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Last night as I followed my timeline on Twitter I began to see a hashtag appear, #fuckyouWashington.  Now I like to cuss now and then but generally limit myself to doing it with those who appreciate it, but this was the time.  No matter your position on the current political scale, this fit the mood.  I dived in.  

The hash tag was started by Jeff Jarvis, a blogger, journalist and journalism professor.  

It all started here;

jeffjarvis jeffjarvis

Hey, Washington assholes, it's our country, our economy, our money. Stop fucking with it.

about 17 hours ago Reply Retweet Favorite Profile

jeffjarvis jeffjarvis

People, it's time to get fucking pissed off.

about 17 hours ago Reply Retweet Favorite Profile

jeffjarvis jeffjarvis

FUCK YOU WASHINGTON. C'mon, people. Let's hear it.

about 17 hours ago Reply Retweet Favorite Profile

It didn’t take long before #fuckyouwashington became a rallying call in the US twittersphere, although there was concern that the trend would be blocked from public view by Twitter itself.

jeffjarvis jeffjarvis

I do hope Twitter doesn't have a prissyfilter for trending. #fuckyouwashington

about 16 hours ago Reply Retweet Favorite Profile

American debt crisis triggers rallying call: #fuckyouwashington

The viral part may not have shown as a Twitter Trending Topic, but trendmap shows a different story

Click link to see realtime trending and tweets

In fact, more than 14,000 tweets an hour were logged at one point while Twitter showed it's trending topics as, I kid you not,
Olive Garden
Pretty Ricky (?)
Baby Making Songs

The focused anger and frustration brought out those who normally wouldn't consider themselves political for a jab or two to those who were incredibly informed on just what is at stake.

watergatesummer enigma4ever
#FuckYouWashington For Forgetting WHO you represent, Families, Elderly,Moms,Kids, WORKERs..NOT the CoporatePigs who you cater to...#ShameOnU

Mark Lainer
marklainer Mark Lainer
Amen. RT @Karoli: Time for these douchebags in Congress to quit playing with our futures. #fuckyouwashington

Laura Jones
trempy Laura Jones
#fuckyouwashington for sending our soldiers on 6, 7, 8 tours to combat zones yet thinking it's too much to ask the richest to pay taxes

Claudia O
Skunkt Claudia O
RT @NOH8ER: #FuckYouWashington for failing utterly in your basic obligations to feed, shelter nourish, educate, & heal your citizens.

muttmutt Phil
#fuckyouwashington for selling America to the corporations. #WIUnion

muttmutt Phil
#fuckyouwashington for calling SSI an "entitlement."

PatriciaB42 Patricia Becker
Anyone who votes to destroy the economy of the U.S. Should be tried for treason. #FUCKYOUWASHINGTON

ProgressPAC PA
ProgressPAC ProgressPAC PA
RT @VerifiedShpilk verified ✔ #fuckyouWashington Democrats!Enough of the goddamn Stockholm Syndrome! FIGHT BACK! lol (and #FF @dewattobay )

You know who
1whoknu You know who
MT @Shelviswv: If you don't pay your debt, then I won't pay mine. Wells Fargo can kiss my ass! #FuckYouWashington

verified ✔
VerifiedShpilk verified ✔
#fuckyouWashington Democrats! Enough of the goddamn Stockholm Syndrome! FIGHT BACK!

Leah McElrath
alphaleah Leah McElrath
There's more than one way to kill ppl. Poverty kills. Don't call urselves "patriots" when you hurt vulnerable Americans. #FUCKYOUWASHINGTON

Kevin Gosztola
kgosztola Kevin Gosztola
I agree: Stories I write now overshadowed by sideshow debt talks in Washington that will inevitably screw all Americans #fuckyouwashington

US Day of Rage
USDayofRage US Day of Rage
Follow #fuckyouwashington cc @jeffjarvis #usdor | US Day of Rage

Kevin Gosztola
kgosztola Kevin Gosztola
Opening sentence: Press suffers as US politicians force journalists to be consumed by debt talk #fuckyouwashington

Karoli Karoli

jashsf jash
#FuckYouWashington you worthless sacks of shit!

lilnerdette d*
RT @BronxZooHBadger: @jeffjarvis Memo to Washington: Honey Badger don't care. DO YOUR DAMN JOB, COBRAS! #fuckyouwashington #TeamHoneyBadger

Shellie Cross
Shelviswv Shellie Cross
This isn't about your #teaparty. This is about our country #FUCKYOUWASHINGTON

Twitter is suppressing the number of tweets that are coming through if you do a search but if you are on another platform for twitter you can see how fast and furious they are moving through.


#fuckyouwashington The country club benefits of Congress need to be on the table. You need to relearn what it is like to be a real American
5 minutes ago


RT @MariahWestwind: I'm watching a beautiful Tweet waterfall of #FuckYouWashington.I'm checking out realtime tweets of popular trends on #p2
5 minutes ago


#fuckyouwashington Where are the jobs?
5 minutes ago


RT @manipulative: First @Twitter censored the trending of #FuckYouWashington then it locked the acounts of trenders. Now it is removing the tweets themselves.
5 minutes ago


.@jeffjarvis Now you need to get us to write #FuckYouWashington on pitchforks & torches & take them to their hallowed halls.
5 minutes ago


RT @oxfordfalls: RT @TurboKitty #FuckYouWashington either we're all equal or NONE OF US ARE
5 minutes ago


@randomjeweler Just general disgust with the current state of DC #fuckyouwashington
5 minutes ago


RT @P0TUS: #FuckYouWashington ... for reminding us that power and money corrupt.
5 minutes ago

Go take a look.  The MSM is finally starting to take notice.  Tweeters rage against the DC Machine~CBS News

You think those in Washington will?

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