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Let's have a little spell of calm & deep breathing before diving into all the news fit to count down.

Now, it's time for SPARK! Wolves in Sweden need some help. Continuing in the animal kingdom, I lurve my varmint kitties, but I don't think I'd go this far! Finally, to end with yet another animal kingdom on the disgusting side of things, if I'd been on this flight, I would've been screaming bloody murder; I...HATE...RODENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let's Countdown!

Keith is back!!


#5 "Rick's Record" AKA "Running on Empty" AKA "Room for More" - Governor Secession is a climate change denier - a shock, I know. He's gotten the seal of approval from Grover Norquist! Governor Secession doesn't think the government has a role in education; well, based on those textbooks in his fair state, he might want to reconsider.


TX is 43rd out of 50 in high school drop - out rates?! Oh my... They are last in those over 20 with high school diplomas. TurdBlossom took Governor Secession to task for his words on Ben Bernake! The "good" Governor is still touting his job - creating bona fides even though the unemployment rate has risen. Keith demonstrated more of TX's finer moments & stats under Governor Secession. Nia Malika Henderson gets Governor Secession duty in studio. Compared to TX population growth, however, TX is near the bottom. Nia thinks Dems will begin to pick apart his record; I sure hope so! Dems haven't done so well in the jobs game, either, to this point anyway. GWB peeps & Governor Secession peeps do not work & play well with each other! ;D There are still some GOBPers who are not crazy about the current "big 3" atop the GOBP bat$hit clown car driving towards the nomination; the other 3 names floating about are Rep. Paul "Dismantle Medicare" Ryan, Governor Chris "Fly a State Helicopter to my Kid's Game" Christie, and $aint $arah from Wasilla. *&^%$#@! Our Great Orange Satanic leader gets to chat up the "2nd tier." He claims Governor Secession is viewed by some tea baggers as being to lenient with "brown people." Markos thinks the GOBP dream candidate would be either Rep. Ryan or Governor Christie. $aint $arah from Wasilla will not run because she'll have to cut back on her personal shilling duties for entirely too long!

#4 "Job Finder" AKA "Jobs Approval" - President Obama is getting some flack for his jobs plan from fellow Dems. Rep. Maxine Waters pointed out in an event last night that not a single stop on President Obama's bus trip was to a minority area - good point! But, what can President Obama really do all by his lonesome on this subject? Rep. Waters also doesn't think President Obama's done enough about unemployment in the minority community. Only 26% of people approve of President Obama's actions in the economic arena. He's going to give a jobs speech after Labor Day. Robert Kuttner gets President Obama jobs duty. It sounds like Mr. Kuttner believes President Obama needs to utilize his bully pulpit a little more effectively; dissing Congress instead of the GOBP is the wrong thing to do.


Any contractor who bids for government work needs to be a good employer. Some foreclosed property can be revamped as rentals. More money needed to be put toward infrastructure while there was a Dem majority in Congress.

"Time Marches On!" - Look at the lovely snails in France. So, do the losers get cooked or whatever? A big 'ol truck went all smashy - smashy with a construction vehicle in its path! Half of a garbage truck is hanging out of a parking garage - OOPS!

#3 "The Badgering State" AKA "Recall Redux?" - While Dems in WI did have some success in recall elections, the GOBP still controls the state a single vote. Will that be enough to begin recall efforts against Governor Scotty Bald Spot? His recall efforts can officially begin January 4, 2012. State Senator Chris Larson gets to talk Governator recall. He doesn't think the current GOBP in the WI state Senate will be so ready to rubber stamp policies from the Governor's desk; let's hope so!


Recalls are pretty difficult to pull off anyway; Governor Scotty Bald Spot is trying to shove through legislation to make the process even more difficult - what a damn shock.

WPITW - Bat$hit Bachmann wished "the King" a happy birthday on the 34th anniversary of his keeling over off his terlet. Again, if she'd made that comment in Memphis, her campaign would be over, and she'd be ridden out of town on a rail! The "lovely" CO Congress critter who compared President Obama to a tar baby doesn't want any darn protesting at his office. The founder of PayPal wants to create his own country via oil riggers off shore; he probably thinks his recycled pi$$ would taste like champagne! ;D Nice recall for Dr. Strangelove!

#1 "Cain Ain't Able" AKA "Nuts and Dolts" - Herman Cain wants President Obama impeached because he won't defend DOMA & because of the individual mandate in HCR. Rep. Alan West replied "Nuts!" to a constituent on official letterhead. Janeane Garofalo gets to chat up Mr. Cain & Rep. West. She thinks Mr. Cain deflects the racism among the tea baggers & the GOBP and is being paid to do so. I thought that's what Michael Steele was supposed to do! Janeane thinks any person of color or woman in the GOBP suffers from Stockholm Syndrome?! HA!

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Wed Aug 17, 2011 at 06:01 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, and Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group.

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