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"Re: Debt Limit,

I read the information on the Debt Limit in Mr. Fortenberry's "News" link. You forgot to mention that Republicans larded most of the debt to begin with by not raising taxes for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, or for larding Medicare Part D with huge giveaways to pharmaceutical companies.

As a constituent and lifelong Nebraska resident, I think what Mr. Fortenberry's party is doing to America is downright treasonous.

The debt limit is not something to fuck around with; many of us invest in America for our retirement plans because we believe in America. What do you think is going to happen to our portfolios when America has a rating similar to Greece?

Raise the debt limit with no strings attached.

As someone who has been out of work due to chronic health issues, and burning through my retirement portfolio I realize that there are real problems in how we do things in this country; but the actions of Mr. Fortenberry and the treasonous bastards in the Republican party are making what little I have left potentially worthless. And it will make other people's limited life savings worthless as well when the full faith and credit of the United States is declared null and void. There's a reason why the world currency is shifting away from the dollar and towards the Chinese Yuan or the European Euro; nobody can trust America's politicians to act like adults.

Hostage taking is a terrorist action; and that's what Republicans are doing to America, terrorizing us by demanding cuts to programs that make a real difference in our lives and then transferring that wealth to corporate larders (the Ryan/Republican plan).

You better learn to work with the rest of government and raise taxes. A balanced budget with raised taxes is far better than the crater that the Republican Party has planned for America. Osama bin Ladin could not hurt us the way the Republicans are about to, and for what? Because you guys want to defeat the first black President in 2012? Are you fucking kidding me? Is your hatred of your political enemies (we use "opponents", but I know your language) enough to destroy America's credit rating?

God have mercy on your soul, because the people of Nebraska and America will never forgive you or your party for sabotaging us all. Grow some fucking balls and act like a goddamn adult. Raise taxes. Raise the debt limit. Start actually trying to solve problems in America instead of carving us all up for corporate transnationals. We have lives that are hard enough; stop being an asshole making things worse."

How pointless is it to contact our Republican congress critters? Take for instance Nebraska, my home state. With 3 districts, Republicans dominate 1st (Lee Terry), 2nd (Jeff Fortenberry) and 3rd (Adrian Smith). Both Senators (Nelson and Johanns) are just as worthless. My Nebraska legislature is officially nonpolitical, but the same types of fucktards who are messing around in Michigan, Wisconsin and all over the US at the state level are at play in my home state. People in my state reward these ass clowns for acting this way (anti-union, anti-woman, anti-children, hell, anti-human). And why?

Because the conservative base in Nebraska hates all the usual suspects. For them, everything wrong in Nebraska is because of brown people, or welfare queens (read brown female people), or people on welfare (read brown female people with kids) or you name it. At any rate, contacting my Red State conservative fucktard of a congressional rep will not change his vote, or rock the Republicans in any way. They simply don't give a shit about their constituents; they only care about corporate donors.

President Obama has apparently quit on us according to John Stewart. And Bill Maher is now "terribly disappointed." Cornel West turned on Obama a few months ago.

But you know what? I was disappointed in Obama long ago when Bush and Cheney were never investigated for war crimes, or when BP was given the keys to the gulf instead of the US government holding them accountable for fucking up our environment, or when Obama's admin chucked Howard Dean in favor lickspittle corporate fuckers, or when Obama started this terrible habit of caving to Republicans, or when... well, when Obama chucked Democratic policies for that of George Bush. I haven't seen a damn change; it's all corporate, and nothing has actually changed despite claims to the contrary (you know what? FDR did more qualitatively than Obama has done quantitatively).

The Obamabots on DKos will no doubt start sniveling and crying, calling me traitor or the like. Well, fuck you too and move on. I've been a member of the Democratic Party since the Republicans started their witch hunt of Bill Clinton and recognized they were children trapped in adult bodies. I've also had to live in Red States where my political views are anathema to the general population (Nebraska, South Dakota, Oklahoma). You try it and not bash your head against a concrete wall or sink into a TV induced coma in order to ignore the ridiculous from America's political elite making our rights obsolete. Then you read these utopian headlines about Vermont, and you wonder if you should be looking for a job there and how many others will be trying to move there too...

We've been left behind folks; the only Democrat worth a damn is Nancy Pelosi, and the smear job on her is so complete that nationally she's the equivalent of saying "welfare queen" in terms of zombified Americans reacting negatively to a sound byte. You know what? We've all been disappointed in Reid for a long time. The Senate is broken because Reid doesn't have a spine (and I don't believe in Reid's "magic"), and Congress is run by crazy people hellbent on fucking everyone over.

I did as my president bid me; I contacted my shit-heel of a Congressman. I wrote it because I didn't trust myself enough to call in. I did my part; but Obama will continue to cave (and crash) as he did when offering no revenues and an all cut budget deal to political terrorists interested in only financial catastrophe. Obama has always disappointed me; but when he won the primaries, I voted for him in the general. But for a few months, I was hopeful that he wasn't just another shit heel for corporate transnationals. The lesson is always trust cynicism until a politician proves himself as an ethical person.

Well I did my part; but Obama will continue to fail because he is not treating Republicans how he should- as terrorists intent on destroying America.

And if you're depressed by now, here's a kitten getting a hug from its momfor your trouble.



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