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Frankly I didn't think he had it in him.  I thought his high paying gig with Fox would keep him toeing the Faux News Line.  So, Kudos for stating the obvious Juan (from Media Matters).  Now to the tape:

Sorry I have no transcript yet.  Thought it was best to just get this out there.

UPDATE:  Okay here's my best cut at a transcript.

Hannity:  You know Juan , here’s the problem.   We went over this with Rand Paul.  All of these bills short of Cut, Cap and Balance – and you can’t tell me what the President’s plan is because he didn’t have the courage to come forward with one. He didn’t do what the Republicans did because he is in over his head, he’s weak and he’s not a leader.  That aside …

Williams (laughing ) Okay.

Hannity: Thank you for conceding that point …

Wiliams: I didn’t, but go right ahead

Here’s the point. The republicans have put forward their plan. And with all of these plans short of Cut, Cap and Balance, we’re still increasing spending 8% a year.  Not only we taking a sledge hammer to our kids’ piggy banks we’re taking a bulldozer to freedom our Constitution and their future opportunity.  And that’s why this matters we get this right now and that’s why the President should have led.

Let me just say this to you. The President has been leading and the President has been trying to engage in serious negotiations.  When you talk about government spending Let me remind you taxes are at a 60 year low in terms of to GDP    Secondly let me remind you something, that the country is growing. We have more people on entitlements than ever, more people Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid an aging population. So there’s going to be increases in spending and we have to provide for our people, especially those who paid in …

Hannity:  Every family watching this program right now -- every person all around the world watching this program and watch the Fox News Channel -– if they fall short of money and I told them they got to freeze spending for 6 years and just cut 1% a year you think they could do that?  Do you think that is possible?

Williams This is a totally false analogy.

Hannity: No it’s not a false …

Williams: Let me tell you why it’s different.   Your family and my family, as fortunate as they are, we don’t print money in my household.   You know what?  And we don’t have bonds that we can issue and to get capital and we don’t guide the rest of the world because of the value of our dollar --

Hannity:  We are becoming Greece.  The debt to GDP ratio is going to be 100% of what we take in.  That means that every penny this country takes in is going to go to service the debt, and that means that we will not be able to pay for any programs, so if we can experience a little pain now because they have overspent more than anybody else, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, a little pain now, a little austerity now,  it’s going to prevent our kids from working their entire adult their lives to pay off this debt that we’re accumulating …

Williams:  Are you working for the Obama campaign, because this sounds like what President Obama was talking to the Republicans about when he said he’s willing to raise the age on Medicaid, right, he’s willing to put more (garbled) this is what he is saying in to republicans in serious negotiations (cross-talk) …

Wiliams: What we are talking about is trying to work with people.  Why don’t you stand up and say: “You know what Republicans, you know what tea party members -- we’ve won.  We’ve pushed it. You think he’s a liberal, far left President, right?  This liberal, far left President is willing to engage in entitlement cuts, spending cuts and what’s it about for tax hikes? -- No tax hikes.  (garbled)

Hannity:  In 2 and ½ years we’ve had an 84% increase in discretionary spending under the most fiscally irresponsible, reckless ideologue that’s ever been in 1800 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Williams: You are so myopic and I can’t believe --

Hannity:  I am so honest.  I tell the truth.

Williams:  You are not honest.

Hannity:  I am honest with Obama.  He has been a disaster for this country --

Willliams:  You know what’s going on, you know what’s a disaster for this country?  That charade that’s going on up on Capitol Hill tonight.  (garbled)

Williams:  Let me tell you something.  This is like a bunch of kids playing out in the woods, playing with each other, you say “Kids come in, it’s time to do serious business it’s time to let the adults charge” and President Obama has shown leadership that you refuse to acknowledge Sean.

Hannity: Ah! Ah! I’ve got a headache.

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