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Crossposted from Hillbilly Report.

You know it is no secret to anyone who has read this blog that I disagree with and oppose every position and despise everything the modern Republican Party stands for. That being said every now and then no matter how idiotic some of the things these people are say I can agree. Such is the case with three of the most hypocritical Republicans and statements that look ignorant but on further review do have basis in truth.

It all started with Mitt Romney. Coming from the Corporate Republican Party it is no surprise that he believes that Corporations are people and deserve the same consideration as human beings as long as the profits roll in for him and his ilk:

And it is no surprise that Caribou Barbie, drawing from her legendary wisdom agrees:

And then there is Kentucky's own Mad Doctor Rand Paul. Of course since he is on record saying your wages should fall and some of you losing your life in the workplace is acceptable for profits it is no shock that he too concurs:

What I think many of you will really be surprised by is that for one of the very few times ever I can at least partially agree with these statements from people and viewpoints I totally detest.

You see some people are Corporations. Some people will walk over anyone's rights for their own gain. Some people will exploit children, risk the lives of other's loved ones and try to cheat you out of every single penny you earn. Some people care not what damage they do upon the world or how much heartbreak they cause others as long as they profit handsomely from it. Some people will destroy the livlihoods of millions of people just to keep from sacrificing pennies on the dollar for the greater good of everyone else.

In short, some people are greedy, exploitive and uncaring of anyone but themselves. In fact, they are represented nicely by people like Rand Paul, Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney.

I only thank God or in the case of Rand Paul Aqua Buddha for the sake of our country and indeed the world that many of us are not one of those people.

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  •  Things that are comprised of people (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    but are nevertheless not people:

    1. Soylent Green
    2. Corporations
    3. Orgies
    4. Synchronized Swimming Teams

    Things that funnel money to people but are also nevertheless... not people:

    1. Parking meters
    2. Accountants
    3. Accountants
    4. Those big funnels at the mall where you put in a penny at the top and it rolls all the way around and around and around until it drops into the hole in the middle, sort of like your pension.

  •  No, predatory behavior is perpetrated (0+ / 0-)

    by natural or artificial predators. Some humans are predators and some human predators have created artificial surrogates of themselves so that instead of the life of the predator being "brutal and short," one can survive almost indefinitely.  The artificial, man-made bodies known as corporations are, after all, improvements over the men which emanate from the wombs of women.  Not only are they (potentially) immortal (as long as the state keeps renewing the charter), but they are irresponsible (as long as the state doesn't enforce the charter) and immutable (as long as the state doesn't terminate their existence).  Moreover, since the state itself is a corporation, there's little incentive to do in its own kind.  Which sort of makes them better than natural man. That corporations turn on their creators is, of course, well known from science fiction.

    We have created monsters in our own image--an act of hubris, if ever there was one. Corporations are bodies without conscience, modeled, perhaps, on humans without conscience -- i.e. self-aware or with knowledge of self. Humans without conscience, I'm increasingly convinced, are born with a missing link between the cognitive brain and the gonadal brain, as a result of which they have no self-awareness or self-direction (don't think before they act) and navigate purely by instinct, which often leads them wrong and accounts for the life of the predator being short. Corporations are a hedge against this reality.

    All of which suggests that Marx was wrong in identifying capitalism as a scourge.  It's the active agent, the artificial body, that's the problem (the permanent predator), not the accumulation and preservation of assets for future use. Indeed, the accumulation of capital (real or virtual) is good; what's bad is withholding it from use indefinitely.  That's hoarding and hoarding is bad because it's unnatural. Hoarding is an effort to conserve what needs to change or be exchanged or transformed. Which brings us to the conclusion that conservatives hoard and therein lies their detrimental effect.

    Of course, they don't call it "hoarding."  They call it "saving," a much better word because of its spiritual connotation. But hoarding is what conservatives are about and hoarding is bad, and unhealthy.

    by hannah on Sat Aug 13, 2011 at 02:56:48 AM PDT

    •  The obverse of hoarding/saving is Consumption, (0+ / 0-)

      and guess what is killing the planet? and of course that is what distinguishes the "successful predators" among us from the rest of us. Some eat to live, most of us actually, but the people who swallow wealth in great bleeding gobbets LIVE TO EAT, a very different proposition, and one that in mythical ages past had a negative spiritual connotation: gule-stuffing, gluttony, an actual member of the Catholic rendition of the Seven Deadly Sins. A theme echoed in just about every other spiritual tradition.

      Re capitalism and Marx, how interesting, in the plethora of voices attempting to parse and explain the "financial markets," you are starting to hear a note of despair from even the staunchest of apologists for the greed, the gluttony, that is killing us, words to the effect that maybe Marx's insights into human nature, in a monetized world where people are divorced from each other into little consuming units and the value of their labor in creating wealth that could be "hoarded" and parcelled out to buy fucking "corporate" jets and all the shit that is "on sale" in slick pubs like
      "How To Spend It" (hidden subtitle: "and fuck you proles who make this kind of obscene self-indulgence possible!"
      were pretty astute.

      Calling it "accumulation of capital" plays directly to the fucked-up way these creatures want us to think. And I have to pretty strongly disagree that corporations, in the forms practiced and rendered immune from consequences by the whole regulatory-capture, buy-a-legislature, make-it-not-illegal form that these "NOT better than natural human" persons have stem-celled themselves into. But not to worry, Resistance Is Futile. There's a reason the Borg notion is so horrifically seductive.

      "Is that all there is?" Peggy Lee.

      by jm214 on Sat Aug 13, 2011 at 06:55:45 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

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