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The current legislative session ends in Albany on June 20.  Gov. Cuomo's been saying he wants another vote on marriage equality in this session, and Mayor Bloomberg, Council Speaker Quinn, Ken Mehlmann and many others have been lobbying our state's undecided Senators to join their counter-parts in the state assembly to pass marriage equality legislation in this session, reversing 2009's disappointing result.

The whip count currently has the "no's" still outnumbering the "yes's" but there are enough publicly undecided members to swing the vote in our favor.

After the squiggle, a few action links and a whole bunch of videos...

Others (Clarknt67, jpmassar, etc) are better than I am at putting together a rousing call-to-action diary, so I'm just going to say that my "partner" of 20 years and I would appreciate any support you might be able to offer (when I was recently being transferred from Lutheran Medical Center to Mt. Sinai after a cardiac incident, the paramedic, in clarifying my "partner's" answer to the question "your relationship to the patient?" asked "co-worker?"  Wouldn't have happened if "husband" had been a legal option).

That said, here are some links followed by the promised videos...all of which come from HRC's partnership in New Yorkers for Marriage Equality:

Make a Donation

Things are coming down to the wire in New York – and we're pulling out all the stops to pass a marriage equality bill. Our campaign is running on all cylinders – but we need your help to get the message out with one last major advertising push that will help persuade undecided lawmakers and their constituents around New York.

Make a gift now and you'll not only help promote our campaign for New York Marriage Equality, but you'll also help fuel our efforts to stand up for same-sex couples' rights nationwide.

Call Your Senator
Just enter your phone number and address details below and we'll call you! You'll hear a brief message with tips for making your call to your New York state senator. After the message you will be automatically connected to your state senator's office. After you make your call, be sure to ask your New York friends and family to call as well!

E-mail your legislators

You'll have the opportunity to personalize this message:

Dear  [Decision Maker],

As your constituent and a supporter of the Human Rights Campaign, I urge you to support the freedom of every New Yorker to marry the person they love. Marriage is essential to making all families more secure and polls show an unprecedented super-majority of New Yorkers support marriage equality.

Write a letter to the editor

You'll be asked for your zip code, which will bring you to a page where you can select up to five matching publications for your letter, along with some tips:

Some tips:

* Write your letter in your own words – and feel free to use some of the talking points at the bottom of this page.
* Keep it simple, short, and straightforward.
* If you can, include a personal story or connect your letter to a recently published article.
* Ask your legislators to support the legislation!
* If you do not know who your legislators are click here to look up your Assembly member and click here for your Senator.


Sign up and find a way to contribute whatever time and/or talent you may be able to offer.

OK...on to the videos.  A big part of the push has been their distribution of videos of "everyday" New Yorkers in support of full marriage equality.  I'm going to end with a  run-down of all of them (as of today...more coming).  I'm asking you to be like your pain-in-the-butt loony wing-nut cousin who spams you all of that "Obama is a Secret Manchurian Monkey" crap and pick one to share with your entire e-mail distribution list. Or better yet, put some effort into it and send Fran Drescher to your loony Aunt Sassy; send Michael Strahan to your couch potato Uncle Butch; send Kevin Bacon to anyone you're less than six degrees separated from! Let's get these things as widely circulated as possible this week (think of it as increasing the likelihood that someone will see pro-equality advertising that would otherwise have to be paid for).  Here we go, starting with the most recent and working backwards:

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy:

Ben & Jerry:

Broadway Stars:

Firefighter Mike Vissichelli:

The Normal Heart Cast:

Everyday New Yorkers:

Vanessa Williams:

Tom DiNapoli:

Steve Nash:

Claire Buffie (Miss New York):
Sorry, no embed code available:

Anna Wintour:

Larry King:

Sean Avery:

Juliana Margulies and Keith Lieberthal:

Bill T. Jones:

Sam Waterston:

Chris Meloni:

Tom Colicchio:

Mario Batali:

David Chang:

Lucy Liu:

Bill Bratton and Rikki Klieman:

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:
No embed code:

Senator Chuck Schumer:
No embed code:

Fabulous Beekman Boys:
No embed code:

Dave Dinkins:
No embed code:

Ed Koch:
No embed code:

Ethan and Ryan Hawke:
No embed code:

Russell Simmons:
No embed code:

Mark and Sunrise Ruffalo:
No embed code:

John Slattery:
No embed code:

Joan Rivers:
No embed code:

Barbara Bush:
No embed code:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr
No embed code:

Whoopi Goldberg:
No embed code:

Daphne Rubin-Vega:
No embed code:

Kenneth Cole:
No embed code:

Fran Drescher:
No embed code:

Mayor Bloomberg:
No embed code:

No embed code:

Julianne Moore:
No embed code:

Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe:
No embed code:

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon:
No embed code:

Originally posted to CDH in Brooklyn on Sat Jun 11, 2011 at 05:47 AM PDT.

Also republished by LGBT Kos Community, New York State, Milk Men And Women, and New York City.

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