, so I am asking for help.

     Anyone who would like to help and support my job hunting and writing can make a donation to me with paypal, and I will gladly send you a copy of my new book as soon as I am able. Any help given will be much appreciated.

Now, on to the show . . . .

From Jake Tapper and, we get this gem.

   Cantor also criticized Democrats’ “Medi-scare” attacks, saying that the charges that the GOP is taking medicine from grandma to pad the pockets of the rich isn’t helpful.

Oh, but they are doing exactly that, but that's beside the point. The President replied:

   The president added that he is all for a reduction of demagoguery, an issue he understands since he is the ‘job killing, death panel, probably-wasn't-born-here president.’

     LMAO! Eric Cantor just proved how weak the GOP really is, and Obama pounced on the GOP's craven hypocrisy when it comes to civility, MediCare, and, well, everything when it comes down to it

     They can dish it, but they can not take it.

     Republicans are wusses. When it comes to beating up on people who are defenseless, people like tornado victims, women, teachers, people who are dependent on MediCare, or anyone who can not afford to make Big donations to the GOP for that matter, Republicans are big badass bullies, but these same tough guys cry their eyes out at how mean that tyrant Obama is when he tells the American public the truth about the GOP's plan take "medicine from grandma to pad the pockets of the rich. " as Eric Cantor so aptly put it.

More below the fold

     From reading this quote from Obama, that he referred to himself as the ‘job killing, death panel, probably-wasn't-born-here president.’ in response to Cantor's whining about scare tactics, I get the feeling that Obama is screwing with the House GOP, and I like it. Obama's sardonic humor in the face of GOP whining makes me think that there is a bit of rope a dope strategy going on here, and maybe Obama is not taking these GOP clowns seriously. At least, that is my hope. Because if Obama knows that ceding to the GOP on gutting MediCare is political suicide with the public in this upcoming election season, if Obama has read the polls that say he will lose major support among Democrats if he makes any kind of deal with the GOP on cutting MediCare, then Obama has every reason to pretend to negotiate on this with House Republicans so that the GOP can screw itself by continuing their defense of Paul Ryan's massively unpopular budget plan. Every credible poll I have seen clearly illustrates that the public knows that the GOP plan is to END MediCare, and no matter what the GOP calls it, whether "voucher" or "premium support" or whatever, the public at large overwhelmingly likes MediCare, they know what it is, they know it is not a "Death Panel" or whatever other scare tactic the GOP might have used, and they aren't buying what the GOP is selling on this one. As long as they don't cave on this, the longer Obama and Democrats can keep the GOP yapping about MediCare the better, because it will help drill into the head of the voting public that the GOP only cares about two things, cutting taxes for the rich and taking away whatever they can from the working class to pay for those tax cuts for the rich. The GOP plan is essentially exactly the same as the disastrous Bush/Cheney plan, which was "Tax Cuts, de-regulate, privatize". Everyone who is not under the thrall of the Fox News/AM Radio misinformation complex gets it. Motivating those people to vote will be much easier if they can clearly see that the Democratic Party is defending MediCare and programs that help the working class, and oone of the best ways to defend MediCare is to keep the GOP yammering about "changing" and ending MediCare for as long as possible.

     Calling Obama a "job killing death panel who probably wasn't born here" is NOT demagoguery somehow if you are a Republican, but being mean to Republicans and giving them a sad because you won't go along with their politically suicidal plan to end the very popular MediCare program is using "scare tactics". Apparently, the only people who are allowed to scare the shit out of the public is a Republican who is attacking a Democrat. As George Carlin would put it, Republicans are saying to Obama when it comes to scaring the crap out of elderly Americans, "Bullshit, that's our fucking job!"

     So I am thrilled to see Obama throw sand in the eyes of the same Republicans in the House of Representatives who shouted "YOU LIE!" at him. I am pretty sure by now that President Obama knows what it is like to be demonized and lied about, being called everything from a "Nazi" to a "Kenyan" and having his proposals compared to "Death Panels" and "Armageddon" for America. What is really telling of the GOP is that it seems like their biggest complaint against Obama, the one that really makes them feel fear, is that he is telling the truth about them. The GOP fears nothing more than the truth and a well informed American public. That is why when you see Republican politicians and GOP media figures talk about Obama in a way that clearly expresses their hate, what you are also seeing is the overwhelming fear Obama makes Republicans feel, and it is the fear of the truth, the fear that their lies aren't working, and the Republican fear that the public will no longer buy their bullshit that proves what massive cowards the elected officials and media figures of the GOP really are.

    And as for that smirky rat Eric Cantor, the guy who is fearless when telling Tornado victims to go to hell but can't take it when Obama tells people the truth about what the goals of the Republican party really are, well, you can cry me a river, Eric Cantor, or maybe you can get John Boehner to do it.

    Only cruel and heartless lizard people can effectively shed crocodile tears on cue.

Peace and love to one and all

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