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And now for a break from the whole fiasco playing out in DC:  The Cycling Series Returns!  I haven't posted a cycling diary in a while, so it's time to catch up.  I ride my bike almost every day.  I've been out alone, with my husband, and with friends.  Just yesterday we got together with a bunch of old friends and went for a bike ride.  I swear, it was just like that car commercial where the young people were worried about the old people, and the old people were out having a blast.  

Were you inspired by my diary series this Spring?  Have you gotten out on a bike?  

If yea, What was it like?  Did you have fun?  Share your adventures in the comments!

If nay, why not?

No, it's too hot.

Riding a bike is a great hot weather activity.  Even in last week's heat wave I biked to work.  I feel cooler on my bike than when walking, partially because I generate my own breeze as I go along.  Sure, I need to pack extra water.  And it's still hot.  But in a few months I'll be complaining it's too cold, so I gotta get out and enjoy the Summer.

No, I'm too fat.

Cycling is a terrific activity for overweight people like me.  It's easy on the joints.  You can probably handle more minutes of activity on bike than you could walking.   I credit a lot of my weight loss in the past year to cycling.  Think you'll look ridiculous?  Sure you will, we all do.  Have you seen those super-fit guys at the Tour de France?  They look ridiculous, and it doesn't stop them.

I still don't have a bike.

Still too intimidated to walk into a bike shop?  This is yard sale season, and you'll often see bikes for bargain-basement prices.  They'll usually need a tune-up, but that's a lot cheaper than a new bike.  Craig's List is another great source for used bikes.

No, my bike's broken.

What's wrong with it?  Need a new chain?  A couple of flat tires?  Brake pads shot? Chances are, it will cost less than $100 to get it fixed up and roadworthy again.  When was the last time it cost that to fix your car?

No, bikes are for losers.

Where have you been?  Cycling's enjoying a renaissance.  Bike trails are popping up everywhere, cities are putting in bike lanes, ride share programs are gaining popularity, employers are offering incentives to bike commuters - healthier workers = lower insurance costs.   Thumb your nose to the oil companies - ride a bike!

What series? When? Who are you?
* How to get started if you haven't ridden since you got your driver's license
* BWOW (Biking While OverWeight)
* Rail Trails
* Group rides
* Are you biking yet? - Today's topic!
* Safety and sharing the road
* Finding the right commuter bike
* Recumbent cycling  
* Panniers, trailers and baskets
* Equipment and repair
* Community rides
* Community issues
* Bike porn


Have you gotten on a bike this Summer?

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