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I swear my husband and I cannot say we have had or do have a boring life.
I was speaking to DaNang today and he suggested I tell this story via diary to you all.
Had this little confrontation happened after 9-11, I am quite sure we would be in Gitmo.
The story is below the jump...

We had gotten custody of our 3 grandkids back in 2000.  We later adopted them but
that is another story.  This story revolves around the Bush tax cuts, his arrogance and gall and how we will stand against wrong even if we are threatened with jail or death.
Both were very plausible.  

I had dreaded the day we had to take our then 7 year old to Eglestons Children Hospital for an operation on his ears and to remove two tumors due to his cleft pallet.
It was a tedious operation, he was so little, and I had become Mama to him because he had been abandoned by Mommie dearest and Daddy was out of work.  Jack and me
had gotten up early that March 1st morning of 2001 to drive 50 miles one way to
have this little one spend 8 to 10 hours in surgery.  On the way to the hospital, I heard on the local news that Air Force I had landed and W was working his way through Atlanta traffic to speak at Eglestons Children Hospital.  I almost slammed the
brakes on.  See, my husband and I detested everything a Bush stands for or sits for or if it rains, it's Bush's fault. We just see life that way.  Unlike a broken clock, he has never been or never will be right twice a day.   Now my stomach was churning as we knew we would be already stressed over the young one undergoing major surgery but
W on top of this.  Oh No !!!!!!!

The place was a nightmare. Complete lockdown....Shooters on the roof.  Secret service everywhere....CNN, local TV, Atlanta Journal, media everywhere.  Had this thing gone down would have been televised.   The first encounter, which was mild was when he and his entourage of secret service and aides made their walk through without being bothered of course...seriously, people in the waiting room were instructed to let the president pass.  I had wished he had passed before the swearing in but you know what I mean.   We were on the Emory side and in the waiting room.
There is a tunnel that connects the Hospital with Emory

Some smiled as he walked briskly through the waiting room and some were all smiles and waving and some just
stood up and said, "Hey Mr. President".  We stood up as well as if someone cued us.
We promptly turned our backs as he walked by.  We had been in this waiting room for over 6 hours already and worn out.  We stayed hand in hand with backs turned facing the wall until the secret service motioned that people could resume their routine. There was talking into the microphone thingy and reporters going behind the entourage.
Well we were glad that was over...My husband did not have to grab me from approaching the Commander in Theif but we made out point. If only that had been the
end of it.   About 45 minutes later, the nurse came out and said they were going to move Chris (the 7 year old) to his room over at Eglestons.

  This child looked so
pitiful.  He was out of recovery but not conscious.  His head was completely wrapped in nd a blood stained bandage covering his ears. A little blood was at the bandage near the hairline area.  Head completely wrapped.  He was strapped on a gurney, with IV's connected and oxygen mask on just in case.  Here was one small nurse, my husband,me and this child.  The nurse was complaining about Bush being there and disrupting all of the patients.  "I remember her saying, "We can't function like this".  We pushed that gurney through that long tunnel and some of it is uphill.  Wall to wall concrete, no windows, just echoes of the gurney push and our footsteps. We were trying to get to the elevators.  The closer to the end of the tunnel we got, completely exhausted, we heard a familiar sickening voice coming from about 300 feet away.  They gurney had brakes but we were still bracing it as the nurse said, " Excuse me" a secret service officer motioned for her.  She looked rather confused and he looking all official and badass, said., "You people cannot go anywhere until the President finishes his speech.  This area is closed off and on lockdown".    She said, "Well yes sir but we have to get this patient to his room as he is just out of surgery", The secret service guy said,  "You will stay here until we get an all clear and the President is finished.  OK.....Here is where it gets real dangerous.  I quipped, "this is not CNN.  This is a hospital.  My husband is a man of few words but those quite ones you gotta watch.   The guy had to know he was a combat vet as he was wearing his jacket that displayed the 101st screaming eagle logo and his CIB attached to this jacket right above the US Army insignia.  CIB (Combat Infantry badge) goes above anything when displayed properly.  He only wore the jacket as it was his special made for him and it was chilly that morning.  My husband walked right up to the secret service guy and raised his voice as he let go of the gurney while nurse and me held tight.  He said very loudly, NO......HELL NO......We are not stopping for that clown to finish a speech.  We are getting on that elevator and take our chld to his room and you will have to shoot me to stop me.  This child is not waiting for that BOZO to say another word  Do you hear me?  Am I making myself crystal clear?  I am glaring at this big 6'3" about 250 lb bald man and waiting for an uzi to come out from somewhere when he stepped aside.
The look that comes in my husband's eyes when provoked is a terrifying look that is reserved I think for warriors of intense purpose.  It is intimidating and frightful  and  I don't cross that line.....I have heard stories..I don't want to go there.  I am not exaggerating
think a real Billy Jack.   This is one reason his new disability is so hard on him  He knows what he was before agent orange hit him in the spine recently.  The reason I say Billy Jack, is he is  very quite, Indian, was special forces, and a combat vet with an attitude  when provoked and real case of PTSD.  He  also studied Martial Arts for years and years.  He held several belts as the art helped in focus when he returned from the war.  He loves peace and hates war.  The SS guy watched as I glared and
my husband grabbed the gurney and pushed it a few steps further and into the elevator.  The poor nurse was a wreck.  She was in total shock and her hands were shaking as she adjusted the IV solution.  I was smiling as the door was closing.  I saw Bush stop his speech as some people had turned around to see where the loud voice was  the SS guy was talking into his mike again.  It was over.  No one got shot or arrested but God as my witness, I know Bush heard that no.  I think the whole hospital heard it.  When he said it the second time for emphasis.  

By the time I got to that room and saw all of the shooters on the roof from the window I realized, I had been proud of our stand against Bush's policies but that was the day my vet made it personal about Tax cuts don't come before sick children.
He especially meant the Bush Tax cuts didn't come before our child.

March: During a photo op at the Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta, Bush's economic policies
Bush reportedly gets "misty-eyed" during one mother's account of her daughter's battle with cancer. Bush's emotional response is not enough for him to ask that congressional Republicans restore $35 million to a program that trains pediatric physicians at hospitals such as Egleston. (Eric Alterman and Mark Green)
Children's Hospitals:

        Bush touts the need to support children's hospital, proclaiming in front of the cameras :
        "This is a hospital, but it's also – it's a place full of love.  And I was most touched by meeting the parents and the kids and the nurses and the docs, all of whom are working hard to save lives.  I want to thank the moms who are here.  Thank you very much for you hospitality…There's a lot of talk about budgets right now, and I'm here to talk about the budget.  My job as the President is to submit a budget to the Congress and to set priorities, and one of the priorities that we've talked about is making sure the health care systems are funded."  – Egleston Children's Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia [03/1/01]

Originally posted to Vetwife on Fri Aug 12, 2011 at 08:40 PM PDT.

Also republished by Military Community Members of Daily Kos and Community Spotlight.

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