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  The women of Anonymiss have been busy the last day or so and I just got cleared to release a little information on what’s really behind Weinergate.

Congressman Weiner was stalked and set up by a Christian Infowar Militia cell based largely in Oklahoma City.

    So, tell me again why the media are showing us a crotch shot that’s probably from woman beating, drunk driving, porno site operating, underage girl pursuing Mike Stack, instead of talking about a domestic extremist infowar cell attacking a U.S. Congressman?

 The mighty stef has struck again, with Breitbart's #Twitterhoax What We Know Now. Gritty, techie details may be found by pressing this link ...

  Here's another Christian Infowar Militia: Wrecking Crew.

And here's some analysis from Symbolman - Why Breitbart is STILL TOAST

This is what a clumsy infowar cell looks like after Anonymiss finishes up crawling all over them. This is a redacted version – there is some stuff that was found that they don’t want to show just yet, but this group already knows someone is on to them and they’re starting to lock up or delete their accounts.

  There is a spreadsheet with all of the tweets from these nine accounts going back into April and it’s in chronological order. The tweet number refers to the item IDs in the PDF files that were made of the tweet streams – lock up? Delete? Matters not, they’re already caught. Several people have those PDFs, I put them in my Scribd for safe keeping, and I see my account has had almost 800 reads in the last 24 hours.

 They’re very thorough – I see real names, birth dates, home and work addresses, phone numbers, all kinds of stuff in the notes.

  The people from Vile Tweets have been on to @Jihadihunter for a while and they’ve got him front and center again today. This site is sort of the Twitter equivalent of the Southern Poverty Law Center – they track hate speech, Twitter users check here periodically, and then they go harass and shame the source.

  Don’t imagine the Christian Infowar Militia movement is just some leftist conspiracy theory. The Vile Tweets guys have been scoping out the leaders in hate speech for the last year and while not all of the people they catch are cell leaders, all of the cell leaders get caught in their dragnet.

   So … I’m eager to see how the media heathers try to spin this.

   Dang, almost forgot to properly credit this ...

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