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OK so, what they actually ruled was that corporations who create dummy corporations with no assets or employees, and use those dummy corporations to commit fraud and other crimes, cannot be sued; only the asset-less and unaccountable dummy corporation can be sued.

What a great deal!

Of course this kind of deal is only available to rich white guys sitting around expensive hand-made, rare-wood conference tables on the 47th floor of the executive suite.

You and me, not so much.

You see, the Supreme Court Frankensteins of these United States have been on a campaign lately to create life. LIFE I say! Bwahahahahaha!

They have attached electrodes to the neck of, and run the fire of life through, the idea that a bunch of rich white guys sitting around a conference table is every bit as much a real live person as you and me… make that EVEN MORE of a real live person as you and me.

And they have been doing all they can to give this imaginary person all the rights you and I have AND MORE.

Last year they gave this imaginary person the right to spend unlimited amounts of money to buy American elections. (And the rich white guys can spend THEIR money, too! What a deal!)

So now the SCOTUS has ruled that the imaginary person of "the corporation" can invent imaginary friends (i.e. Dummy Corporations) and commit all sorts of financial fraud and other crimes and, when the feds close in, the original imaginary person -- the corporation -- can claim that their imaginary friend -- the dummy corporation -- did whatever it was anyone is being accused of and, voila!, the corporation is off the hook!

What a sweet deal. Have I mentioned what a great deal this is?

I remember when I was a child, I had an imaginary friend. He was actually my teddy bear -- but anyway -- one day the teddy bear broke a lamp. REALLY! But my mother wasn't buying it, and she let Teddy off the hook and spanked me. ME! As if I had anything to do with it. Oh the injustice of it all!

But apparently Mommy was wrong according to our great and glorious SCOTUS. Mommy SHOULD have spanked Teddy.

What do you want to bet that "Mommy" will be forced to try to spank Teddy from now on, no matter what crimes Teddy's friends are accused of?

What do you want to bet the congress won't lift a finger to fix this blatant abuse of power and clear example judicial activism by the SCOTUS?

What do you want to bet that every corporation in America will soon be doing business under assumed corporate charters that absolve them of any all wrongdoing committed by their imaginary friends?

What do you want to bet that living, breathing, real flesh and blood human being-type "people" will NEVER be awarded the kinds of rights our SCOTUS is continually awarding to imaginary people?

Update: Hey! All rec-listy and all. Only my second time ever! Sweet. Thanks folks.

Originally posted to Captain Frogbert on Wed Jun 15, 2011 at 12:33 PM PDT.

Also republished by Progressive Policy Zone.

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