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If you follow Mr. Keith on teh Twitter, you know he resurfaced last night to the relief of a whole lot of Tweeters & Tweeter - ettes. He did something to his back the other night that has pretty much made him immobile - probably the weight of keeping actual journalism relevant because he's alone on that score!

So, here are some things to hopefully make his back feel better! :D

If he wants a masseuse, he gets to arrange that himself! ;D

Let's get historical for August 12th. On Aug. 12, 1881, Cecil B. DeMille, a leading American movie producer and director for over 40 years, was born. He made Yul Brynner a pharaoh!

We also had a couple gay "milestones" on this date in 2004. First, New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey announced his resignation and proclaimed himself "a gay American." Across the country & sadly, the California Supreme Court voided the nearly 4,000 same-sex marriages sanctioned in San Francisco earlier in the year.


Let's Countdown!

David Shuster pinch - hits again - many thanks! :D

#5 "Grate Debate" AKA "Just the Facts" - I did not watch a single minute of that "debate" last night; I value my brain cells, blood pressure, and sanity too much! The participants fawned all over Governor Secession but weren't so nice to President Obama. Bat$hit Bachmann & Tim Pawl...ZZZZZzzzzzzz....OOPS! Sorry! Nodded off there... ;D Anyway, the 2 "nice" Minnesotans weren't so nice to each other. And, Bat$hit Bachmann made a point to say she's submissive to her husband. Will she continue to be so after he decides to come out of the closet? Non - facts flowed like the mighty Mississippi last night; I know that comes as a HUGE shock. ;D Brian Beutler gets GOBP "debate" post mortem. That poor sucker probably had to watch the thing! Bat$hit Bachmann triumphed by not making herself more bat$hit than usual; Mittens Romney did OK by at least appearing to stay above the fray. Every single GOBP candidate seems to be moving further to the "right" as time goes on which could make things a bit more difficult in a general election campaign. Meh, I sure they won't let a pesky detail like that bother them! There could be as much as $250 million in Mittens campaign coffers - much of which includes his personal wealth. Yea, HE's a man of the people! ;D Little Timmy has apparently put all his POTUS - wanna - be eggs in the Ames straw poll basket, so we might not have him to kick around much anymore.


#4 "IRS Raise 'Em Up" AKA "Death to Taxes" - The GOBP is hell - bent on not raising taxes, which might satisfy their bat$hit base, but the American people have no problem with raising taxes on the super rich whatsoever. I remember that GWB Daddy "Read my lips" moment! ;D I'm sure y'all do, too. Karl Frisch gets this taxing topic {insert rim shot here}! Both Presidents Saint Ronnie & GWB's Daddy raised taxes when they needed to; these previous POTUSes wouldn't pass the purity test in this GOBP! Over 2 million jobs will be lost in the future because of the Satan sandwich with a side of steaming pile of poo that was passed a couple weeks ago. A federal appeals court today ruled the individual mandate portion of the HCR law is unconstitutional. Mr. Frisch thinks SCOTUS would be too afraid to go against precedent to agree with this decision - WRONG!!! Over 100 years of precedent was flushed down the terlet in the Citizens United decision.


"Time Marches On!" - A car was motivating quite well on the road using only 3 wheels! There's a big 'ol cream puff in West Allis, WI; of course, it's WI! :D There's duckies on escalators. That's not nearly as cute as the ducks in that hotel in Memphis!

#3 "Boosting Employment" - The Packers were at the White House today. Did they bring Tim the Die Hard Packer fan with them? ;D After that visit & cleaning up the mess they left behind ;D, it was back to talking job creation. President Obama, actions speak louder than words. And, you're not demonstrating any willingness or chutzpah to stand up to those who only care about making their rich friends more rich. Talk is cheap, and too many people are desperately hurting. Consumers really don't feel like spending; gee, I can't imagine why! President Obama will be hitting the road in his bus next week. Wouldn't it be a hoot if they passed $aint $arah from Wasilla's bus at some point?! :D We got a bit of a preview of Rep. Jan Schakowsky's jobs bill last night, and she's on the show to discuss it in further detail. She's talked to people at the White House about her plan, and they apparently want to at least take a look at her plan. Well, I hope they do more than look.


#2 - Christine No - Relation - to - Lawrence O'Donnell has written a book. Well, of course she has. I'm sure the same ghost writer for $aint $arah from Wasilla's clap - traps wrote this opus.

#1 "Corn Stars" AKA "Why - Owa?" AKA "Iowa Corny" - The Ames straw poll is tomorrow - sounds damn boring! Yo David! Fried pickles are damn good; you should try them - especially dipping them in ranch dressing! Look at all those people around "that woman." I'm embarrassed for them. "That woman" is not capable of contemplation; she probably thinks that's when you have a hard time "going #2." Craig Crawford gets to follow "corn porn!" :D The IA GOBP is quickly pushing themselves to the fringe of the bat$hitters. Craig thinks $aint $arah from Wasilla is helping Governor Secession - whether she knows it or not. He thinks she might be after another VP spot!

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Fri Aug 12, 2011 at 06:01 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, and Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group.

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