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From Day One, listen to what the President said to the Muslim World.

Less than six months later he went to Cairo, the heart of the Arab World, and said it loud a clear.

Then came the Arab Spring.

Of course the jewel in the crown, the goal of the Global War on Terror, the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

After six months of NATO's Operation Odyssey Dawn led by the US, UK and France, the madman Qaddafi goes down.  The dictator that escaped Reagan, he who was responsible for the Pan Am 103 disaster and was ultimately coddled by George W. Bush has now fallen.

Republicans claim that Ronald Reagan tore down the Soviet empire.  Jus' sayin'

But what really rub the Republicans the wrong way is how Obama's results in Libya have compared to Bush's failures in Iraq.

'Libya will go down in history as the anti-Iraq'

They claimed that he could not answer the 3 AM call.  Turns out that he's the guy making the calls.

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