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   I've been all over Patterico for the last several weeks, as he looks to be a pretty good candidate for the planner/operator behind Weinergate, but the other players have been getting attention, too.

  Remember @goatsred aka Mike Stack, the drunk driving girlfriend beating pornography forum moderator turned Christian conservative activist?

  This guy has a lot of enemies ... and the butthurt is flowing thick and fast ...

 Stack seems to be either a paid enforcer for the pornography industry, or a really compulsive creepy stalker type. The following Weiner around & setting him up stuff he participated in is old hat for this guy - he has been seen pulling this stuff with women trying to get away from their careers in porn.

  Seems he'd managed to remain anonymous behind his pseudo of @goatsred ... until he made the mistake of bothering one of our Congressmen.

   Now the butthurt is truly epic - here's a screen shot someone sent me just a bit ago and you can check the original comment on

  PWL here is PornWikileaks, which is now down for reasons that aren't quite clear, but I've heard that some of the people involved, or victimized by this, have been interviewed by the FBI in the last week or so. There was a major HIPAA violation when someone cracked the pornography industry's STD testing database, and these guys are on the hot seat. Think handcuffs, arraignment, and serving a minimum of 85% of the sentence given in a federal camp before parole becomes an option.

  The Real PornWikileaks is a site opposed to PWL and they believe Donny Long is behind the while thing. Long sounds like a real prize - "too repugnant for porn" is the best description I've heard.


   There isn't a clear link between Stack and Long, but some people assert that PWL's unwillingness to carry the Weinergate drama, coupled with other things that have not happened make it very likely that the two men are connected in some fashion.

   They sought to hide Weinergate behind the fake teen girl, Nikki Reid, and they lost their cover and the initiative when the "Reid family" was debunked. The California BAR and Supreme Court complaints against Los Angeles County Deputy D.A. John Patrick Frey came out, and now they just want it to all stop.

   I'm not inclined to let this go. If these people don't experience some long term, hard core consequences for having stalked and smeared one of our Congressmen they will be left with the idea that this is acceptable behavior.

   We're going to stand over the Twitter feeds and blogs. The minute they name one of our guys we'll be warning the intended victim's staff, every move they make will be under intense scrutiny, and this is just a permanent state of affairs.

    I hope one of them gets all stupid and decides to sue me - I would love to go on a big fat discovery expedition through their little schemes. I'd post every single court document on Scribd and make sure that anyone they ever bother in the future has an excellent base to work from if they decide to take action against them.

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  •  I hold no affection whatsoever (16+ / 0-)

    for these guys. They are leeches and tools of those out to destroy my way of life ...

    But I am still pissed that Wiener's wounds were self-inflicted, even if he had help exposing his idiocy!

    I hope that the quality of debate will improve,
    but I fear we will remain Democrats.

    by twigg on Wed Jul 27, 2011 at 09:59:08 PM PDT

  •  well, giddyap, if you're so inclined, (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Stranded Wind, G2geek, Lisa Lockwood

    but i haven't heard toot about HBGary and Co.
    and that was a rather big rascal, in my book, too.

    and googlenews was trying to reel me in with some snews about the gop hacking the theft of the 2004 election...

    think i'm made out of pure energy or something?

    i depend on the bloggers here to bob the corks and play the fish; they know the stuff, i need to learn it.

    The Addington perpwalk is the trailhead for accountability in this wound on our national psyche. [ know: Dick Cheney's "top" lawyer.] --Sachem

    by greenbird on Wed Jul 27, 2011 at 10:50:53 PM PDT

  •  lukeisback is notoriously unreliable (4+ / 0-)

    I wouldn't believe that site if it said fire was hot.

    The hacking of of adult industry medical records was significant because these records contained so many real names and home addresses of porn people. With so many well-armed wingers-for-Jesus nutcases out there, this violation of privacy was a clear and present danger.

    Clearly, there are some just plain despicable miscreants out there with a case against the porn biz. It wouldn't surprise me at all if some of them used to work in the industry.

    Mean people.

  •  Not to be negative... (0+ / 0-)

    ...but this is really hard to follow.  Even reading your previous diary on the subject doesn't make it clear what is allegedly going on here.

    So we've got one fake girl in the circle of people he sent the pictures to?

    •  We've got a family of fakes, plus several more (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Stranded Wind

      It's time I laid this out in a diary as the story is far stranger than we imagined when it was going down. The short version is this:

      Last fall, someone, and we still don't know who that is though we do have some suspects, set up a fake Twitter account posing as a teenage girl named Nikki. This character set about to get Rep Weiner's attention on Twitter. At the same time she befriended any actual women who appeared to be friendly with AW, and pestered them for info on him. Meanwhile another fake Twitter character named @patriotusa76 aka Dan Wolfe began circulating rumors that AW had a thing for young girls. He installed himself at the center of a RW Twitter group called #bornfreecrew and they harassed AW and these women, including Nikki, relentlessly. Smell a rat yet?

       Wolfe and Stack were on a mission to either catch AW consoling with a young girl online, or make it seem that he had. Another fake Twitter teen appeared, and she offered them alleged evidence which they discussed releasing (those emails were published on Smoking Gun). There was nothing to this evidence, but they planned to do it anyway. Then the errant tweet went out.

      People began looking at all the characters involved. Screenshots btw Stack and fake girl number 2, Mariaenela, were discovered. The fakes, no longer wanting attention, suddenly produced a fake Mom, who stated to Mediaite that the whole fake family were big fans of AW and wished to be left alone. Out of respect for the fake teens privacy they were left alone, until...

      Pat Frey aka Patterico published a series of posts alleging AW had inappropriate contact online with young girls. There was nothing to this either. The fake teens' comments were included as evidence.An actual young girl, who was implicated by Pat, had cops show up at her house. They found no evidence of impropriety. But the allegations served their purpose, and AW, who had stubbornly refused to resign, finally did so.

      At this point the fake teen's fake Dad appeared on Patterico blog to reinforce the allegations, and to try to establish the whole fake family as real people who just didn't want to reveal their identity for various dire reasons.

      Add to the mix a fake operative who also appeared at Patterico to threaten anyone who looked into the story and make Pat look like a hero for standing up to them.

      So that's what, six fake characters so far? Dan Wolfe has never been identified. The fake Dad promptly disappeared from view when Patterico was named as the likely suspect behind the whole scheme. And now it seems Pat would just like it all to go away.

      But it will not. Targeting Democrats with crazy smears and attempting to frame them with fake teens is not something we can let them get away with. Because everyone is vulnerable, anyone can be targeted. They can't win on the issues so they resort to dirty tricks. This won't stand.

      As for the underwear tweet and the sexting with consenting adult women, I believe at least one of those women was also an operative.

      AW was an idiot, but that doesn't mean they weren't out to get him. 5hey definitely were, and they got him good. Now we'll get them.

  •  Qould it be more qonfusing? (0+ / 0-)

    Oh I guess it's saying Qritiq aka Angela Maureen Masters is behind fake Theresa Duncan blog, since her ugly picture is in Kid Kenoma post

    Qritiq's pals at Gawker media are weird:

    @qritiq also appears to be @lanelipton Compare LL blog pic to her other pictures....

    @Qritiq is definitely @LaneLipton because you can see the word qritiq on her Amazon link at the Lane Lipton blog:

    @Qritiq Since you're really 49 years old, you should get rid of old picture on your blog, also I have your address for the feds, now, lane.

    Lane Lipton of Roslyn Heights, NY aka Qritiq links to hackers at her wordpress blog and probably knows a lot of Anonymous hacktivists

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