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Ok, this diary is going to be short, but the ridiculousness that made the reclist this morning set me off.  After this, I plan to write my REAL diary, the one I've been planning for the last day.

"President Obama has committed political suicide" is right up at the top of the reclist this morning, with the source story being an article in the New York Times.  Did anyone actually care to read the choice wording the Times used? I think not. So let's look at this for a minute.

First, you get "Democratic officials briefed on the talks."  Who did the briefing? Was it the White House or the GOP leadership in the House? Then a bunch of unsourced paragraphs, then "aides to Mr. Boehner" and then this kicker:

One source familiar with the talks said the speaker had put forward options on how to proceed, including making a commitment to a tax code overhaul that would lower rates while closing loopholes, ending deductions and instituting other changes to generate substantial new revenue. Mr. Boehner has in the past pushed tax simplification as a way to help the economy.

"One source familiar with the talks..." Who is that? A Democrat, or GOP House aide?  The complete lack of specificity leads me to believe that after the President again hit the GOP during yesterday's Twitter townhall about their protection of tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires that this is their retaliation, leaking that DEMOCRATS are trying to fuck with Medicare and Social Security so they can start running bullshit ads again claiming that Democrats are trying to take your shit away.  They've already started doing it in red districts where Dems hold seats.  

This looks like GOP ratfucking, and you people are running around like Chicken fucking Little, screaming the sky is falling, Obama sold us out, with no one ON THE RECORD. The careful wording, the lack of details, I think Boehner is trying to get us to turn on Obama.  If I'm wrong, then I will post a diary saying I was wrong, but right now, I think this is bullshit, and too many people around here are jumping to conclusions, and I'm sick of seeing it.  If I'm right, though....I hope those who are doing this will do the same as I'm pledging to do, and retract these ridiculous claims.

7:01 AM PT: Hey, another reclist appearance. =)  I'm glad, means that this debate will have some balance.

Originally posted to The Dreaming Tree on Thu Jul 07, 2011 at 06:05 AM PDT.

Also republished by Social Security Defenders.

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