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       Conservatives keep running around fussing about how the government should be run like a business.  Never mind the fact that the government wasn’t designed to run as a business, let’s still look at this fascinating assertion anyway.   What is the goal of any business?  Make money, obviously.  Businesses look for any possible means to increase their revenues.  What is a government’s source of revenue?  Taxes!  Duh!  The conservatives want the government ran like a business but they don’t want tax increases.  This just serves as stunning evidence that the shit-kickers don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.  

        But none of that will stop the GOP presidential hopefuls from trying to invent a brand or a narrative for themselves that they are “CEO’s” or “businessmen.”  Unenlightened people respond to that shit, and people like Bachman and Romney will milk that.  Shit-kickers across America will say to them self, “well, he does know how to run a business …”  

        You know what I look for in a candidate?  Never mind the CEO narrative bullshit.  I want someone who is actually capable of critical thought and isn’t afraid to admit it.  Conservatives are huge anti-intellectuals, and the Bush years serve as proof of that.  They brand anyone perceived as being smart “elitist,” even when their own candidates spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at Tiffany’s, take luxurious vacations on yachts, and go on golf junkets in Scotland.  This is shit your average person will never be able to do unless they win the lottery, which, by the way, is their retirement plan.  
Conservatives are low-brow shit-kickers that are completely out of touch with reality.  Completely.  Out.  Of.  Touch.  It is stunning how out of touch they are.    

        This is conservative logic: President Obama is an elitist because he’s “smart.”  Obama is obviously foreign because he’s smart and black.  And he must be a muslim because he has a funny-sounding name.  Socialist!  

        See how that works?  That’s some low-brow conservative logic there.

        On the other hand, Newt Gingrich isn’t an elitist because he “works hard.”  Mitt Romney isn’t an elitist, even though he owns more than one HUGE-fuckin’ house, because he’s a “businessman.”  Sarah Palin isn’t an elitist, despite being a wealthy celebrity idiot, because she’s “pretty.”  Nah, pretty dumb people can’t be elitist, they don’t even know what the word means!

        So, just to sum things up, conservatives are low-brow, shit-kicking, anti-intellectuals, that want a government run like a business, with exception to the whole profit motive thing.  Yeah, that sounds about right.

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