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  I see all the excitement about News Corp (Corpse) violating laws in the U.K., I see Keith Olbermann is going to come out with some information that they were blackmailing him, and I’d like to take this chance to remind everyone that there are multiple, clear cut cases of wiretap laws being violated, apparently at Breitbart’s order, and that there may well have been hacking of a certain popular Congressman’s social media accounts, too.

   Hop over the inscrutable squiggle of content separation for a short, pointed talk about putting an end to the crew that destroyed ACORN and slimed Anthony Weiner. Oh, and let's get Clarence Thomas, too, while we're in the mood.

  First, let’s Indict Breitbart. This is stone simple – they recorded people without permission in the city of Baltimore, violating the state law that requires both parties to consent. There isn’t any investigation needed, they made the material public, thinking they had first amendment coverage. They do not.

   The only reason it isn’t being prosecuted is financial – Baltimore has not enough money to keep up on violent crime and can’t be distracted by this, even though it’s a slam dunk case. We need to make it very clear to Attorney General Doug Gansler that we expect action in this matter.


   Take a look at the Maryland AG’s web site and you’ll find the main number is (410) 576-6300. Pick up the phone RIGHT NOW call them, and leave a polite message indicating that you want them to prosecute James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart for the ACORN wire tap.

    The second issue is a bit more complex and we’re still digging, but it appears that Breitbart associate Patterico, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey, may have had a hand in the stalking and smearing of Congressman Anthony Weiner.

   There are a small group of us, me and some women from Anonymiss, putting the players and events around Weinergate in order, and it really looks like Frey and a Boston area man named Seth Allen may have been behind the whole attempt to entrap Weiner into interacting with a fake teenage girl. I went into much more detail on this in Patterico’s Penalization.

Take a look at the California AG’s web site and you’ll find the main number is (916) 322-3360. Pick up the phone RIGHT NOW call them, and leave a polite message indicating that you want them to investigate Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey for the reasons cited in California Supreme Court complaint 12911, as well as his involvement in the stalking of Congressman Weiner.

    OK, you should have done two phone calls by now, ready for strike three?

   You can find a bunch of document from and complaints about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I wrote about the easiest way to get at this guy: Just. Prosecute. Ginny. They took a half million dollar bribe for the passing of Citizens United. We’d be very remiss if we’re cleaning house on all this other stuff and we didn’t take the time to hold Attorney General Eric Holder’s feet to the fire on this one.

   Protect Our Elections has been running a series of actions against Thomas, but this is what I’m going to suggest.

Take a look at the United States Attorney General web site and you’ll find the comment line is 202-353-1555. Call them up, mention O’Keefe and Breitbart, mention Allen and Frey, and then tell them you expect them to look into that little bribery problem involving Harlan Crow, Ginny Thomas, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.


  Well ... look at this. Prosecute News Corp lives!

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    • (4+ / 0-)

      Have at it.

      (I still don't really know who this Breitbart is, aside from the fallout that seems to surround him. Is he tv? I gave mine up several years ago.)

      re: Weiner
      Just. Don't. Go. There.

      All things in the sky are pure to those who have no telescopes. – Charles Fort

      by subtropolis on Tue Jul 12, 2011 at 09:56:22 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Breitbart has a few websites (1+ / 1-)
        Recommended by:
        Hidden by:
        Stranded Wind

        Some of his stuff does make it to TV.

        His websites include bigpeace and biggovernment, if you want to check them out.  He wrote a book recently, too.

        I think he's in the Washington Times sometimes, but I haven't even seen one of those in years.

        I believe he really got his credibility push as an editor for DrudgeReport.  He also helped push Huffpo a long while back.

        In other words, he's a big internet guy.  

        I guess the reason he keeps coming up in Weiner discussions is because of how Weiner apologized to Breitbart.  A lot of people ran crazy claiming Weiner's accounts were hacked, because, of course, Weiner said they were for some time before admitting they weren't.  Breitbart and his allies were seen as the likely hackers, when in reality no one hacked Weiner at all.  So Weiner apologized to Breitbart, which couldn't have been easy for him to do.

        I agree with you that there's not much reason to keep worrying about Weiner.  If he's reelected, then I guess he'll regain relevance.  If he hadn't tried to claim these hacks occurred, I don't think the sex talk stuff would have harmed him long term.

        Also, let me reiterate a point I made earlier.  Patterico, AKA Patrick Frey, is villified a lot by the California Supreme Court Complaint Brett Kimberlin wrote (for some reason, his name doesn't appear on the complaint Neal posted, but that's who wrote it).

        Brett Kimberlin has sued a LOT of people.  Hundreds of people.  He started doing it when he was in prison.  He's a con artist.  He likes to tell democrats convenient things about their enemies.  It's a particularly effective con.  He told New Yorker columnist Mark Singer, a democrat, a convenient story about Dan Quayle that Mark ran with as a huge conspiracy theory.  It blew up in Mark's face.

        I worry that some of you, especially Neal, are believing anything Brett Kimberlin is telling you without hard evidence.  When someone like Brett has been caught making extremely complex lies for decades, you need hard proof for every claim they make in the future.  Extraordinary proof.

        Like this stuff about Seth Allen.  I don't see any links or even a summary of Neal's basis for thinking Seth is involved in any way shape or form.  I have no idea why he's asserting Seth is behind hacking Weiner's accounts or trying to sting him with fake underage girls.  And if I'm not mistaken, Seth Allen is the guy Brett Kimberlin sued for 'cyberstalking', a bogus complaint with no merit, based largely on things written here at DailyKos, and in fact, still available for anyone to read today. (prepostericity was his name here).  I've read that stuff and it's not stalking.  It's now worse than what Neal's doing with this blog entry: posting his views on a figure he's concerned about.

        Patterico has received threats, and the person behind those threats will go to prison.  I think it's very important that people who aren't involved with those threats be very wary before they are conned like many democrats have been in the past.

        What did Seth say that ticked Brett off?  I think it was how Seth asked why Brett and Brad were supporting Pat Buchanan and ultra right wing politics before changing to conspiracy theories that never pan out.

        Do you think the truther movement helped the left?  Or the crazy birther crap helped the right?  I don't.  I think some people like to make fools of their ideological opponents, and it's smart to ask for more evidence.

        One last point: if Brett Kimberlin has told you he is innocent, or has been exonerated, he is lying.

  •  Hells yeah. (8+ / 0-)

    Payback is a mutha.

    Let's take these bastards DOWN.

    Health care should not be a privilege for the few, but a human right for all.

    by Pris from LA on Tue Jul 12, 2011 at 07:36:53 PM PDT

  •  My First Question Was Whether Breitbart (17+ / 0-)

    was formally collaborating with Murdoch.

    We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy.... --ML King "Beyond Vietnam"

    by Gooserock on Tue Jul 12, 2011 at 07:37:43 PM PDT

    •  Now that (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Stranded Wind, Lujane, Larsstephens

      would be something to savor.

      •  yes!! (8+ / 0-)

         And in the case of Frey, if anyone has standing, that guy is a payday. I play rough but I've got nothing to lose, while that man's house has a seven digit price tag. I'd like to see Anthony Weiner get a place in California - those New York winters get rough.

        •  What's the statute of limitations? (0+ / 1-)
          Recommended by:
          Hidden by:
          Stranded Wind

          In Baltimore, I believe it's one year, but what about California?  And what would you sue Frey for? Having an average priced house in LA?  

          I mean, by all means, sue him for hacking Weiner's facebook, but if you have evidence of that, it probably should be posted for the readers to see too.

          If Weiner sues Patterico for hacking his online accounts, it will be interesting when they play back Weiner explaining that his accounts were not hacked.  Since Weiner claims he had no inappropriate conversations to or from any apparent minors, he will need exceptionally powerful evidence otherwise.  He's his own worst enemy.

          To his credit, he is not actually claiming otherwise at this point, and appears to have no quarrel with the facts as we understand them.  He just wants to get some help and move on with his life.  I don't think he was hacked.  I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there was trying to catch him being a dirtbag, Chris Hanson style.

          I don't know that anyone has a big problem with Chris Hanson style tactics, though I did think that when Hanson would tell people to wait and answer his questions he was quasi-arresting them.

          Anyway, let's hope the ultimate truth does in fact come out.  I just worry you're listening to Brett Kimberlin, a proven con artist who screwed democrats over in the past.  Has he given you any hard evidence?

          BTW, when you mention money, I am reminded that Brett makes a TON of money from his conspiracy theories.  Velvet Revolution takes a lot of donations because the cause of just elections is so great and important to folks.

          Please be careful before you believe a word he's told you.  For all you know, Patterico is an honorable person.  I know he treats democrats a lot better than you're treating him, and I think that's because you've been convinced.  It's apparent whatever has convinced you is not being publicized here.

        •  i'm also thinking this Kimberlin guy is a burn. (0+ / 0-)

          His background is too shady, too questionable, to be taken as a reliable source for anything.  And once a con, like they say...

          So at very minimum you oughta multiple-independent-source everything you get from him, and check to see that the other sources have no connections to him whatsoever.

          Personally I wouldn't trust a source with that kind of background.  

          And if nothing else, right here & now we see that anything connected with him instantly loses credibility.  That's not a good position to be in for trying to expose scandals and get evil-doers squished.  

  •  Regarding Rep Weiner, we heard about communication (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Stranded Wind

    with "youg girls" but I guess I missed the part where these young girls were outraged with Weiners behavior. I dont remember ANY young girls coming forward (although there could be the inevitable backlash against them for playing dirty on the twatter toobz).

    Lots of folk were outraged, especially here, which I found amusing and pathetic. Ill take one Rep Weiner over a dozen of his detractors any day.

    The Murdock story could be huge, if there were real journalists snooping around.

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